Police across the country are growing beards to help fight cancer


When more of your fellow officers start showing up to work sporting some extra scruff this month, know that it’s for a good cause.

Law enforcement officers all across the country are putting their trimmers and razors down in order to raise money and awareness for victims of pediatric cancer. So far, over 1,000 officers have pledged to let their beards grow and donate the money that they would’ve spent on grooming to pediatric cancer research.

Beard It Up

Chapter directors Vicky and Troy Bridier and James and Melissa Fleming of the organization, The Cure Starts Now, have gotten Beard It Up partnered with nearly 50 departments across the country representing more than 8,000 officers.

Both the Bridiers and the Flemings have lost children to cancer, and are now leading the charge on making a difference for others that are going through the same hardships. While the fundraiser is open to all men, the impressive participation and support of the law enforcement community is greatly appreciated by the organizers.

Police across the country are growing beards to help raise money and awareness for pediatric cancer (Image provided by – BeardItUp.org)

About The Cure Starts Now

The Cure Starts Now was founded in 2007 by the Desserich family, who lost their 5 year-old daughter to a battle with an extremely deadly cancer known as DIPG. Because the type of cancer was so rare, they found that there were very few options for treatment. Now the parent-led foundation has become the number one funder of DIPG research. Additionally, the group specializes in pediatric brain cancer.

The organization now has over 40 chapters spread across the country and has funded over $12 million in research.

How to Get Involved

Departments (or just men in general) who are interested in signing up for Beard It Up can find more information at www.bearditup.org.

And don’t worry ladies – you can be involved too! Follow the link for information on Color for the Cure.

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