Pelosi on impeaching Trump to stop Supreme Court nomination: ‘We have arrows in our quiver’


In a recent appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi paid tribute to the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg while refusing to take another impeachment inquiry off the table in order to block President Donald Trump’s upcoming nominee to the Supreme Court.

When ABC News Chief Anchor George Steohanopoulos raised the possibility of the Democratic-controlled House moving to impeach Trump or Attorney General William Barr to stop the Senate from voting during a “lame-duck” session, Pelos said:

“We have our options. We have arrows in our quiver that I’m not about to discuss right now, but the fact is we have a big challenge in our country.

Members of Congress take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. We have a responsibility to meet the needs of the American people.”

She added:

“So, right now, our mail goal and I think Ruth Bader Ginsburg would want that to be, would be to protect the integrity of the election as we protect the American people from the coronavirus. So, again, when people say, ‘What can I do?’ You can vote. You can get out and vote and you can do so as soon as possible.”

At a campaign rally in North Carolina, Trump pledged to nominate a woman, saying that he plans to nominate Ginsburg’s replacement within the next week.

During her appearance, Pelosi said that Democrats would not use a continuing resolution to keep the government open before a potential shutdown on October 1st as leverage to try and slow down the impending nomination. She said to Stephanopoulos:

“None of us has any interest in shutting down government. That has such a harmful and painful impact on so many people in our country. So, I would hope that we can just proceed with that.”

She added:

“We’re not going to be shutting down government. I do hope, though, that the focus on health care and what it means in terms of the courts will have public opinion be of such magnitude that the Republicans will finally, finally address the coronavirus crisis.”

Stephanopoulos questioned Pelosi about Democrats calling to expand the number of seats on the court if the Senate confirms Trump’s nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden is ultimately elected. She responded by saying:

“Let’s just win the election.”

Just hours after Ginsburg’s passing was announced, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) vowed that a Trump nominee to the Supreme Court to fill her vacancy will “received a vote” on the “floor of the U.S. Senate.”

Pelosi was pressed again by Stephanopoulos on whether she would employ impeachment tactics, to which she said:

“The Constitution requires that Congress use every arrow in our quiver.”

The White House slammed Pelosi’s suggestion as a “bizarre and dangerous” power grab. White House Deputy Press Secretary Brian Morgenstern told Fox News:

“The Speaker threatened to impeach the President, again for simply fulfilling his constitutional obligation.”

He added:

“Numerous Democrats are threatening to pack the court and say things like, ‘nothing is off the table.’ These are bizarre and dangerous power grabs by Democrats who will stop at nothing to erode the Constitution and enact their radical agenda.”

Morgenstern said:

“President Trump will fulfill his constitutional duty to protect our God given rights and do his part to fill the seat.”

Pelosi said to Stephanopoulos:

“This is about the people. It’s about their health, their economic well being, the health of our democracy. We have a great deal at stake here.”

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Here is another article from Law Enforcement Today about the Supreme Court and a recent ruling:

WASHINGTON, DC – Former Vice President and current presumed Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden announced this week that he will work to undo the Supreme Court’s decision on religious exemptions from the contraceptive mandate provided in Obamacare. 

The ruling he vows to overturn has to do with the recent case Little Sisters of the Poor v Pennsylvania

In this case, the Supreme Court ruled the Trump administration had the right to provide regulation which protect religious freedom, in this circumstance, forcing religious groups to provide contraceptives through Obamacare.



This fight was initiated many years ago, initially by Hobby Lobby.  With this case, Hobby Lobby maintained that they were a private family owned business who did not believe, due to religious reasons, in providing health care coverage which offered contraceptives, specifically, drugs that would induce abortions, known commonly as the morning after pill. 

The Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision for company in the Burwell v Hobby Lobby case, in 2014.

This decision was geared mainly toward privately owned businesses, which left the religious charity, the Little Sisters of the Poor (a group of nuns that minister to the elderly), having to provide the coverage.   

President Trump, shortly after taking office, did not believe that religious groups should be forced to provide coverage that goes against their deep-rooted beliefs.  President Trump’s administration provided a rule which exempted all religious groups from Obama Care requirements in forcing them to provide the coverage. 

The Supreme Court heard the argument and ruled, in 7-2 decision that the order was valid, giving the charity a win.  Biden, apparently unhappy with this decision, vowed recently that, if elected, he would ensure that this mandate is reversed. 

Biden stated, according to Fox News:

“As disappointing as the Supreme Court’s ruling is, there is a clear path to fixing it: electing a new President who will end Donald Trump’s ceaseless attempts to gut every aspect of the Affordable Care Act. 

“If I am elected, I will restore the Obama-Biden policy that existed before the Hobby Lobby ruling: providing an exemption for houses of worship and an accommodation for nonprofit organizations with religious missions.”

