Phoenix Police release body cam footage of female officer shooting man armed with a knife


PHOENIX, AZ – The Phoenix Police Department recently released the body cam footage from the officer involved shooting back in June where a female officer non-fatally shot a suspect who was chasing her with a knife.

Accompanied with the released footage was a press release affording further details on the incident that took place on June 14th.

Phoenix PD identified the suspect involved in the case as 55-year-old Jon David Brouseau.

In the newly released footage of the incident that Law Enforcement Today reported on back in June, Phoenix PD shared the playback the 911 call originally received that led to the officer being dispatched. On the call, a female caller reports that there is a man inside of the Asiana Market threatening people while armed with a knife.

That is when the lone female officer responded to the area and confronted Brouseau.

During the video, you can see from the officer’s perspective that Brouseau is continuously disregarding orders to drop the knife – and Brouseau even goes as far as to threaten to cut her throat and begins to run toward the officer.

The officer fires a single shot, causing Brouseau to go to the ground. Additional units were said to have responded to the scene and were able to detain Brouseau and get him medical attention.

According to police, Brouseau is expected to survive the injury sustained during the encounter and will be charged with aggravated assault for the incident.

As of this time, the officer involved in the shooting has not been named. Phoenix PD noted that the department will not comment on whether the shooting enacted by the officer was either good or bad until a complete investigation has occurred. 

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As mentioned earlier, Law Enforcement Today reported on this incident as it was developing – and even obtained video footage not shown in the Phoenix Police press release. Here’s the original report we brought you days after the encounter this officer had with Brouseau.


Video evidence has surfaced regarding an officer involved shooting that took place in Phoenix, Arizona where an allegedly armed suspect threatens a female police officer with a knife repeatedly. The suspect gets shot after rushing the officer.

The shooting was said to have taken place on 43rd Avenue and Union Hills in Phoenix’s northern portion of the city, at approximately 7:45 p.m. on June 14th.

Police were alerted about a male suspect that was armed with a knife threatening to kill people outside of the Asiana Market.

One officer responded to the call, where she confronted the armed man. Video was captured by a nearby witness who was inside of their vehicle.

*Graphic language warning*

During the confrontation between the lone officer and the suspect, you can hear the suspect repeatedly threatening the officer with the knife. While the officer is issuing verbal commands for the suspect the drop the knife, the man can be heard saying:

“Shoot me. I will kill you. I’ll kill you, you stupid little bitch – I will fucking slice your fucking throat.”

While ignoring the numerous commands issued by the officer present, the suspect continues to try closing the physical gap between himself and the officer. It eventually gets to the point where the officer is having to continuously move away from the suspect that is approaching at a quickened pace.

After the suspect begins to continue moving toward the officer, the officer responds with what appears to be a single shot, in which the suspect goes to the ground.

As of now, neither the suspect nor the officer has been identified, but it’s been reported that the suspect remains hospitalized after the shooting.


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