Another “peaceful” protest turns violent, disabled vet, single dad shot in the head in Colorado


ALAMOSA, CO.- A disabled veteran is on life support after being shot in the head by one of those “peaceful” protestors last Thursday in the small town of Alamosa, Colorado, located about 164 miles southwest of Denver.


Danny Pruitt, 49 of Canon City, Colorado was shot while driving down Main Street in Alamosa during a “protest” last week.

Despite being on life support, Pruitt is reported to be in stable condition, but is suffering from a traumatic brain injury, according to his family. They say doctors are working to mitigate the swelling on his brain.

According to KRDO NewsChannel 13, surveillance camera footage obtained by that station and time stamped at around 5:55 p.m. last Thursday showed about a dozen protestors were lined up along Main Street in that town carrying protest signs.


In the video, you can see protestors fan out across the street, blocking it. You can then see a black truck pull up to the line of protestors.

Another "peaceful" protest turns violent, disabled vet, single dad shot in the head in Colorado
Black Pickup Truck Alamosa photo YouTube screenclip

The video then shows a protestor reach into their pocket and pulls out what appears to be a gun.

Another "peaceful" protest turns violent, disabled vet, single dad shot in the head in Colorado
Marshall Reaches Into Pocket Photo YouTube screenclip

The protestor then aimed the object at the passenger side window of the truck. After that occurs, you can see the protestors scattering in various directions. 

Another "peaceful" protest turns violent, disabled vet, single dad shot in the head in Colorado
Marshal Aims Firearm Photo YouTube screenclip

Approximately 11 seconds goes by, then the truck comes to a stop in the middle of the intersection. The protestors then fled the area and cars were driving around the stopped truck for over two minutes. The truck then continued moving through the intersection.

Pruitt was found alert in his truck about half a mile away from the scene of the shooting. He was then transported to the San Luis Valley Health, but to his injuries, he was later transferred to UC Health Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs.

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Colorado woman uses red flag law against officer who shot and killed her knife-wielding son

According to KRDO, some protestors claimed that the driver (Pruitt) drove through the crowd, however Alamosa police disputed those claims, saying that the evidence did not back them up.

“We’ve heard the same thing,” said Capt. Joey Spangler. “But again, it’s an ongoing investigation. I can say we have no evidence to show that he was driving into or through the protestors.”

After several hours of investigation, police arrested 27-year-old James Marshall, a criminal defense attorney. KRDO said that Marshall has practiced law in the state since around October 2018.

Protestors described the protests as peaceful and were shocked by the violence as they dealt with the after math of the shooting.

“The street was blocked,” said Zoila Gomez, one of those protesting. “The protestors that arrived at 5 were sitting on the floor filling out forms and giving their testimony.”

I’m just sad that the way things turned in a matter of a second. This was unexpected. Fully unexpected.”

“It could have happened in any other place. It was just the wrong time at the wrong place. Alamosa is home for me and I’m proud to be from this community,” said Gomez.

Marshall is charged with attempted second-degree homicide, first degree assault, reckless endangerment, felony menacing, criminal mischief, illegal discharge of a firearm, and prohibited use of weapons.

Marshall’s attorney, Randy Canney declined to comment on the case. His next court appearance is scheduled for June 15.

According to a GoFundMe page set up for Pruitt, he was in stable condition with a bullet lodged in his brain. The page also notes that Pruitt is a single father of a little girl. She noted that he had a drain placed to reduce the swelling on his brain.

As of a couple of days ago, the fund had raised over $106,000 of the $150,000 goal. 

The incident in Alamosa was another in a series of “protests” across the country that have turned violent in the wake of the George Floyd incident in Minneapolis, where a police officer kneeled on Floyd’s neck for over eight minutes as he said repeatedly that he couldn’t breathe.

That officer, as well as three other officers were terminated from the Minneapolis Police Department as a result of the incident, and all four were charged in the  case. They are all currently in custody pending their cases.  

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