Police arrest illegal alien who they say decapitated man, played “soccer” with his head


LAS CRUCES, NM- The broken criminal justice and immigration systems have apparently claimed yet another victim.

Police in Las Cruces, New Mexico report that a homeless man who is also in the country illegally, has been arrested in the brutal Father’s Day slaying of a 51-year-old man, whose decapitated body was found in a local park, the New York Post reported.  

Joel Arciniega-Saenz, 25, has been charged with first degree murder in the death of James Garcia at the Las Cruces park after he was found by authorities near the scene with a bloody knife and blood on his clothes.

Arciniega-Saenz is an illegal alien who shouldn’t have been in the country in the first place.


Perhaps the most disturbing element of this crime is the fact that not only did Arciniega-Saenz behead the victim he actually “played soccer” with the victim’s decapitated head, kicking it around on the streets, police said.

Investigators said that Arciniega-Saenz confessed to the killing, claiming it was revenge for an alleged robbery Garcia had committed upon him a few days earlier. 

He also claimed Garcia had raped his wife several years prior—however police found no proof that was in fact true.

Arciniega-Saenz told police that he had confronted Garcia, stabbed him with a switchblade and then decapitated him, finally admitting that he played “soccer with his head,” kicking it at about 14 nearby vehicles. 

Last month, Arciniega-Saenz was arrested on an unrelated vandalism charge where he was throwing rocks at local businesses, however, was released on $2,000 bail over the objection of prosecutors.

Arciniega-Saenz had also been arrested relative to a fatal shooting in 2017, however the case was dropped after one of the key witnesses in the case was discovered to own a gun of the same caliber as the murder weapon, according to Fox News.

The sister of the victim in the 2017 slaying slammed the latest incident, complaining that Arciniega-Saenz should never have gotten off on that murder in the first place.

“I prayed he wouldn’t do it again and run someone else’s family,” Krystal Montoya told Fox. “I just was very angry because they let a monster out.”

She continued, “I don’t want this guy to be released again and go do something stupid and go hurt another family again. No matter how much I hurt for my brother, I can say that I hurt for this person’s family. He needs to be put away period.”

During a pre-trial detention hearing late in June, Arciniega-Saenz, who is apparently homeless, had been ordered held without bond. 

Breitbart News reported that this week, Arciniega-Saenz was officially indicted by a New Mexico grand jury on the first-degree murder count and is currently being housed at the Dona Ana Detention Center.

Breitbart said that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) confirmed to them that Arciniega-Saenz is an illegal alien subject to an ICE detainer, which requested local authorities not release him from jail until they can assume custody.

“Under federal law, ICE has the authority to lodge immigration detainers with law enforcement partners who have custody of individuals arrested on criminal charges and who ICE has probable cause to believe are removable noncitizens,” an ICE official told Breitbart.

“The detainer form asks the other law enforcement agency to notify ICE in advance of release and to maintain custody of the noncitizen for a brief period of time so that ICE can take custody of that person in a safe and secure setting upon release from that agency’s custody,” the official said.

This case is just another example of the failures of not only our criminal justice system, which continues to victimize people, and the broken immigration system, which allows illegals to remain in our country, including criminals. 

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Law Enforcement Today has reported extensively on the broken immigration system and the dangers it presents to American citizens. In case you missed some of our reporting, below such a report.


WASHINGTON, DC – The Center for Immigration Studies has released a study showing that President Biden’s order halting deportations for 100 days will result in nine out of ten illegal aliens remaining inside the United States.

On January 20, President Joe Biden directed the Department of Homeland Security to halt deportations for 100 days unless the illegal alien posed a national security risk, were aggravated felons or arrived in the country since November 1, 2020.

In a memo to senior immigration officials, Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary David Pekoske announced the deportation freeze and new enforcement priorities. According to the memo, Pekoske states that the administration’s focus will be on reviewing and establishing new policies. In the meantime, immigration enforcement will be curbed:

“I am directing an immediate pause on removals of any noncitizen with a final order of removal for 100 days to go into effect as soon as practical and no later than January 22, 2021.

