Am I the only woman in North America who finds it insane that people are camping out overnight to buy big screen television sets?  Sometimes I feel that way.

I have a confession. I hate, loathe, and despise shopping. I especially hate shopping at this time of the year. I can’t stand that Christmas starts (in the eyes of retailers) on the day after Halloween either.

On Friday a Los Angeles woman pepper-sprayed other shoppers, including children, to get an x-Box for sale at half price in the race for Black Friday items. Staff from the same Walmart store reported injuries from shoppers trampling each other.  A total of twenty shoppers were injured within the first two hours. And the store stayed open afterwards. Insanity.

What the heck are we doing? We’re in a recession.  Many people are out of work and looking to save money. I understand that. However, wouldn’t it be better to just downsize Christmas, focusing on time together and a special meal rather than using weapons against each our neighbors to get to the bargains first?  I wonder if this woman’s children will fondly remember this Christmas as the year that Mommy went to jail for the X-box.  Maybe they would have had better memories of decorating Christmas cookies with her.  The price is right on decorating cookies.

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.  While the holiday has become secularized, it still holds great religious significance for tens of millions of people worldwide. Whoever you think Jesus is, whether a wise teacher or a God himself, the fact that he lived and died is undisputed via the historian Josephus.

That would be the Jesus that told us to turn the other cheek.  The guy who said if someone asks for your cloak, to give him your tunic as well. The Lord who said that peace makers were blessed. The first century rabbi who suggested that you treat others as you would have them treat you. The leader who said to consider others better than yourself because ultimately the last shall be first. The one who said not to worry about what you will wear or eat.  The one who said that personal possessions were all hay and stubble.

I refuse to support any more of this insanity. Neither should law enforcement.  I don’t care what bargains I get, they aren’t worth being pepper sprayed or trampled to death as happened at Walmart last year.

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