Manhunt underway after Pennsylvania State Trooper injured in hit and run while on motorcycle


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – A hit-and-run of a state trooper is currently being investigated by the Pennsylvania State Police that transpired on May 16th. It’s been stated that the injured trooper was on a motorcycle at the time of the impact and that the suspect had fled the area immediately thereafter.

The yet-to-be identified trooper was struck within the East Falls area of Philadelphia at approximately 10:30 a.m. on the day of the incident at the intersection of Apalogen Road and School House Lane, according to officials.

While the exact state of the injuries sustained by the trooper have yet to be detailed, he was rushed from the scene over to Temple University Hospital and was stated as being conscious and stable at the time.

Investigators are actively working to determine what the cause of the crash was, but have not brought forth much insight yet to the public. Police have not released a description of the suspect’s vehicle, but some sources allege that the vehicle was reportedly heading westbound on Ridge Avenue following the collision.

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Other ongoing investigations within the state of Pennsylvania pertain to an individual within state DA Larry Krasner’s inner circle being arrested for suspected child endangerment. Here’s the latest on that story. 

A policy adviser for Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner found herself in handcuffs on May 11th under charges of child endangerment.

Officials say that the suspect had allegedly left her 4-year-old daughter inside an unattended vehicle for over half-an-hour.

According to Mark Shade, who serves as a spokesperson for the Attorney General’s Office, 40-year-old Dana Lynn Bazelon was taken into police custody on May 11th at around 3:30 p.m. in the town of West Mount Airy.

Since Bazelon is in the employ of the DA’s office, the state AG’s office is handling the prosecution of this case. Despite the charge of child endangerment being a felony due to the victim’s age, Bazelon was released from custody without having to post any sort of bail.

Her scheduled court hearing is slated for May 22nd.

Apparently, Bazelon had decided to leave her sleeping 4-year-old daughter inside of her car while she took her 6-year-old son for a walk on May 11th.

Police had happened upon the unattended Ford Fusion after a bystander flagged them down near the 200 block of Rittenhouse Street. Law enforcement noted that they were able to get the child out of the vehicle via an open window at the time.

Reports indicate that Bazelon had returned to the scene of where she left her vehicle approximately 34 minutes after police had tended to the child. Bazelon allegedly explained to officers that she left her daughter sleeping in the car as she didn’t want to wake her since the girl had trouble sleeping recently.

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

Luckily, the child left in the unattended vehicle was reported to be in good condition.

Yet, that didn’t absolve Krasner’s policy adviser from getting a trip to the local SVU and a charge for endangering the welfare of a child.

James Funt, Bazelon’s attorney, stated the following on the developing case:

“Dana Bazelon has spent her life and career caring for and protecting people. Since before this pandemic began and especially during these last few trying months, Ms. Bazelon has worked tirelessly to protect victims of crime as well as all the citizens of Philadelphia.”

Typical to that of any defense attorney, Funt described his client as someone that would never intentionally commit a crime:

“What is alleged today does not reflect the kind, caring, and loving mother she is. We are confident that when all of the facts are revealed, her true nature will be vindicated.”

According to an excerpt from the report detailed on Big Trial, a Philadelphia attorney who is familiar with Bazelon described her arrest as a “travesty”:

“It breaks my heart to see this happen to her. This is such a travesty, it’s just a nightmare for her. Police have an enormous amount of discretion about whether to charge a case such as this, and there was no reason to charge this case.”

However, an undisclosed former prosecutor rebuked the notion stated by said attorney, noting that police do not have discretion when it pertains to arresting offenders who leave children unattended in vehicles:

“The police do not have discretion in a case like that. Absolutely not… They’ve got to break that window and save that child and that woman’s got to be taken in.”

The former prosecutor explained that had police not gotten involved, they likely would have found themselves on the bad end of a lawsuit:

“If the police didn’t save that child, the police department would have been sued to infinity. And Larry Krasner would have been the first in line to sue.”

What’s interesting in this case is that Bazelon happened to delete her Twitter account after getting trolled numerous times online for her arrest.

Now, even with the state AG handling the case and investigation, it hasn’t stopped critics curious as to whether the accused will be the recipient of…let’s say “preferential treatment.”

I mean, she’s got an in with the DA, her sister Emily writes for the New York Times, her grandfather was a federal judge on the U.S. District Court of Appeals; she’s got quite the family and clout to create skeptics of how she’ll be treated within the justice system.

Only time will tell on this matter.


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