People in San Francisco surrender to thieves, leave vehicle trunks open so cars aren’t broken into


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Residents and tourists in the San Francisco area have seen a significant increase in property crimes in the area.

There are daily reports of vehicle windows being smashed and trunks forced open by criminals searching for any valuables they can steal.

Now, residents have taken to the extreme measure of leaving their trunks open and vehicles unsecured in hopes that criminals will see there is nothing to steal and move on.

Those that live in or frequent San Francisco know the plague all too well.  Regardless of how well you secure your vehicle and hide your valuables, you are still likely to come back to find your car has been rifled through.

Fed up with having to pay for the property damage and/or increases to their vehicle insurance, residents and visitors of the city have resorted to leaving their trunks and vehicles unsecured.

Before, policing in the city of San Francisco and areas like it, law enforcement would have increased patrol officers in the area with high visibility to deter thefts. Additionally, they would assign plainclothes officers in the areas most likely to get hit so that they could catch the thieves in the act and arrest them.

While these tactics would undoubtedly result in a drop in crime in the area targeted, the San Francisco Police Department is down roughly 400 police officers.  That would make any operation like this difficult, if not impossible.

Add in that the city leaders have worked to “reimagine” the criminal justice system.

In San Francisco, even when criminals are caught there is a high likelihood of being released straight from jail without paying bail or even seeing a judge.

Additionally, the criminals have a higher chance of their crimes being dismissed than they do being prosecuted.

Progressive San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin’s office prosecution of theft and petit theft cases has declined significantly since he took office.

In terms of theft arrests, only 46 percent of those cases have been prosecuted while petit theft has seen only 35 percent prosecuted.

Boudin and fellow progressives seemingly feel that property crime, at least to some extent, is unavoidable and acceptable. And while it is true that preventing all property crime in any city is impossible, it should never be viewed as acceptable.

In 2020, Boudin made his thoughts on the matter known while speaking to the co-founder of Black Lives Matter:

“We have some of the richest people in the history of the world in this city. Fortunes never imaginable 10 or 20 or 50 years ago…When we have those extremes in close proximity, there’s going to be some level of property crime. That’s a reality.”

Critics believe that Boudin’s reluctance to criminally prosecute crimes is part of the reason the area is seeing an increase in smash-and-grab vehicle and business burglaries.

Criminals do not seem to fear the justice system anymore and show that every day committing these acts in broad daylight, unafraid of any video surveillance system in place or witnesses in the area.

Residents and tourists in the area sadly have come to live with the reality that their vehicles will be broken into at some point which is why they have turned to leave their vehicles unsecured. A move that people like the former San Francisco Deputy Chief of Police, Garret Tom, warns against.  

In an interview with ABC7, Tom said:

“I’m shocked. There’s so much that can go wrong here [leaving vehicles unsecured].”

Tom notes that leaving the vehicles unsecured, even though there may be no valuables left inside, is inviting criminals to steal different items in the car. He said:

“They [criminals] could steal your batteries, your tires. They could go into your glove compartment and find out where you live.”

People in San Francisco surrender to thieves, leave vehicle trunks open so cars aren't broken into

Protecting criminals: Man released from jail after attacking an 84-year disabled man in police-defunded San Fran

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Last March, 84-year-old Rong Xin Liao was sitting in his walker when 24-year-old Eric Ramos Hernandez came by and kicked the elderly man out of his seat. The entire event was captured on video. 

He was simply waiting for a bus.

“I didn’t do anything to him,” said Liao.

Since his release from the hospital, he has suffered multiple falls and believes he may lose the ability to walk with another. 

Liao suffered injuries which required multiple stitches, along with serious head injuries and a blood clot which required drilling into his skull.

Warning: this video (courtesy of ABC 7 News) is disturbing. 

Why is this news 9 months later? 

The man seen brutally assaulting the Liao was released from jail after 7 months on a mental health diversion. The victim want to know why. 

According to ABC 7:

“A victim services advocate for the DA’s office claimed Mr. Liao, who speaks only Cantonese, wanted it for his perpetrator. Something his family says is simply not true.”

“I asked him point blank myself and my dad asked as well, and he said he never said anything close to that,” said Liao’s grandson Jack.

Welcome to District Attorney Chesa Boudin’s San Francisco. 

Liao told the ABC affiliate in March that he wanted a strict punishment for his attacker. 

Jack says that the district attorney’s office never made his family aware of any developments in the case until Hernandez was released. Documents show the DA’s office did make contact with the Liao family a number of times. Because of the heavy redactions, the details of what was discussed are unknown. 

Ironically, Hernandez was back in court this week on charges from a separate incident. The community was there to support Liao. 


“NOTE: the DA’s office sent me a statement this afternoon close to deadline which notes Ramos-Hernandez committed a trespassing misdemeanor, not a felony. His public defender said he had a ‘relapse’.”

The public defender wasn’t wrong, he just used the wrong word. What he should have said is “my client is a recidivist.” It means the same as relapse but is more specific to criminal activity. 

In a surprising move, the DA’s office requested the court to remove the mental health diversion from Hernandez, thanks to his most recent arrest. 

Judge Charles Compton said he will not make a ruling Hernandez until he has been medically evaluated.

“I watched the video several times. You didn’t provoke it or expect it and you didn’t deserve it. I know you’re still suffering physically and emotionally,” the judge said. 

The fact that the perpetrator was released to begin with should come as no surprise. 

Since taking over as district attorney, Chesa Boudin has ushered in a new level of lawlessness in the city. Continue reading to learn more about where Boudin and his policies have taken San Francisco.


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