Philly teen chased down from bus stop, shot 18 times and murdered in broad daylight – police have no idea why


PHILADELPHIA, PA – A 14-year-old teenager fled from a bus stop after a group of men went after him with guns. The teen was unable to get away from the armed mob who shot him at least 18 times and then left him for dead.

The horrific incident unfolded around 3:30 pm when the victim, identified as Samir Jefferson, was waiting for a bus in the Fentonville neighborhood. Witnesses claimed that a car was pulled up by Jefferson and a group of suspects jumped out of the car which caused him to flee.

Sadly, Jefferson was not able to make it far when the gunmen opened fire, firing at least 36 shots, striking him. Jefferson collapsed on the sidewalk as the suspects fled the area.

When police and medical got to the scene they transported Jefferson to Temple University Hospital where they attempted to save him. Unfortunately, the doctors were unable to revive him and he was pronounced deceased around 4 pm.

Officers who were in the area located a vehicle that matched the description of the one the gunmen were seen getting out of before they shot Jefferson. Police were able to stop the vehicle at 5th Street and Somerville Avenue and took two of the men in the car into custody.

Additionally, a female who allegedly witnessed the incident was also taken into custody.

Police have charged two males, 20-year-old Qadir Johnson and 21-year-old Kyair Garnet, for their alleged involvement in Jefferson’s murder.

Johnson was charged with murder, conspiracy, violation of uniform firearms act, possession of an instrument of crime, reckless endangerment, and tampering with evidence. Garnett was charged additionally with receipt of stolen property and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

The Philadelphia Police Department noted that they are currently in the process of obtaining arrest warrants for three other persons who were allegedly involved in the murder. Philadelphia Deputy Commissioner Ben Nash said:

“The terrible incident that occurred Monday has been solved, but not everyone is in custody. There are still people that we are getting warrants for.”

After the arrest of the two individuals allegedly involved in Jefferson’s murder, Nash said they are not any closer to identifying a motive.

Nash said that they are looking at every aspect, including a fight that was shared on social media at Thomas A Edison High School where Jefferson attended. Nash said:

“Unless one of the individuals responsible for that shooting is going to tell us why in the world three twenty-something-year-old individuals would track down and shoot an unarmed and defenseless 14-year-old, we have no specific direction at this point.”

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw also commented on the tragic death. In a statement, she wrote:

“Earlier today, we lost another young life to senseless gun violence—the fourth since yesterday.

My heart grieves for the victims, their families, and this city. While we cannot bring back those lost, the Philadelphia Police Department will ensure that these cases are fully investigated so that these victims and their families receive closure and justice.”

Family members of Jefferson also weighed in on the attack and the tremendous loss felt by the family:

“What did you gain except for becoming a murderer, except for taking somebody else’s child?”

This tragic incident caught the attention of the President of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, Jerry Jordan. Jordan noted that two other young males were shot and killed inside of the city during the first full weekend of December. Jordan said:

“The city has surpassed 500 murders this year, a grim milestone amidst a devastating year. Each and every one of the 506 people on that list should be alive today, and each and every person on that list leaves behind loved ones who are forever shaken by the deep and profound loss they have suffered.

Students in our schools are reeling from the ongoing violence. Many of those lost are our students. Many are our student’s families, friends, and loved ones. The impact this violence has on school communities is incalculable.”

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Where’s Black Lives Matter? Philadelphia now has the highest murder rate among large US cities – where’s the outrage?

PHILADELPHIA, PA- As of Thursday, July 22nd, the number of homicide victims in Philadelphia in 2021 is up to at least 314 people, an increase of 35 percent compared to the same time in 2020. 

According to reports, Philadelphia now has the highest murder rate in the country per capita of the country’s 10 largest cities. The city has already surpassed many total-year tallies.


To put the statistic into perspective, in 2021, homicides-to-date, just six months into the year, are higher than the full year totals in six of the past 12 years. In June, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney blamed the city’s murder rate on how easily people could get guns and that has been a banner year for legal gun sales.

At the time, Kenney called on the federal government to solve the problem by enacting stronger gun-safety measures. However, according to the data, more than one-third of the shootings so far this year have happened in the same five zip codes in North Philadelphia.

The zip codes hit hardest by the gun violence are Hunting Park, West Philadelphia, Kingsessing, Kensington and Port Richmond.

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner has repeatedly blamed violence-plagued communities on current policing practices, claiming the policing practices have caused “traumatization of neighborhoods” and drove a wedge between law enforcement and the community they serve. 


However, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw stated that is not the case and that the police force has been doing everything possible to put a stop to the gun violence.

Both Kenney and Outlaw have tried to assure the public that they are doing everything they can to stop the bloodshed in the city. Outlaw said in a statement:

“It’s not secret that we’re experiencing one of the worst periods of violent crime in our city’s history.”

She added that the mayor was not wrong in his assertions regarding guns and pointed out that part of the problem was criminals using guns that were not commercially manufactured. She stated that most of the gun arrests made by her officers were on repeat offenders who already have open gun cases against them.

However, she added that those individuals are out wreaking more havoc in the community while they are waiting for their cases to move forward. Outlaw said in a statement:

“We need these arrests to stick. We need for there to be serious consequences because these folks have shown that there is no regard whatsoever.”


Her remarks point to Krasner’s failure to hold criminals accountable in the city since he was elected in 2017. The district attorney’s office says that from January 2021 to May 2021, of the 178 homicides reported to police, 36 of them, or 20 percent, have resulted in at least one arrest. 

Outlaw says that reducing crime is not just a job for police, but that the community needs to be involved as well. She said in a statement:

“It’s the people in the community who know who committed a lot of these crimes and if they don’t feel comfortable enough in coming to us and saying, ‘I know who did this,’ that tells me that we have to strengthen what we are doing internally.”

Reportedly, during summer 2020, Krasner announced a plan to fight back against a spike in violent crime by embedding prosecutors in police stations and not prosecuting many other crimes. He claimed that his plan would allow police to focus on bigger crimes, not marijuana possession, and improve community relations. 

At the time, Krasner said in a statement:

“The record of this office now and the record moving forward will make it very clear. You can decarcerate for non-serious offenses, which improves society, it improves prevention, while you simultaneously save the necessary hammer of law enforcement for those who are killing and hurting other people.”


Community activist Bilal Qayyum agrees that there is no quick fix to combating gun violence. His said that it is a tough situation that calls for tough measures. He added:

“If a shooting takes place in a certain neighborhood, you go in and you lock down that neighborhood. Now, that is not comfortable with some folks, but you close down the drug houses, close down the gambling houses.”

Outlaw stated that she is hopeful things will turn around, saying:

“There will always be hope. We will not live in fear. You know, I live here too and this will turn around because we are starting to see more and more people come together in solidarity. They are speaking up for their neighborhoods and saying, ‘No, this is not going to happen here.’”


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