One time NYC poster boy for “bail reform” advocates gets arrested on attempted murder charge


NEW YORK CITY, NY – According to a report from the New York Post, Pedro Hernandez, an accused career criminal and previous fan-favorite of criminal justice advocates, was ordered held without bail on September 27th, after prosecutors revealed to the court the steps Hernandez took to avoid arrest.

Hernandez, who is 22-years-old, is the main suspect for an attempted-murder. He allegedly spent one month on the run following a shooting outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral. During his arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court, Assistant District Attorney Jennifer El-Fakir told Judge Michael Gaffey:

“This is direct evidence that the defendant is a flight risk. For this current case, he led the police in a high-speed car chase in the Bronx.”

Hernandez’s defense attorney, Andre Travieso, countered that bail was “not necessary” for his client, even though he has three open cases from 2019 still hanging over him. Travieso said:

“My client is a lifetime resident of New York. He has very, very strong family ties. He has a mom, sister, uncle, cousin here today. My belief is that my client will be here for his court appearances. We are ready to put up a strong fight on this matter.”

Prosecutors also noted that Hernandez has ties to Puerto Rico and then asked the judge to set a $150,000 cash bail or a $450,000 bond. The judge, who cited Hernandez’s past arrests, opted to instead, jail him without any bail at all. He said at the hearing:

“Now you’ve been arrested on a violent felony here before this court, so based upon that I have to consider your ability to make bail. But, I’ve also considered the fact while you’re out on a violent felony you’re not accused of a felony.”

On Monday, September 26th, Hernandez was arrested on an attempted murder charge stemming from a shooting on August 28th that was sparked by a dispute over a three-card monte game.

After that incident, he was on the run for nearly a month. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office said that during his time on the run, Hernandez had booked “several flights,” including to Panama.

The DA has since recanted that statement and Hernandez’s new attorney, Jason Goldman, also denied that his client tried to flee to Panama.

Hernandez reportedly has a pending lawsuit against the city claiming that the New York Police Department (NYPD) has targeted him unfairly during his past run-ins with the law.

Hernandez, who has a long rap sheet, was once championed by criminal justice advocates who fought to get him released after he served one year at Rikers Island on a 2015 robbery case. He refused to take a plea deal in the case and stayed behind bars until a liberal advocacy group paid his $100,000 bail.

Prosecutors had to drop the robbery case against him because a key witness got cold feet. Even with getting off of that charge and getting released from jail, Hernandez kept getting in trouble with the law.

In the latest case, Hernandez is accused of flying into a fit of rage after losing cash and a gold chain during a game of three-card monte. He allegedly followed the two men who won to their red Mercedes-Benz and fired a single shot into the vehicle. He then chased the car is his own black BMW.

According to police, the chase ended up at the parking garage of the Palace Hotel where one of the three-card monte operators dropped his cash and jewelry on the ground before running off. Hernandez allegedly grabbed his items off the ground and fled the scene.

According to the DA, Hernandez was out on bail on two of his three cases currently pending in the Bronx. Those cases include a felony third-degree robbery charge from 2019, in which prosecutors asked that he be held on a $100,000 bail. Instead, the judge set the amount at $15,000 cash or a $25,000 bond.

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Anti-police DA Eric Gonzalez indicts NYPD detective for shooting at thief two years ago while off duty

August 12th, 2022

NEW YORK CITY, NY – Authorities have arrested a New York Police Department (NYPD) detective for firing his firearm at a thief who was stealing his personal vehicle, which was left outside a Brooklyn fried chicken establishment back in 2020.

On Thursday, August 11th, NYPD detective Steven Chase was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment after firing two shots at the vehicle as it drove away from a Crown Fried Chicken on Glenwood Road in Canarise on August 13, 2020.

According to the criminal indictment, Chase, who had left his vehicle running, ran outside and fired two bullets as he saw his vehicle being driven away. The car thief was not arrested.

The vehicle was reportedly found the next day several blocks away from the scene. The vehicle had a bullet in its rear, but there was no indication that the driver was injured. Chase, who is with Brooklyn South Vice, was off duty at the time of the shooting.

DEA President Paul DiGiacomo, who criticized District Attorney Eric Gonzalez for indicting the detective, said in a statement:

“The arrest of our detective today is precisely what is horribly broken in the criminal justice system, and is a clear example that soft-on-crime District Attorneys like Eric Gonzalez are a part of the problem.”

He added:

“Violent, recidivist criminals freely walk the streets, while the DA — two years after the fact — gets a misdemeanor indictment against a dedicated NYC detective, a life-long Brooklyn resident, and the victim of a crime.”

He finished by saying:

“This arrest should outrage every New Yorker and in particular the thousands of other victims of violent crimes in Gonzalez’s borough. He has made it clear that criminals run the streets and the men and women who protect all New Yorkers are clearly in the crosshairs of his anti-police agenda.”

In a separate incident, a wild video shows just how anti-police New York City has become. A 16-year-old boy with a gun bust under his belt was caught on video violently attacked a Manhattan officer after allegedly jumping a turnstile.

