Pence: Ignore the protestors. We’ll increase funding to the police – because America needs them.


WASHINGTON DC – Vice President Mike Pence says in an interview this week that the Trump administration has no plans to ‘defund the police’ and in fact is going to allocate more funds and more resources to ‘back the blue.’

Breitbart News Daily host Alex Marlow and VP Pence talk specifically about the current state of lawlessness in some of America’s major cities.

“The executive branch has become increasingly aggressive in trying to restore law and order to our cities, which are frankly in disrepair,” Marlow said.

Marlow goes on to ask the vice president to explain some of the administration’s policies and some of the developments that are taking place in real time.

Pence replies:

“The president and every administration comes in with the core obligation to see that laws are faithfully executed, and that begins with law and order, and this president made it very clear early on, whether it be in the wake of the tragedy of George Floyd’s murder, where justice will be served, where we say Minneapolis being overrun, the president called on governor of Minnesota to bring peace to his streets to deploy the National Guard, or we would.”

Pence gives credit to the governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz, for doing what the president has asked.

“They quelled the violence. The president has said the exact same thing,” Pence states.

“At least the last report that I got, now that the state police in Oregon have been deployed and police department in Portland has been deployed, we’ve seen violence being quelled in that city.”

However, Pence reiterates what we’ve heard from the President that:

“No federal law enforcement officials are leaving until we know the courthouse is secure and the streets are secure.”

Trump tweeted late Friday nighT:

“Homeland is not leaving Portland until local police complete cleanup of Anarchists and Agitators.”

Vice President Pence defends the president’s actions stating:

“When President Trump says to these cities that have been overrun by rioting and violence against innocent civilians, attacks on law enforcement and property, the president called on leadership in those cities and those states to do their jobs, or we will do it.”

Pence references Operation Legend, a joint-force-task created to combat violence by utilizing both state and federal law enforcement.

“It was born of the president’s determination that we are going to deploy federal resources [and] federal law enforcement personnel into cities where violence is taking the lives of people, innocent civilians in every community, our African American community, and impacting every family in our major cities, and we will continue to do that.”

“We’ll continue to support law enforcement, not only through Operation Legend, but through the COPS program that permitted the hiring of some 4,000 police officers,” Pence continued.

The Department of Justice, COPS Hiring Program (CHP) Grant, is intended to reduce crime and promote public safety through community policing by providing support to law enforcement agencies nationwide.

According to Acting Chief Police Eric McBride for San Bernardino Police Department:

The grant supports hiring law enforcement officers to increase an agency’s community policing and crime prevention capabilities.”

SBPD accepted the 2020 Cops Hiring Program to hire new officers and rehire officers who were laid off due to budget cuts.

Pence goes on to say in the interview:

“Trump has made it clear we’re going to give more resources to law enforcement to improve public safety, to improve officer training and, accountability.

We are seeing the promises of our president come to fruition. The COPS program is an example that the president is going to do what he says he will do.  

There are no plans, by this administration, to defund the police.”

Pence drives home this fact, by finishing the conversation with Mason on this topic by stating:

We’re not going to defund the police. We’re going to fund law enforcement. We’re going to back the blue, even while we work to improve public safety and improve the lives of all of the families in our cities, all of the minority families, African America, Hispanic America, and every family impacted by the scourge of violence that’s frankly gone on for too long in too many American cities.”

In the meantime, former Vice President and current presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden gave a recent speech regarding his views on the economy… and attacking the police.

Biden stated:

“It’s way past time to put the end to the era of shareholder capitalism.  The idea the only responsibility a corporation has is its shareholder – that is simply not true, it’s an absolute farce.  They have a responsibility to their workers, their community, to their country.” 

To replace the idea of shareholders, Biden envisions a system in which more “black, brown, and Native American” communities can prosper. 

In his philosophy, he would raise the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%, which is a huge change considering President Trump lowered it in 2017 to 21% in the Tax Cut and Jobs Act. 

Biden continued with his idea of spending over $400 billion on infrastructure projects, most of it dealing with clean energy projects.  Many of those have gone defunct in years past when millions of dollars have been invested in them, like Solyndra. 

President Obama gave Solyndra, a now-defunct solar company, a $535 million loan guarantee in the 2009 stimulus program.

Obama’s Energy Department had said:

“This loan guarantee will be supported through the President’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which provides tens of billions of dollars in loan guarantee authority to build a new green energy economy.” 

Solyndra was one of the first companies under the Obama-Biden administration to receive a loan guarantee.  Solyndra, despite its promise to reinvigorate the nation’s energy landscape, filed for bankruptcy. 

