Pelosi’s son linked to at least five companies under federal investigations – so why hasn’t he been charged?


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What is it with Democrats and their dirtbag sons? As has been reported numerous times, we know all about the foibles of Hunter Biden, son of the current occupant of the White House.

Now we’re finding out that Paul Pelosi Jr., son of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is tied into at least five businesses under investigation by authorities for fraud, the New York Post reports.

It is reported that Pelosi Jr., 52, was hired by several firms under investigation by both state and federal authorities, and is also connected “to a host of fraudsters, rule-breakers and convicted criminals,” the Daily Mail reports, noting that he has not himself been charged…yet.

In February 2017, Pelosi Jr. was hired as senior vice president by InfoUSA, an Omaha, Nebraska database marketing company that was investigated by the Iowa Attorney General’s office a number of years earlier for selling consumer data to swindlers, the Mail reported.

The outlet noted that the data was used by the fraudsters in order to scam sick and gullible elders out of money, it was alleged.

The investigation and no arrests were mad. Pelosi Jr., who made $180,000 a year from the company joined the firm after the investigation had concluded.

The Mail notes that Pelosi’s repeated dealings with shady characters raises a couple of questions.

“Why did he get mixed up with such unsavory characters over and over, and how involved was he with the criminal investigations into his fraudster colleagues?”

The Speaker’s son’s apparent lack of character judgment flies in the face of her pledge to “lead the most honest, open, most ethical Congress in history”.

That of course is rich given the fact that Pelosi and her husband Paul have managed to make some amazing stock picks of companies that happened to be connected to House oversight.

Just a coincidence, we’re sure. Nonetheless, the Pelosi’s net worth is well over $100 million.

Some of the companies with legal issues that Pelosi Jr. is linked to include:

  • A biofuel company, where he joined the board after it defrauded investors according to an SEC ruling, and where the CEO was convicted of bribery for bribing Georgia officials;
  • He was president of an environmental investment firm that turned out being a front for two convicted fraudsters;
  • A lithium mining company where he received millions of shares, which were issued as part of what was alleged to be a “massive $164 million fraud;
  • He was vice president of a company that had been subject of an investigation of scam calls that once again targeted senior citizens;
  • He was closely involved with an individual accused by the Department of Justice of running a fake UN charity that stole investors’ money;
  • He was also employed by a medical company that conducted drug testing on people without FDA authorization, according to an FDA investigation.

While Pelosi Jr. has never been charged for any of these incidents, he shows a stunning lack of judgment about who he enters business relationships with.

Then there is also the issue of why Pelosi was hired by these companies. Just as with Hunter Biden, he didn’t appear to be qualified for some of the positions he was able to get.

In fact, sources close to him, and even Pelosi Jr. himself believe his business dealings may have come from people looking to get access to his mother, now the most powerful politician in the House.

After all, it is Nancy Pelosi who ultimately decides what bills will be brought to the House floor.

While Pelosi isn’t likely to favor her son’s questionable business connections, she has never seemed bothered by the “amazing” string of luck her husband has had in his stock dealings.

According to the Mail, Pelosi and her husband grew their wealth by an estimated $16.7 million in 2020 while trading over $50 million in assets. Those trades earned the couple a tidy 69 percent return on their investments.

Many of the trades came from companies that the House regulates, such as Google, Amazon, and Apple, while ironically Pelosi has dragged her feet on reforms intended to rein them in.

For Junior, however, he has managed to put forth a squeaky clean image, unlike Hunter Biden who comes across as a hardscrabble, hooker-buying, drug addict.

In a glowing profile back in 2007, Pelosi Jr. was portrayed as the “rising prince” of the “Pelosi political dynasty” in a Men’s Vogue puff piece, no doubt intended to push him for future political office.

Unbeknownst to many people, Pelosi Jr.’s cousin is the inept governor of California, Gavin Newsom.

Two men arrested and charged with the attempted murder of a Chicago cop after shooting him during a traffic stop

Pelosi Jr. told Vogue that he led a low-profile existence, frugal life and claimed he never turned on the heat or air conditioning in his San Francisco apartment, would only wash his clothes during non-peak hours and drove an old SMART car which was a hand-me-down from his rich parents for use when the city’s electric buses were not an option.

That isn’t to say that he was a welfare candidate.

When he landed the job with InfoUSA as Senior Vice President for the $180,000 annual payday, he already had a full-time job with Countrywide Home Loans and got the job despite having ZERO experience in database marketing.

That company was run by a man named Vinod Gupta, a Democrat donor who had been involved in the Iowa investigation going back to 2004.

That scam involved the company selling consumer data of vulnerable senior citizens, all identified as gamblers over the age of 55 who were defined as “gullible.”

They also took advantage of people suffering from either cancer or Alzheimer’s which they defined as “Suffering Seniors.”

When Pelosi Jr. was hired by Gupta, some (rightfully) believed it was done to gain favor with his mother, which Pelosi Jr. denied at the time.

“I don’t think that’s really what happens,” he told Newsmax in 2007. “I don’t see it that way, but I could see why you’d ask the question…I guess you always wonder why somebody hires you, right?”

In 2009, he was hired to be president of Natural Blue Resources, an environmental investment firm. The company was formed in order to find and use underground aquifers in New Mexico.

