Photo of trooper praying for dad with cancer goes viral; daughter to honor father with non-profit work


Richmond, VA: An iconic and emotionally charged photo was captured showing a state trooper saying a prayer and holding the hand of a father battling late-stage cancer.

The North Carolina state trooper, Jarad Dowdy, pulled the vehicle over for speeding. When asked the occupants about the stop, the father, who sitting in the passenger seat, mustered the energy to respond to the trooper.

The father, Deacon Anthony Geddis, informed the trooper he and his family were just coming from Duke University hospital to receive treatment.

Photo of trooper praying for dad with cancer goes viral; daughter to honor father with non-profit work
Deacon Geddis and his family.
Screenshot image of WTVR CBS 6 YouTube Ch.

Deacon Geddis was battling stage 4 colon cancer at the time.

Trooper Dowdy then became emotional himself as he understood the pain and grueling battle against colon cancer. He dealt with it years prior and managed to overcome it. The experience left a mark with him that will last the rest of his life.

In an interview with a local media station that was covered by Newsbreak, a family member, Dr. Ashlye Wilkerson stated in a column by Newsbreak:

“‘Because he too had a bout with a condition where he had to remove his colon to prevent colon cancer. So he was very well aware of what my dad was going through,’ Wilkerson said.”

Once Trooper Dowdy got himself together, he requested to say a prayer with the family. He understood the fight Deacon Geddid was enduring and wanted to play a part in his recovery by reaching out to God.

Photo of trooper praying for dad with cancer goes viral; daughter to honor father with non-profit work
Screenshot image of WTVR CBS 6 YouTube Ch.

In the Newsbreak column, it stated:

“‘Grabbed my dad’s hand and he lead the prayer. Unbeknownst to them, I took the picture. And at the end of the prayer, my dad opened his hand and the officer left a silver metal cross in his and he told him, you know, safe travels and you have someone else praying for you and with you on this journey,’ Wilkerson said.”

While the trooper was holding Deacon Geddis’ hand and saying a prayer, Ashlye quietly took a picture of the moving experience as a way to capture a moment of love and compassion.
She held onto the photo and kept it personal. It wasn’t until Deacon Geddis passed away, that she decided to share it with world. She wanted his legacy to live one.

And the world did indeed find out.

According to the column, it stated:

“‘It captured the attention of over seven million people on LinkedIn. It was featured on CNN, it was featured in Fox News, it was featured on Apple News, Yahoo News. It has been in 20-plus publications. So, my dad, Anthony Tony Geddis is known all over the globe,’ Wilkerson said.”

Photo of trooper praying for dad with cancer goes viral; daughter to honor father with non-profit work
The Linked In post from Dr. Wilkerson.
Screenshot image of WTVR CBS 6 YouTube Ch.

Ashlye said during the interview with the local media, and stated:

“My dad’s strong faith. My dad was a praying man, my dad was a devout Christian. The second thing that it meant to me was the power of humanity. The officer did not have to pray with my dad and he didn’t have to be intentional with his listening.”

She continued:

“He didn’t have to be obedient and didn’t have to show care and concern but he did. My dad’s example of fatherhood. In his sick days and in his final moments and in his weakened state, he wanted to protect me.”

The experience Ashlye had gone through motivated her to further honor her father. She was motivated to collaborate with the non- profit organization, Serve and Connect. The non-profit was formed to help bring communities and law enforcement officials together to foster a positive relationship.

According to the Serve and Connect website, it states:

“Healing the relationships between police and the communities they serve is one of the most pressing social issues of our time. Often, the approaches employed to bring about change are grounded in a divisive narrative that frames the issue as police vs. community.”

Photo of trooper praying for dad with cancer goes viral; daughter to honor father with non-profit work
A screenshot image taken from the Serve and Connect website. Click for more info,

It continues:

“We believe this narrative fosters an ‘us vs. them’ rhetoric which is ineffective and harmful to both police officers and marginalized communities alike.”

Their mission is honorable and one the world needs more of.

Ashlye’s work with Serve and Connect intends to honor other police officers who have shown a significant positive role in their respective communities. The want to award these heroes with a humanitarian award that is nominated by community members.

The first officer to receive the award will be Trooper Dowdy.

He absolutely deserves it.

If you wish to donate to Serve and Connect and help their mission, CLICK HERE.


Photo of trooper praying for dad with cancer goes viral; daughter to honor father with non-profit work

Another hero saves the day.

Hero: Officer saves 9-day-old baby’s life after looking at a car stopped at a red light

Posted July 17, 2021

PLEASANT HILLS, PA- Officer Kristin Mitrisin, from the Pleasant Hills Police Department (PHPD), has been acknowledged as a hero for being at the right place at the right time to save a 9-day-old baby.

According to reports, the incident took place back in April when Joe Schleicher and Jodi Schleicher were driving their daughter Olivia to the hospital after noticing that something was wrong with her.