The young juvenile was freed the very next day. Patrick Lynch, president of the Police Benevolent Association union, said in a statement:

“If New Yorkers want to know why the chaos in the transit system is not improving more quickly, this is why. The criminals underground know they can get in a brawl, choke a cop and be back out in hours.”

He added:

“Cops are putting ourselves on the line to make the subways safer, but we are feeling abandoned by a justice system that won’t back us up.”

Authorities said that the boy “became verbally aggressive for over 3 minutes with officers” before they attempted to arrest him. His arrest sparked the caught-on-video mayhem in which the boy began to punch the cop.

The cop defended himself and started to hit the boy back. The teen girl that was with the boy also threw a couple of punches at the officer before a female cop pulled her away and the girl then sparred with her.

According to authorities, the boy was arrested and charged with assault on a police officer, obstruction of governmental administration, and resisting arrest. He was released on his own recognizance during a Sunday court appearance.

Police said that the suspect had previously been arrested on April 12th in the 75th Precinct in Brooklyn for allegedly carrying a loaded gun and then in the Midtown South Precinct on July 10th for a robbery. In both those cases, the boy was released and each case was sealed.

Under New York’s “Raise the Age” law, 16 and 17-year-old suspects are sent to Family Court as long as their cases don’t involve a violent felony with a deadly weapon, a sex crime, or “significant injury” to their victim.

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“I am finally free of this…job”: Twenty year NYPD veteran officer retires with his middle finger in the air for viral photo

July 3rd, 2022

NEW YORK, NY – Thomas Gambardella recently submitted his paperwork to officially retire from the New York Police Department, where he had worked for the last 20 years.

The 41-year-old Staten Island resident was a decorated officer, according to the New York Post.

When his retirement became official, he posted a comment on Facebook.

“I never posted ‘work pictures’ or ‘work’ posts…a chunk of you all probably didn’t even know I worked in the NYPD…but I’m officially retired today. From this sorry excuse for a s— job…Thank God, I’m free at last! Not my problem anymore…I loved everyone I worked with, and ‘some’ of the people I worked for…but this job is no-ones [sic] friend…Time to live free! I’ll see you all out there!”

The post was accompanied by multiple photos, one of which included the divorced father of three, wearing a Let’s Go Brandon shirt, giving the middle finger to a memorial at the NYPD headquarters.

The 2006 NYPD Officer of the Year spoke with the Post, telling them he loved the job when he started, but the “gig turned to shit” due to the city’s soft-on-crime policies.

The now retired detective, whose Facebook profile states that he is a “Patriot, Conservative, Christian” and that he retired from the WORST “JOB” in the World, did not hold back in sharing his thoughts.

“I was a true believer,” Gambardella said.

“I wasn’t a bag of shit. I worked some intricate details. I gave a lot of my blood, sweat and tears. But no more. It’s the worst f—ing job in the world. They own you. They’re not your friends. All that talk about the ‘big blue family.’ They don’t care. If I die tomorrow, they wouldn’t give a shit. If I needed something, it ain’t gonna happen. I’m better off just saying a prayer.”

He pointed to increased hostility towards police, calls to defund, limitations on what cops could and couldn’t do, accompanied with the liberal policy making as the reasons for his attitude change.

“Crime is soaring and cops are leaving in droves,” he told the Post. “Anybody can see that. All this liberalism is obviously a failure. But this is what they wanted. It’s a stupid experiment and it’s the people who will pay in the end.”

(Continue reading for more on the fact that officers are leaving the NYPD in record numbers)

While some have applauded his statements, others have taken issue with them as well as the photo he posted.

“‘The majority of officers who retire are proud of their careers and their service with the NYPD,’ a high-ranking police source told The Post when asked about Gambardella.”

The statue he is flipping off depicts a police officer watching over the child of a fallen officer.

Some officers purchase miniature versions of the monument and engrave the fallen officer’s shield number on it and provide it to their family.

While some have taken exception to the way he left the job, Gambardella said he hasn’t received much backlash.

“I have a disease,” Gambardella said. “It’s called diarrhea of the mouth. People who know me know I’m like this. I don’t cower down.”

Exodus of Biblical proportions? NYPD has seen more than 1,500 cops retire or quit in the first 5 months of 2022

NEW YORK, NY – Nearly 1,600 cops have retired or resigned from the NYPD in the first 5 months of 2022. That represents an increase of 38% over 2021 and 46% more the 2020 numbers.

Let’s pause for a minute to grasp what that means.

1,596 officers are no longer in their roles with the NYPD, so far in 2022. Based on the monthly average of 319.2, the NYPD is poised to lose just over 11% of their department’s force this year, or 3,830 officers.

That number is staggering when you consider that would outdistance the previous two years combined by more than 1,500.

In 2019, there were 36,900 officers employed by the NYPD.

Today, there are 34,687.

So, what is driving this mass exodus?

The New York Post discussed the opinion of one officer who left the NYPD to work at a different Long Island department.

“Anti-cop hostility, bail reform, and rising crime have fed into frustration among the NYPD rank and file,” the officer said of his decision to leave after 6 1/2 years with NYPD.

