Pink Behind the Blue


I live a life you may not understand. I live a life behind a mysterious man.

Not just some random “guy” in the crowd. He’s a man I look up to; who makes me proud.

This man is a hero, can’t you see? This is my hero, who belongs to me.

No cape does he don, no fancy suits. Only a uniform and worn out black boots.

I’m a wife who stands tall, yes it’s true. I am the wife who is the “Pink Behind the Blue.”

Blue blood is in me, blue blood I do bleed, blue blood from this life I walk and lead.

My heart leaves me to work on the street. Patrolling around his very own beat.

Holidays, birthdays, weddings too. They just aren’t the same, me, without you.

The life we lead isn’t for all. In fact most of us dread when we get that call…

“Home late again. Domestic disturbance.” “Missing dinner with you” can be a perturbance.

We continue forward, push on we must, for the man I love is stuck on a bust.

I take a deep breath, let it out with a sigh. Hang up the phone with an “I love you” and “Bye.”

Thoughts of craziness running through our head. When night comes, sleeping alone in our bed.

We don’t dare let those thoughts consume us. We whisper a prayer, “Bring him home safe, dear Jesus.”

Sometimes I long for a, once again, normal life.  But I remember our vows as husband and wife.

For better or worse. In sickness and in health. As a police family, there’s surely no wealth.

As much as is it, not a thing I would change, him living his dream, on the streets, on the range.

If there’s only one thing I would ask, one thing from you; is say a prayer for protection for our Family in Blue.

– Melinda Merritt


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