Police: 13 cops suffer injuries after far-left Antifa protest turns into a riot


We hear a lot from the violent extremist group Antifa across our nation.  From Portland, Oregon to Virginia, the guys and gals in black with masks covering their faces come out of hiding to take over our streets, shouting for their cause, whatever that cause actually is.  They’re threatening violence, they’re committing violent acts.  They’re terrorizing anyone who disagrees with them.  They’re attacking our police.

Maybe you’ve heard, maybe you haven’t, but the groups aren’t just active in the United States. They have also been bringing violence into other countries as well.  Most recently, they’ve brought their hate rhetoric to Germany and caused a riot over something that happened two years ago.

And this week, protesters with the group turned a demonstration into a riot, injuring more than a dozen law enforcement officials.

In 2017, the German government banned a radical website called Linksunten, which was widely used for Antifa to post threats and information on how to carry out those threats.  For example, a booklet was posted on the site teaching extremists how to build firebombs and sabotage infrastructure.  They also published “assassination guides,” informing members which politicians needed to be injured and/or killed.


Despite Linksunten being shut down, its platform host, Indymedia, remains in operation.  Antifa has moved to using Indymedia to claim responsibility for acts of violence and terrorism.

This past weekend in Leipzig, a demonstration was held to protest the banning of Linksunten.  Of course, Antifa couldn’t leave allowing a protest to be held peacefully, so at the conclusion of the demonstration, they made sure the gathering turned into a riot.

During the riot, 13 police officers were attacked and injured by Antifa members, who used stones and fireworks to make their point.


Police arrested six rioters for the assaults, but were forced to let them go due to having “no grounds to keep them in detention,” according to a police spokesperson.  The attackers were four males and two females, aged between 18 and 39.

Antifa has reportedly become increasingly active and violent in their protests, as made evident by an attack in November of last year by the group.  A 34-year old woman was at home when two Antifa members broke into her house and beat her with their fists in her face.  As they left, they said, “Goodbye. Greetings from Connewitz.”


The victim was reportedly a real estate agent who had helped facilitate development in the heavily Antifa-occupied area of Connewitz.  The group had set fire to two construction cranes in October, also as a part of their protest, which were owned by the same company the victim of the home invasion worked for.

Via Indymedia, Antifa members said they “decided to meet those responsible for building a problematic project in the south of Leipzig where it really hurts: in their face.”

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Leipzig Lord Mayor Burkhard Jung, a member of the left-wing Social Democrats (SPD), spoke out against the violence of the attack. 

He said, “A line has been crossed: the militant left scene does not even shy away from attacks on defenseless women.  The line spread by the extreme left-wing scene, that they are violent only against things and state institutions, but not against people, is exposed for what it always was: a lie.”


The booklet, mentioned above, that was released by the German Antifa was called “Augsburg for Riot Tourists.”  A description of the information on the Linksunten site said, “We are calling for a revolt against the German collective on the occasion of the AfD party conference in Augsburg.

“Not only do we want to fight the AfD, we also want to direct our riot against every war memorial, against every repressive authority of the state, against every party bureau of a racist party, against any collaborator of a resurgent fascism.”


In May of 2018, Breitbart reported on the booklet: “In a section of the blog site labelled ‘instructions’ the extremist group show activists how to make paint bombs with traditional Christmas baubles and glass bottles, create traps for cars by laying down planks of wood with nails sticking out of them, and how to set cars on fire. ‘We wish you a lot of fun trying them out,’ they write.


“Other targets listed include ‘collaborators’ such as police stations, army barracks, and even a city library, all with helpful symbols identifying whether the locations have compresenive security coverage, or have CCTV cameras watching them.

“The group also warns fellow extremists to wear gloves, even when picking up rocks to throw at buildings or people noting that it is possible their fingerprints could be lifted from the stones.”

In July of 2017, German Antifa members were responsible for literally setting the city of Hamburg on fire, causing mass riots and chaos, and injuring 476 police officers across the country.

476 police officers, injured in one day, in a move orchestrated by a local terrorist organization.

That is absolutely terrifying.

Following the mass riots, Ulf Poschardt, editor-in-chief of the German newspaper Die Welt, compared Antifa’s costumes to the Italian blackshirts of the 1920’s. 

He said, “Their black costume reveals that their aesthetic is inspired by Mussolini’s blackshirts. They act like fascists. They stir up fear and uncertainty.”


No wonder President Trump was trying to have Antifa labeled as a terrorist group.  Perhaps the notion should be revisited.


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