“Pervert” condo president arrested for the third time for recording tenants without consent


FLAGER COUNTY, FL – A Florida Home Association President has been arrested for the third time in as many months for video voyeurism. Police allege the president had been placing video cameras inside of condos and spying on the residents.

Everyone deserves and expects privacy in their homes, but that was not the case for a handful of condo residents in Flagler County, Florida when residents discovered he had been placing hidden cameras inside of their homes. The news first broke about the president, Robert Orr, in September when he was first arrested.

Orr has been the Las Brisas Condo Association president in Matanzas Shores which allowed him to allegedly place hidden cameras in several residences. His alleged crimes first came to light when a resident located a hidden USB camera in a flowerpot who contacted the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office began its investigation by analyzing the USB that was contained in the spy camera. When they reviewed the video, they discovered that the female occupant was captured in various stages of dress.

In addition to the video capturing both the female and a male occupant of the home, it also allegedly captured Orr as he was testing out the camera. While the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office does not say if this was the only evidence pointing to Orr as the suspect, they obviously were able to obtain enough probable cause to obtain both a search and arrest warrant for him.

When detectives executed the search warrant for Orr’s residence, they allegedly located several additional spy cameras inside of his home. All of those devices were seized and are still in the process of being analyzed.


At the time of his first arrest, Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly said:

“I’m urging anyone who has allowed Orr unsupervised access into their home to check for secret recording devices and to contact us right away if they find anything suspicious. At this time, the evidence suggests that Robert Orr acted alone.”

With Orr’s first arrest in early September, the Sheriff’s Office charged him with four counts of felony video voyeurism and he was taken into custody and transported to the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office. Since then, he has been arrested two more times, another time in September and more recently in December of this year.

Orr’s latest arrest came on December 14th when he was hit with nine additional criminal charges. The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office charged him with five additional voyeurism and six counts of unlawful use of a two-way communications device.

Orr was given a $90,000 bond which he was able to post and is now free until his next court appearance. After his latest arrest, Sheriff Staly said:

“We knew when we arrested this pervert this was likely not his first time. Our Major Case Unit has combed through his seized technology and worked hard to bring justice to the victims in this case. I encourage anyone else that thinks they may have been a victim to contact us.”

As of now, the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office has only been able to identify a total of four victims that Orr allegedly recorded without their consent. However, they are currently still analyzing all digital media seized in the investigation, some of which contain footage from as far back as 2018, to determine if they are able to identify any further victims.

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office urges anyone who believes they may have been a victim of Orr’s to contact them at 386 313-4911.

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