“The pause on removals applies to any noncitizen present in the United States when this directive takes effect with a final order of removal.”

Pekoske claimed the pause was taken to allow ICE and other law enforcement officers to be sent to the southern border to “surge” resources:

“The United States faces significant operational challenges at the southwest border as it is confronting the most serious global public health crisis in a century. In light of those unique circumstances, the Department must surge resources to the border.”

However, he also told Ice and other law enforcement officers not to conduct enforcement:

“These priorities shall apply not only to the decision to issue, serve, file, or cancel a Notice to Appear, but also to a broad range of other discretionary enforcement decisions, including deciding: whom to stop, question, and arrest; whom to detain or release; whether to settle, dismiss, appeal, or join in a motion on a case; and whether to grant deferred action or parole.”

The Center for Immigration Studies report, written by Jessica Vaughan, pointed out that the order means that ICE must release illegal aliens who do not meet the three narrow criteria. This requirement includes releasing those aliens convicted of domestic violence, sex offenses, drunk driving, vehicular homicide, and a multitude of other misdemeanor crimes.

The Center explained:

“It means that in the next 100 days, if a local police officer arrests a previously deported gang member, even one with a serious criminal history, for a new crime that is not an aggravated felony, ICE will not be able to take action to remove that gang member again.”

In 2018, 88 percent of all interior deportations were for “non aggravated felons.” This figure shows that only about nine out of ten illegal immigrants will be deported under President Biden’s order. The center stated:

“President Biden has said that he doesn’t support ‘abolishing ICE’, but apparently he does support abolishing nearly all immigration enforcement.”

On Friday, Texas filed suit against the Biden administration to stop the 100-day deportation moratorium. The federal suit claims the moratorium violated an agreement signed in the final weeks of the Trump administration that required the federal government to seek state support for any immigration enforcement changes.

Ken Paxton, Texas Attorney General, said:

“Failure to properly enforce the law will directly and immediately endanger our citizens and law enforcement personnel.”

Texas is already in a legal immigration fight, joining eight other states in seeking an end to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which provides protection for approximately 650,000 people brought to the country illegally as children.

In the DACA case, lawyers for the states argued that President Obama overstepped his executive powers by creating DACA, and that he violated the Administrative Procedure Act.

The other eight states include Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, South Carolina, and West Virginia. The states claim they are facing irreparable harm for having to bear the costs of supporting and educating DACA recipients.

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In the DACA case, Attorney General Paxton said:

 “Our lawsuit is about the rule of law, not about the wisdom of any particular immigration. In a lawless exercise of executive power, the Obama administration attempted to bypass our elected representatives and put DACA in place by executive action.

“The debate over DACA as policy is a question for lawmakers, and any solution must come from Congress, as the Constitution requires.”

The DACA case remains in court. The U.S. Supreme Court previously ruled against President Trump’s attempt to end DACA in 2017., and a New York judge ordered DACA to be reinstated in December.

In his first week in office, President Biden has taken major steps to change the course of immigration enforcement from his predecessor’s strict stand. President Biden has ordered the stop of construction on Trump’s signature border wall along the Mexican border and lifted a ban on several travel bans, predominately with Muslim countries.

President Biden is also pushing for a path to citizenship for an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants inside the United States before January 1.

As an unintended consequence of President Biden’s soft stance on immigration, a large caravan of thousands of Honduran migrants is making their way to the U.S. border. The caravan forced the Biden administration to struggle with messaging in the days leading up to his inauguration.

A transition official told NBC News that the caravan should not be expected to be allowed into the United States:

“The situation at the border isn’t going to be transformed overnight. We have to provide a message that help, and hope are on the way, but coming right now does not make sense for their own safety…while we put into place processes that they may be able to access in the future.”

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that the Biden administration was focused on people inside the country and immigrants who have been waiting at the border, not on those presently traveling to the border or recently arriving.

He said that migrants attempting to cross the border “need to understand they’re not going to be able to come into the United States immediately.”

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