PAYSON, Utah – A man who was killed after crashing a plane into a Utah home he owned Monday morning was arrested on a domestic violence charge hours before he piloted the aircraft into the residence where his wife and adult son were staying, police said.

Officials said it appeared the man, identified by relatives as Duane Youd, crashed the plane intentionally, reported The Salt Lake Tribune.

Youd, 47, had been booked into the Utah County jail at about 7:30 p.m. Sunday after being suspected of assaulting his wife, Payson Police Sgt. Noemi Sandoval told the news media. He bailed out of jail, returned to the home with a police officer at about midnight to retrieve belongings and his truck, and left without incident.

“He is an experienced pilot. He flew from Spanish Fork airport directly here, into the home,” Sandoval said, adding that it could have been “much worse.”

Youd’s wife and her adult son were in the home and escaped unharmed.

“There were two individuals in the home at the time that the plane went in,” Sandoval said. “They were able to get out of the home without any injuries. Obviously, they were very shook up over what had happened but they weren’t physically injured.”

The small jet flew under power lines and clipped something and “that maybe changed his trajectory a little bit,” Sandoval said.

There were reports indicating the plane hit a shed and/or a vehicle and then the house on East Canyon Road about 2:30 a.m. and exploded. Firefighters arrived to find the home engulfed in flames.

“I can’t believe he was able to fly in like that,” Alan Herbert, Duane Youd’s friend of more than 30 years, said as he surveyed the crash scene in disbelief. “If he hadn’t hit the car, I wonder how much more damage this would have done to the house.”

Photos from the scene showed the plane wreckage in the front yard of the home. The house itself caught fire and was engulfed in flames before fire crews arrived to extinguish it.

“There was a significant fireball, so there’s not a whole lot left of the plane itself,” Sandoval said.

The aircraft was reported to be a Citation 525, equipped with two jet engines. They can carry up to two crew and eight passengers.

Youd’s 17-year-old son from a previous marriage, Parker Youd, said his father gave no indication he planned to hurt himself or others.

“He told me only that it was going to be rough for a little bit, but that was it,” Parker Youd said Monday.

The teenager, who lived at the house but was not at home when the plane crashed — he was at his mother’s home — surveyed the scene stoically. He calmly answered questions from reporters, seemingly both stunned and resigned to what happened.

Parker Youd said he was probably the last person to talk to his father.

“I said, ‘I love you. Good luck. I’ll see you tomorrow,’” the son said. “He said, ‘I love you, too,’ got in his truck and drove away.”

“He’s just a good guy,” Parker Youd added. “The best dad I could ask for.”