The Post spoke with a cop whose beat is in Queens who was identified only as Joe.

“The city is out of control, especially since bail reform,” he said of his patrol job, which he claims has continued to worsen over time. 

The mindset of Joe and others is now “get out while you still can.”

“The last few years so many people had been leaving and manpower was so low that you’d go to work, and you’d answer 25 to 30 jobs a day and you’re burnt out by the end of the day,” he said, adding, “there was no time for law enforcement,” as it was “radio run, radio run, radio run all day long.”

Joe pointed to criminal and bail reform as a major issue. When he does make an arrest, they are typically back on the street and coming back to collect their property from the precinct the same day.

“Residents would ask, ‘Why does this keep happening?’ and I would have to explain to them, ‘This guy is going to be locked up tonight, but tomorrow night he’s going to come down your block again, he’s going to be on the same corner, you’re going to see him in the same stores. I wish there was more we could do. But we can’t,’” Joe said.

Joe said he is aware that he will get a fraction of the pension at his new department than he would have received with NYPD, but it was worth making the move.

“Cops who made the move before me said, ‘It’s a decision you have to make. You can’t turn this job down. The quality of life is better, they treat you more like a human being than a number,'” Joe said. “My friends were all going to the Port Authority, Nassau, Suffolk, MTA.” 

Joe also told the post that he checks in daily with friends at his old Queens precinct.

“When I ask, ‘How are things?’ the response is, ‘Horrible. Worse than when you left,’ and it’s only been six months,” he added.

Joe isn’t alone in voicing his frustration.

Police Benevolent Association Patrolman Union President, Patrick Lynch, chimed in.

“The NYPD is sliding deeper into a staffing crisis that will ultimately hurt public safety. Low pay, inferior benefits and constant abuse from the City Council and other anti-cop demagogues has pushed attrition to record highs. 

We need more cops working more hours to turn the tide of violence, but there is only so much overtime they can squeeze out of the cops who remain.”

The department was hoping to bring on 1,009 from the class that was sworn in back in December of 2021. They fell short of that goal, hiring only 675.

So, how do they get the attrition to stop?

(For the record, attrition is the best word to describe this situation. Attrition is defined as: the process of gradually reducing the strength or effectiveness of someone or something through sustained attack or pressure, which is what the Defund movement has been.)

John Jay College of Criminal Justice professor, Joseph Giacalone, addressed that very question.

“It will take 20 years to fix this mess,” the former NYPD sergeant said. “The city is bleeding blue and only the cop haters will be celebrating. There’s no way to stop it. Activists, abolitionists, and their pandering politicians have done so much damage to the profession, that it will take a generation to fix, if at all.”

Where does the new Mayor of New York stand on the situation, given his career as an officer and Captain with the NYPD?

It doesn’t seem to bother him.

GoodDay New York asked Adams that very question.

“Mr. Mayor, are you concerned there are reports that over 500 cops are resigning and over a thousand are retiring? Does that concern you?”

His response was only four words long.

“No, it does not,” was his answer.

His lack of concern does not bode well for fixing the problem.

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Four white NYPD chiefs say they were forced out of their jobs by mayor to fit his “diversity agenda”

NEW YORK – Former NYC mayor Bill de Blasio forced four White NYPD top officials out of their jobs in order to push his diversity agenda, say the officers.


An amended complaint revealed e-mails from 2017 between de Blasio and former Commissioner James O’Neill that expressed concern over the retirement of Carlos Gomez, the Chief of the Department, who is of Cuban descent.

They stated that it would “only exacerbate the demographic tensions” in the city.

The lawsuit filed on behalf of former Chief of Community Affairs Joanne Jaffe in the Southern District of New York revealed e-mails that have been cited as a portion of the ongoing lawsuit.

They provide details on how de Blasio and his wife, Chirlane McCray, allegedly influenced NYPD personnel matters.

The complaint states that the e-mails show “a cynical public relations move that put de Blasio’s political interests ahead of the law and the well-being of dedicated NYPD civil servants.”


According to Fox News, Jaffe, Thomas Purtell, Chief of Citywide Operations, Diane Pizzuti, Chief of Personnel, and Joseph Fox, Chief of Transit, were forced into retirement in January 2018. This was all due to de Blasio’s push to place people of color into NYPD higher positions.

The complaint states that de Blasio and his wife led interviews to find a replacement for Jaffe’s position. This all took place before Jaffe was aware of being forced out of her job.

E-mails reveal de Blasio wanted the press release announcement for Nilda Hofmann announcing her job as Chief of Campus Security using her maiden name of Irizarry. This was to place emphasis on her Latino background. Yet, Hofmann had not used that name for over two decades.

Deputy Chief Rodney Harrison was pushed to take over for Gomez because he is Black e-mails reveal. Terence Monahan was named as the new Chief of the Department, and Harrison took Monaha’s previous position.

Fox remarked that,

“What they did was unethical.

The mayor was increasingly tinkering in personnel decisions later in his eight years.

It got so you could not promote deputy inspectors without checking with City Hall.

But there was no explanation, no footnote, no press release that said why we needed to do this.”




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