Biden was referring to the Obama administration allowing for very broad exemptions for churches and religious entities, but also mandated that another insurance company which offered contraceptives must be provided by the group. 

The Trump administration’s order, and the ruling by the Supreme Court, ensured that religious groups never had to provide coverage for items that were against their beliefs. 

Biden, unhappy with the decision, believes that this will somehow cause harm to women in general. 

Biden stated:

“Health care is a right that should not be dependent on race, gender, income or zip code. Yet as a result of today’s decision, countless women are at risk of losing access to affordable, preventive care.” 

It appears as though Biden referred to abortions as preventive care.

Trump 2020 Deputy Communications Director Ali Pardo said in a statement:

“Joe Biden’s decade-long war against Catholic nuns and the Little Sisters of the Poor is finally over.  Today’s Supreme Court ruling is a landmark win for religious liberty. Unlike Joe Biden, President Trump has been a staunch defender of religious freedom since taking office and will always fight to defend communities of faith.” 

Justice Clarence Thomas, in his majority opinion, stated:

“For over 150 years, the Little Sisters have engaged in faithful service and sacrifice, motivated by a religious calling to surrender all for the sake of their brother. 

But for the past seven years, they – like many other religious objectors who have participated in the litigation and rulemakings leading up to today’s decision – have had to fight for the ability to continue in their noble work without violating their sincerely held religious beliefs.” 

Although the recent ruling won the battle, it did not win the war.  Justice Neil Gorsuch advised there could be more administrative challenges in the future. 

He said:

“We now send these cases back to the lower courts, where the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the State of New Jersey are all but certain to pursue their argument that the current rule is flawed on yet another ground, namely, that it is arbitrary and capricious and thus violates the APA.”

If Biden gets elected as president, he may well be able to reverse the administrative order that President Trump enacted in 2017.  This fight seems far from over.

 Here’s more on Biden brought to you by Law Enforcement Today.

Current Presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden recently made a promise to “transform” the United States if elected. 

According to the Washington Times, the presumed democratic presidential nominee said on twitter:

“We’re going to beat Donald Trump.  And when we do, we won’t just rebuild this nation – we’ll transform it.” 

What exactly the former Vice President meant by transforming America, he did not say.

This of course got the attention of the President’s son, Donald Trump, Jr.  In a tweet, Trump, Jr said:

“Biden wants to ‘transform’ America to CHOP.  Open your eyes people. The radicle left runs the party and they couldn’t be more clear with their intentions.” 

Trump, Jr’s tweet references the violent acts that had occurred when the democratic mayor in that city allowed Black Lives Matter to overtake an area of her city.

Exactly what Biden meant with transforming America is anyone’s guess.  Biden spent decades as a senator and eight years as the Vice President.  Vice President to former President Barack Obama who also ran on the theme of hope and change. 

At least with Obama, there were clear indications as to what his platform was going to be, with Biden, other than being a democrat, there are not that many hints as to what he means by transforming America.

Looking at what the United States has been through recently with the riots over George Floyd’s death, one can assume that Biden is referring to be more inclusive to minority communities. 

After all, turn on any local media station and you will see how they say President Trump is racist, yet, they can never offer any evidence to support that claim. Another idea as to how he may transform the country is with race and gun related issues.

Recently, a spokesman for the Biden campaign, Andrew Bates, said:

“Biden does not believe that police should be defunded. He hears and shares the deep grief and frustration of those calling out for change, and is driven to ensure that justice is done and that we put a stop to this terrible pain.” 

What exactly would be his idea of a plan to stop the pain that people are felling was not described.

Of course, not promising to defund police departments nationwide would seemingly be a blow to those who support him from the liberal ideology.  Most of the democratic liberals side with some type of defunding of police departments and Biden has taken criticism from several groups, including Black Lives Matter, for not publicly calling for downsizing police in the nation. 

According to the Politico, a recent report said:

 “Internally, Biden’s campaign is balancing how to best respond to the transformational demands of protesters while maintaining his commanding lead over Trump. Biden gained the lead by staying largely out of the spotlight as Trump has praised the “beautiful heritage” of the Confederacy and called protesters “thugs.”

Seeing a potential weakness, President Trump’s campaign sees a way to attack Biden and the push for defunding and disbanding of police departments nationwide. 

President Trump has been quick to speak out about the ongoing violence and acts of vandalism which have been occurring in Minneapolis, New York, and Seattle as of late.  The President is quick to point out that democratic leaders are allowing the mayhem to continue and not putting a stop to it.

The campaign of the President uses these areas to give America a sense of what he believes will happen if Joe Biden were ever elected to be the President. 

Trump, Jr, according to Fox News said:

“If we defund the police as Joe Biden’s allies are calling for, who will answer the phone when people call 911?  You won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America.”

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