However, an investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission found that the company was “secretly controlled” by two convicted criminals, who used Pelosi Jr. and others as a means to let them ‘”personally profit from the company without disclosing their past brushes with the law to investors.”

The two “consultants,’ James Cohen and Joseph Corazzi recruited Pelosi Jr. and former New Mexico Governor Toney Anaya to create Natural Blue. However Cohen had been previously jailed for financial fraud, while Corazzi had been arrested and charged with breaking federal securities laws. He was banned from acting as an officer of a public company.

Pelosi Jr. served as president and board member of the company from August 2009 for a period of five months.

Pelosi Jr. was evidently also an “expert” in the biofuels industry, landing a job as vice president of FOGFuels in October 2013, a corporate press release noted.

Once again, Pelosi Jr. showed his lack of judgment, with the company’s founder (and the company) charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for stealing $3 million, again targeting elderly investors in order to pay for luxury vacations, child support, and alimony payments, as well as private school tuition and camps for his children.

Moreover, FOGFuels won a contract from the Atlanta City Council to turn restaurant grease into biofuel. One Atlanta council member met with an ethics complaint over the vote, however the contract was never fulfilled.

Neither Pelosi Jr., nor FOGFuels were charged by the FBI in a bribery probe.

Another area of apparent expertise by Pelosi Jr. was in the pharmaceutical industry, where in 2014 he was appointed as an independent director of Targeted Medical pharma, a Los Angeles-based drug company, which shortly after Pelosi Jr. was accused by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of testing drugs on people without their consent.

Pelosi left the company only seven months after he joined according to SEC filings, and oddly left the FOGFuels position off his LinkedIn resume.

The company told the Daily Mail that the investigation was “a clerical issue on behalf of the FDA.” No action was taken by the FDA against the company.

In October 2014, Pelosi Jr. landed a position as “Business Development Executive” of the Corporate Governance Initiative, which the SEC says is a “non-profit group” focused on “transparency, capitalism, and building sustainable organization[s]” and was then promoted to Executive Director in December 2015.

In an ironic twist, Pelosi Jr. became involved with an alleged scammer accused of the DoJ of running a fake charity.

In November 2019, Asa Saint Clair was accused of running a cryptocurrency scan through his charity, the World Sports Alliance, which they referred to as a “sham affiliate of the United Nations.”

“Saint Clair allegedly defrauded investors in IGObit, a digital currency he claimed WSA [World Sports Alliance] was developing, but which turned out to be the fraudulent bait with which to lure victim investors,” the DoJ said.

Saint Clair allegedly recruited investors into the scheme between 2017 and 2019, telling them their money would “help developing companies around the world,” the Mail said, however instead used the money to “pay his personal expenses, including dinners at Manhattan restaurants, airline tickets, and online shopping.”

Saint Clair was arrested as he was trying to leave the country, and has been charged with wire fraud, with twenty years in prison hanging over his head. He has pleaded not guilty and the case is due to be tried in March.

Pelosi Jr., who was also not charged in this case, endorsed the fraudulent digital currency on the company’s website in January 2018, calling it “The absolute best offering I have ever seen.”

It was through his position in CGI where Pelosi Jr. got involved with Saint Clair.

According to a CGI press release in December 2016, it announced Saint Clair “had officially endorsed” the organization, and announced he will be working closely with them and heaped praise on Pelosi Jr.

Saint Clair called Pelosi Jr. “a longtime associate, both business and personal” in the press release, while Pelosi Jr. was quoted as saying, “I agree whole heartedly with Mr. St. Clair,” and “I am honored Mr. St. Clair has followed the same path I’ve taken.”

Yet another CGI press release, this time from March 2017 promised WSA’s “support [for] Paul Pelosi Jr. and the CGI in its quest for proper corporate and social governance.”

Finally, Pelosi is also a mining expert, landing a Job as a senior adviser with a company called Oroplata Resources, a lithium mining company. Boy these connected sons of powerful Democrats have simply a wide-range of experience and talents—nothing to do with connections, of course.

Just one month before Pelosi Jr. joined the company, Oroplata’s leadership was accused of “breaching its fiduciary responsibility” and “fraudulently” issued $26 million of shares without the approval of its board of directors, a 2018 Nevada civil lawsuit charged.

According to court documents, Oroplata brought a lawsuit against its old management team, accusing that the former Chairman, President and CEO had awarded some 16 million shares worth $26 million “to themselves and close ally recipients” without board approval, a move the lawsuit said was “fraudulent.” The company has since changed its name to American Battery Metals Corporation.

The Daily Mail said a source close to the company told them that Pelosi Jr. received $2.8 million of the allegedly fraudulent shares in July 2016.

According to the source, Pelosi Jr. managed to acquire the shares for $2,800, while the market value of the shares was estimated at between $4,228,000 and $5,152,000.

According to federal prosecutors in Boston, the alleged fraudulent share scheme was among a collection of stock scams coordinated by a Swiss financier, who has been convicted for the $164 million securities fraud.

The man who was at the center of what was called a “pump-and-dump” scheme, Swiss asset management firm owner Roger Knox, pleaded guilty to securities fraud.

Pelosi Jr. was also no named in the criminal case, nor the Nevada case brought forth by Oroplata. The Daily Mail reached out to Pelosi Jr. for comment, however he declined to do so.

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