Police arrest ‘black supremacist’ after vicious nursing home beating video, but still won’t ID the suspect publicly


DETROIT, MI – A video of a young man repeatedly punching an elderly male at what is reportedly a senior living facility/nursing home has sparked outrage across the country.

Luckily, Detroit Police announced that an arrest has been made, but haven’t publicly identified the suspect.

However, the internet did what it does best and may have already revealed the information on the suspect in the atrocious video.

The video in question shows what appears to be a young African American male while he pummels the face of an elderly white man for about 35 seconds.

From what it seems, this wasn’t some video that was caught on a hidden camera either, as it appears to be footage captured from the suspects cell phone.

After striking the victim over and over, the suspect rolls the victim off of the bed and uses what appears to be a bed sheet to clean the blood off of the victim’s face.

While the suspect is cleaning the blood, he’s also insulting the victim, calling him a “bitch ass n*gga” repeatedly.

On May 21st, the Detroit Police Department made an announcement via Twitter saying that an arrest has been made regarding this case.

What has been officially revealed by authorities on the case thus far is that the victim was identified as a 75-year-old patient at the Westwood Nursing Home in northwest Detroit.

The attack was said to have been recorded on May 15th, and that a 20-year-old male suspect has been arrested under some form of assault and battery.

It was also confirmed by authorities that the 20-year-old suspect arrested in connection with this case was a temporary resident at the facility undergoing some form of rehabilitation and recovery.

As far as facts delivered from authorities, that’s about the long and short of it.

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However, various online sleuths believe they’ve cracked the case in terms of the identity of the 20-year-old suspect. Furthermore, there seems to be a general consensus online as well as to the identity of the suspect, minus the confirmation of authorities.

When looking into the Twittersphere, there’s a trending hashtag called “#JaydonHayden.” The online hashtag is of course the alleged name of the suspect said to be featured in the disturbing video online.

In a YouTube account alleged to be Hayden’s, there are several videos showcasing him practicing boxing. There are also videos with titles such as “how 2 get away with burglary” and “knockout prank dare.”

After internet detectives believed that Hayden was the man behind the vicious assault, numerous online accounts were able to dig up his home address, his boxing gym, and much more on his identity.

It is unclear whether police used this information blasted online to nab their 20-year-old suspect, or if they utilized some other form of investigative techniques to land an arrest. 

What has many in an uproar about this case is that the YouTube channel that is allegedly owned by Hayden featured videos of the abuse – two videos in fact- of different victims.

A second video appears to show a white elderly woman getting punched numerous times while resting in a hospital bed.

It wasn’t until recently that YouTube removed the videos from the account allegedly owned by whom people believe to be the suspect recently arrested.

There are some online who feel as though the crimes caught on video were racially motivated as well, but there’s been no official word on that aspect from authorities.

The case has also sparked discussion of double standards within the reporting of mainstream media outlets.

Some online are noting that if the tables were turned racially between the victims and aggressor on the video then there would be round-the-clock coverage on the likes of CNN, MSNBC and the ilk.

While the aforementioned notion is speculative in nature, it doesn’t negate the importance of the discourse online whether there is some form of preferred reporting or stories that news media outlets wish to habitually cycle to behoove their ideological narratives.

It will remain to be seen whether police confirm the identity of the suspect in this case, but with all the hubbub online, it seems inevitable that the information will officially come to light from authorities.

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