Poems of Men and Women in Uniform


Men in Blue

I am a husband, father

A son, a brother

Made of blood and blue

I could be no other

My heart is that of a man

My soul solid and true

Willpower made of steel

For whatever I must do

My eyes don’t see like yours do

The hurt, the pain, the tears

Some things I can’t leave behind

It remains throughout the years

But we are strong

Together or alone

Every night we pray

Just to make it home

We are the sheepdogs

We are the men in blue

Guarding and protecting

Watching over you

Women of the Badge

Pretty in pink

Dangerous in blue

She sheds a tear for me

And another one for you

Children dreaming

Ahead of their lives

Some mothers, sisters

And others are wives

Together united

Alone we stand tall

Though times broken hearted

We never shall fall

– Ann Homrich

(Graphics by Rose Borisow GrafX)


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