While at a red light, their 9-day-old baby, Olivia, stopped breathing. The worried parents immediately called for help and luckily for them, a police car was close by. Officer Mitrisin said that one of the drivers next to her started beeping and waving at her. She said:

“I heard beeping next to me. I looked over to the side, I saw a gentleman waving in his car. I put down my window and I asked him, ‘sir do you need help with something?’ He said, ‘yes, I need you to get me to the hospital, my baby is not breathing.'”

She rushed towards the couple and was told that Olivia was not breathing. Thanks to her quick thinking and training,  Officer Mitrisin took the baby from the parents and started doing compressions.

Using just two fingers and by gently applying pressure, Officer Mitrisin did her best to get the baby to start breathing again. Reportedly, while she was doing CPR, a correction officer pulled up and offered assistance.

The correction officer went to the police car to get the defibrillator, which the officer did not end up needing to use because Officer Mitrisin was able to get Olivia breathing again. Later, Mitrisin said:

“Continued CPR, the baby took a breath, then there was a couple more seconds, another large breath, and then we got a few more shallow breaths, and then she started crying. And that was the best sound to hear.”

Instead of waiting for paramedics to arrive, Officer Mitrisin decided it would be faster to drive Olivia down Route 15 to the nearby AHN Neighborhood Hospital. She said in a statement:

“I put the mother and the baby right in the police car. We went right there. We were there in 20 seconds. I took the baby from the mother and ran it into the doctors.”

After the incident, Mitrisin said:

“I just was doing my job that day. You know God put me at that place at that time. I’m just thankful that I was there to help them.”

Joe and Jody flagged down Officer Mitrisin as she drove down Route 51 that Saturday afternoon, back in April. Recalling what happened, Mitrisin said:

“He reaches out to me, the baby’s turning blue in her face and in her nose. So, he said, ‘please, my baby can’t breathe help me.'”

Performing CPR on an infant is not an easy thing to do. Mitrisin added:

“You just use your two fingers, apply pressure, and just keep going.”

When deciding to not wait for the paramedics, Officer Mitrisin said:

“Just thought, you know, what we have to do to get baby Olivia breathing. The mom said her name was Olivia, so I just kept saying, ‘c’mon baby Olivia, we can do this.’ And I just kept doing the CPR on baby Olivia.”

According to a GoFundMe page that was set up to help pay for baby Olivia’s medical bills, the doctors found the baby girl was living with a heart condition. Officer Mitrisin said:

“I just ask everyone to pray for the baby. I hope she’s able to make a strong recovery.”

Photo of trooper praying for dad with cancer goes viral; daughter to honor father with non-profit work


Another moving trooper story.

‘I wanted to help’: Trooper tickets Mississippi mother (repeatedly), then buys car seat for her son

Posted November 27, 2020

ATTALA COUNTY, MS —A Mississippi mother’s recent run-in with the law ended with a charitable act that many do not expect from those who protect and serve.

Mississippi Trooper Bradley Sanders is drawing praise for his random act of kindness after he bought a car seat for a woman’s son after ticketing her.

The mother, Niya Sumter, recounted the experience on Facebook, saying she was pulled over by Mississippi Highway Patrol Trooper Sanders, who gave her three tickets.

“Can I say how good God is?” Sumter wrote in the November 19 post. “After giving me my tickets, he said, ‘follow me, let’s go buy your baby a car seat!’”

Trooper Sanders said he made the purchase after speaking with his wife, who called him during the traffic stop.

Sanders continued, referring to Sumter’s son:

“He was buckled in. But he wasn’t in the proper car seat and he was able to freely move around.”

“She was very grateful. She was saying, ‘Thank you,’ and she understood that the traffic stop was legitimate. She had no issue with what was going on.”

Sanders said. “She did state she was trying to do the best she could with her son being in the car seat that he was in.”

Sumter took a photo of Sanders and her child in the checkout line at the store, which has been shared thousands of times.

Well done Trooper Sanders, WELL DONE!


Caught on camera: Knoxville Officer finds man sobbing, buys him new clothes and a new lease on life

August 22, 2020

KNOXVILLE, TN – Far too often, the media will not share the type of story we are bringing you now. The mainstream is so fixated on defunding and dismantling police, that they will not show you this side of policing.

This side is one we see everyday from almost every cop. They go above and beyond to protect and serve. They do not hold back on either part, but they live to serve.

Case in point, Knoxville Officer Dana Crocker. She was recently captured on camera taking that extra step to do something for a member of her community that she didn’t have to do.

A man was seen sitting outside of an Arby’s restaurant. He was crying, had on a dirty shirt, and was wearing no shoes. The person who took and posted the photo captioned the post by saying:

“This photo may not look like much, but what you are seeing is a man without shoes and a dirty shirt on. He was sobbing in the parking lot. Right as I make up my mind to go over and see what I could do to help, this police officer pulled in and gave him a new pair of shoes and a new shirt.

This was a wonderful thing to witness in the world we live in today. It also gave me a moment with my kids to teach compassion and a lesson on the choices we make in life.

I don’t know this man’s back story now do I know his mental status. I just hope and pray he takes this gift to help him with future endeavors.”

In yet another story of selfless service by officers, read on.

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