Got him! Denver police arrest man who they say plowed car into three officers then sped off


DENVER, CO – Denver police arrested a suspect Sunday who is accused of crashing their car into a patrol vehicle in a late-night hit-and-run that injured three officers as the night’s George Floyd demonstrations wound down.

Authorities have identified Anthony Knapp as the person they say plowed his car into three Denver police officers during this weekend’s protests and then drove off quickly. He faces tentative charges of first-degree assault and attempted first degree assault.

Two of the officers were treated and released from the hospital soon afterwards but a third suffered more serious injuries, including leg fractures.

The crime took place late Saturday night at 15th Avenue and Logan Street and Knapp was taken into custody on Sunday afternoon.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said he visited the officers late Saturday night and all three officers were ready to “get back on the pony.”

Originally police said a bystander was also hit by the vehicle, but arrest documents released on Monday didn’t indicate that was the case.

The officers suffered serious bodily injury. As of Sunday afternoon, two officers had been released from the hospital and one remained hospitalized, according to DPD. All the officers were expected to make a full recovery.

Bystander Jordan Roberts, who lives on the corner of Logan Street and 16th Avenue, saw the aftermath from his home. He said he’s been able to see the protest up close.

“It was very moving to see all those people laying on the Capitol lawn. Laying down for 9 minutes saying, ‘I can’t breathe’ – that was unbelievably moving,” he said.

“Then around the curfew, you started hearing the fireworks, the flash bangs and you could smell the pepper spray throughout the air. It was coming in through my window the entire night I had a cough, it was insane.”

He said he heard a loud engine and a black car zoomed by. In a matter of minutes, dozens of cops flooded the area he said.

“You could feel the tension around the car, you could feel how angry everyone was,” Roberts said.

When Roberts posted the video of the aftermath on Twitter, he said all sorts of people started responding.

“You see a lot of white people saying ‘well, this is what the protest is getting us, people hurt, buildings are being burned down.’”

But he said that wasn’t his point when he posted the video.

“You see more of a reaction that a Target, a multi-billion-dollar company is getting looted, but an innocent life is getting lost and people are not standing up and speaking…that is heartbreaking,” he said.

He said as a white man, he recognizes his privilege and uses that to propel the message that black lives matter.

“I’m sad that I’ve been given this platform to speak just by chance when there are a lot of beautiful black people, I know who are more deserving of this opportunity to share their experience,” he said.

Also on Tuesday morning, we reported on the arrest of the suspect accused of shooting an officer in the back of the head in Las Vegas.

A crowd of protesters who had gathered in front of the Circus Circus Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on June 1st during the evening were in the process of being disbursed by police after people amongst the crowd began hurling bottles and rocks at officers.

While one officer was engaged with a suspect among the crowd, a suspect walked up to the officer and shot him in the back of the head, according to Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo.

Information on the officer have not been revealed in much detail as of yet, aside from reports coming in saying that the officer is alive, but on life support.

The suspect alleged to have been the shooter, who has not been identified yet either, was taken into custody.

That wasn’t the only shooting that cropped up among the protests during the evening of June 1st in Las Vegas either.

Sheriff Lombardo stated that there was an incident involving an armed subject, who was not identified, that encountered police and allegedly reached for a firearm while engaged with officers.

Police were said to have responded with gunfire, and the suspect was pronounced dead after being transported to the hospital.

That incident was said to have taken place near the Lloyd George Federal Courthouse at approximately 11:22 p.m., according to the sheriff. The deceased suspect was said to be adorned in some type of body armor during the confrontation with police.

Governor Steve Sisolak released the following statement regarding both shootings to have occurred that evening:

“My Office has been notified that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is currently working two separate incidents in Las Vegas. The State is in contact with local law enforcement and continues to monitor the situation.”

The evening of gunfire marked the fifth night of protests within the city, following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Sheriff Lombardo stated the following at a press conference in regards to the violence that transpired during the protests:

“This is a sad night for LVMPD family and a tragic night for our community with these protests that are leading to riots. One tragedy is only leading to another.”

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

As of June 1st, police in Las Vegas were said to have arrested a total of 338 people thus far regarding the criminal acts that transpired while the protests were active. It was noted that most people who were only alleged to have committed misdemeanor offenses during the demonstrations were cited with appearance summonses.

Online personality The Conservative Latino had the following to say about the increases of violence seeping into these demonstrations in not only Las Vegas, but around the country: 

“Last night was the most violent night of riots/protests, and police were shot at or ran over in different cities across our nation. One police officer in life support in Las Vegas, and more injured across 5 different cities were law enforcement was targeted.”

Videos from some of the aftermath of the riots and looting that took place in Las Vegas have surfaced as well. One video shows what appears to be a local convenience store having been completely ransacked.

All the while, a fire can be seen nearby the store parking lot. 

Another video of what seems to be the same convenience store was looted for it’s cash register, as individuals can be seen exiting the establishment holding what looks to be the point-of-sale cash drawer. 

8 News Now reporter Hector Mejia also documented the aftermath of vandalism and looting that took place inside of a pawn shop located in Las Vegas: 

“Clear signs of looting at the EZ Pawn shop at Las Vegas Blvd. & Bridger. Looks like the store was ransacked, including the jewelry & electronics counters.”

Clearly, the criminal elements that have erupted via the ongoing protests in the city are wreaking not just havoc and damage, but literal fatal encounters at this point. 

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