Despite his past, Biden pledged to spend $400 billion on different infrastructure projects, to include clean energy.  Biden touted what he believed were successes under then-President Obama, but failed to mention the utter and complete failure of Solyndra. 

Biden also stated he would push for a policy of buying strictly from American companies.  He advised that America would push the federal authorities to go towards pharmaceuticals and medical supplies only from domestic suppliers.

This was clearly a swipe against Trump officials who ordered a large amount of their medical supplies from out of the country, which was done only out of necessity as they were not enough in the country during the pandemic.

Biden also touted what he believed to be the success of Obama Care and his plans on expanding it.  With his goals, according to Forbes, it would cost around a mere $750 billion dollars. 

Biden would ensure that all of the initial requirements of Obama Care would stay intact, hoping that increasing federal subsidies would help offset the cost. 

Biden also promised to defund America’s police forces.  In a recent interview with ThisNow, Biden stated that the police are “becoming the enemy” and said that police budget funding should be allocated “elsewhere.” 

This is in direct contrast to what he said three weeks ago when he believed then that there should be an increase in police budgets. 

In an op-ed for USA Today, Biden stated:

“Don’t defund police, support reforms. I’ve long been a firm believer in the power of community policing — getting cops out of their cruisers and building relationships with the people and the communities they are there to serve and protect.

“That’s why I’m proposing an additional $300 million to reinvigorate community policing in our country. Every single police department should have the money it needs to institute real reforms like adopting a national use of force standard, buying body cameras and recruiting more diverse police officers.”

Apparently, his reversal in opinion is because of what he feels is the “cost of systemic racism.”  He believes that he will provide a way to combat racial equality in the United States, but, does not give any idea as to how he is going to accomplish that task. 

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LET Unity

 Here’s more on the left’s plans for the future of America.

In order to find a solution, we should always begin by accurately defining the problem. This simple fact applies to every equation, but it is especially necessary with complex problems.

Regarding law enforcement, many differing solutions are currently being proposed. These include everything from abolishing law enforcement to reforming it, defunding law enforcement to increasing sensitivity training, rewriting law enforcement policies to introducing new laws, and every other imaginable solution woven in between.

I hesitated to include the move to “abolish the police” on this list of solutions being proposed because it is difficult to take such a ridiculous idea seriously. This is, however, what the City Council of Minneapolis has voted to allow.

It ultimately will be left up to the citizens of Minneapolis, as it will be put on November’s ballot. So yes, we better start taking these otherwise ludicrous solutions seriously.

But wait. What problem are these solutions addressing? Most will quickly answer that “racism” within law enforcement is the problem being addressed. Really? Let’s look at that for a minute.

If racism is the problem that needs to be addressed, how does banning the so-called “chokehold,” for example, address racism? The “chokehold,” or carotid restraint, can be a very effective action when administered properly. Banning its use by good, well-trained officers solves nothing if the problem is racism.

Changing policies will do little as well to fight racism. A racist with authority who is willing to violate the rights of another human being is not going to be too concerned with a new policy anyway. If a person is a racist, implementing de-escalation training in your department is not going to truly alter his actions.

If a person is a racist, then that person does not need to be in uniform. Period. The only answer to a problem of racism is to identify and purge racists out of law enforcement. Some policy changes could help with this, but is this really the issue?

George Floyd was a black man and Derek Chauvin is a white officer. Aside from those two facts, I’ve not seen or heard any evidence that race was a factor in Mr. Floyd’s death. In fact, common sense tells me that had race been a factor the three minority officers with Officer Chauvin would not have stood by and watched this happen.

It seems much more plausible that what killed George Floyd was the poor training of Officer Chauvin as well as the three minority officers.  As the facts come out, we may learn that racism was indeed a factor, but we can safely say that the immediate reactions and rioting that followed were based on an assumption of racism rather than facts.

So if the problem is racism, why is our country focused on a solution of sweeping police reform that includes major policy changes, outlawing “chokeholds” and similar maneuvers? Just as the thief will steal even though it is unlawful, the racist will violate the rights of others regardless of the level of reform measures.

The answer to the problem of systemic racism in law enforcement, if it truly exists, is to identify and remove all racists.

But we all know that systemic racism in law enforcement is not reality. The facts and numbers found in countless studies simply don’t support a narrative of universal racism in law enforcement.

We also know that calls to defund law enforcement will only reduce much-needed training. Replacing tactical and other essential training with more de-escalation training and other sensitivity-based training is also not truly going to benefit anyone.

Yet, this is exactly what is happening. Many departments are bowing to the pressures of the day in an attempt to please their public. And this brings up another set of questions. Who is this “public?” Who do we see marching in the streets getting all of the attention?

Can our departments ever please them?


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