NEW YORK – A suspect was taken into custody Saturday in connection with the high profile murder of a jogger, Karina Vetrano, in New York City last summer, officials said.

While police did not immediately release the name of the suspect, sources told the New York Post the killer is in his 20s and lives in a housing project in East New York, Brooklyn. The neighborhood is located just west of Vetrano’s home in Howard Beach.

Vetrano, 30, was found raped and murdered in an undeveloped area near her home in Queens on Aug. 2, 2016. Vetrano, an avid jogger, was out for a run at the time of attack. When she didn’t return home, her parents reported her missing, according to Fox News.

Law enforcement sources told The Post they had their eye on the suspect for a while.

An off-duty officer saw the man acting suspiciously somewhere in Howard Beach after the murder, and called the local precinct. The suspect was detained and questioned at the time. However, police lacked probable cause to hold him. Consequently, he was released without charges according to sources for The Post.

Break in the case

Detectives obtained a voluntary DNA sample from the man earlier this week, reported the paper.

The suspect had no prior record, so until he agreed to a cheek swab, his DNA profile had been unknown to law enforcement, sources told The Post.

The same sources revealed that Investigators found the DNA of Vetrano’s suspected attacker on her phone, neck, and fingernails.

Fox5NY said the latest development in the murder investigation came a few days after Vetrano’s parents called for the New York State Commission on Forensic Science. This was to allow familial DNA matching in New York, which lets police search the state and federal DNA database to see if a suspect’s relative is in the system.