PBS is funded by taxpayer money, but only represents the far-left side of taxpayers. It’s time to defund them.


The following includes editorial content which is the opinion of the writer. 

Why the American people continue to be forced to fund the Public Broadcasting System is anyone’s guess. The fact the network represents only 50% of the American people is certainly unfair to the other half who are forced to pay for nothing but left-leaning, liberal content.

A recent column on Newsbusters.org, a production of the Media Research Center outlines specifically why PBS needs to be defunded by the federal government.

The author, Tim Graham was focusing on last Friday’s PBS NewsHour, which he said “underlined how there is no debate and no democracy on PBS.”

They appear to give the air of being bipartisan, however only entertain anti-Trump RINOs who tow the liberal network line, in this case featuring former Bush 43 chief speechwriter and Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson in the role of the “conservative.”

Recall, Graham reminds us, that George W. Bush nominated Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, one of the strongest conservative minds on the high court, and the man who wrote the majority opinion in the overturn of Roe v. Wade.

Likewise, Bush also appointed the squishy Chief Justice John Roberts, who for once in his time on the court sided with the conservative majority in overturning Roe.

Now however, Gerson joins liberals in slamming the current crop of Republicans.

During the program, anchor Judy Woodruff attempted to paint abortion as a key issue in the upcoming midterm elections, citing a PBS/NPR/Marist poll which still shows inflation as the top issue for voters. However about a third of Democrats say that abortion is “top of mind” for that demographic of voters.

“What does that tell you?” Woodruff asked Gerson.

Gerson replied that the issue of abortion wasn’t so much the concern but rather the “perception of radicalism of the Republican party.” Gerson then cited one case…that where Republicans were accused of wanting to “undermine the health” of a young ten-year-old girl.

That was the girl who was allegedly raped by an illegal alien, which Gerson conveniently failed to mention. He also cited a comment attributed to the attorney general of Texas who said he would enforce sodomy laws if the Supreme Court happened to rule on that, which probably has two chances of ever coming to reality…slim and none.

“Those are deeply radical notions that Republicans have been led to,” Gerson continued. “So I think Republicans—I think that Democrats have been more effective, not in changing minds on abortion but saying you can’t trust Republicans with issues like abortion, because they’re just not fit for it.”

This is a Republican saying this.

Gerson conveniently ignores the fact that Democrats voted several months ago unanimously to allow abortion right up the moment of birth, for any reason. Who are the radicals again?

When you examine the abortion issue, an overwhelming majority of Americans oppose second trimester abortions, even more so in the third term. That is among Republicans, independents and mainstream, not crazy Democrats.

Also, Graham reminds us that Gerson and PBS were not concerned about the suspect who raped the young girl, the live-in boyfriend of her mother. That tells you pretty much all you need to know. RINO Gerson and PBS are only concerned about the cult of abortion on demand.

Woodruff then rotated over to another panelist, Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart, and asked him the same question:

“What do these numbers tell you, Jonathan?”

Of course, he just happened to agree with Gerson. You see on PBS, you don’t get two sides of an issue…you only get opinions from two different people who sing the same song.

“I agree with Michael,” Capehart said.

He then made the absurd argument that while not every voter motivated by abortion isn’t pro abortion, “but it is about the radicalism or—of Republicans, or as I look at it, the attack on freedom, if you’re going to attack a woman’s right to bodily autonomy.”

Of course, neither Capehart, who suddenly was concerned about “bodily autonomy,” nor Gerson seemed to have issues with the “bodily autonomy” of the American public being forced to submit to an experimental jab or sacrifice their jobs if they didn’t.

Neither to our knowledge spoke out against Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser’s mandate that school-aged children had to be vaccinated against COVID or they could not attend school. A bit radical, don’t you think?

Radicalism? Republicans don’t believe men are capable of having babies, don’t believe that elementary-aged children should have gender transition surgery, don’t believe it’s ok for men to play women’s sports, do believe that criminals should go to jail for their crimes, and support law enforcement. If those positions are “radical,” sign us up.

The two then of course turned to former President Donald Trump and so-called “Trumpism,” claiming it is ruining the Republican Party. Debate? Hardly.

These two, with Gerson an alleged “Republican” and Capehart the liberal Democrat were not discernible from each other. They were like the little doggy in the back window of a 1960s sedan, nodding their heads in agreement as the other “side” spoke. Woodruff acknowledged as much.

“All right, entirely too much agreement here tonight,” Woodruff said. “But it’s perfectly all right.”

Of course it is. This is PBS, paid for courtesy of the American taxpayer, Democrats and Republicans. Unfortunately, only one side is represented on the network.

In a hilarious piece of irony, the slogan of the Washington Post is that “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” Well, it’s pretty dark at the Post, as well as on PBS.

Instead of getting both sides of the abortion issue, where someone could clearly argue that the Democrat’s position on abortion is every bit as radical…ore even much more so…as the Republicans.

As Graham astutely observes, the Democrat’s stance on abortion is “much more lethal, with a death toll of more than 900,000 humans a year.”



And for another example of PBS’s far-left lean, let’s take:


On Thursday, March 24th, PBS News Hour ran a piece on Rep. Cori Bush, who claims that her political agenda stems from activism and how she plans to bring that into the halls of power.

In the very beginning of the interview with Geoff Bennett, Bush said:

“I will not take off my activists hat to be in Congress … You need that outside game, which is the activist, and you need the inside game, being that person seated right here in Congress.” 

Prior to Bush making her opening remarks, Bennett said:

“The police killing of Michael Brown ignited nights if protests in Ferguson that Bush helped lead, sparking the Black Lives Matter movement and inspiring her and others to run for elected office.”

Yet, as the Pluralist reported, Bennett never asked Bush if the fact that the officer in the case acted in self-defense, which was confirmed by Eric Holder’s Justice Department, then Bush’s narrative would in fact be disproved.

Instead, he introduced his old MSNBC colleague and Princeton Professor Eddie Glaude Jr.:

“…He says Bush follows a tradition dating back to the civil rights movement. Historically, this hyphenate, this activist-political role, how has it show up over time and how has it evolved?”

Glaude Jr. responded by saying:

“You had activists from across the wide spectrum of black politics getting together to articulate a black agenda and the result was this extraordinary increase in the election of what we call BEOs, black elected officials.”

Later in the interview, Bennett highlighted the late John Lewis leading House Democrats during a 2016 sit-in to demand a vote for gun control and noted, “Bush, currently serving her first term, says she shares Lewis’ approach.”


However, instead of gun control, the issue was rent.  Bush said:

“I pull from my toolbox as an organizer. What do you do? You put yourself on the line first.”

Bennett said:

“This pas August, some 11 million Americans were behind on rent and at risk of losing their homes, with the pandemic-related pause on evictions set to expire. Bush says she knew the feeling firsthand, as a single mom who had three times been evicted.”

Bush responded by saying:

“I was just like, OK, well, we didn’t get it done, so it’s time to go. I couldn’t understand how human beings could allow that to happen.”

A little later, Bennett then said:

“Bush slept on the steps of the U.S. Capitol for four nights until the White House stepped in with a temporary extension of the evictions pause. Returning to the steps now, she reflected on what it meant.”

Towards the end of the interview, Glaude Jr. dismissed the idea of any sort of progress in the fight against racism. He said:

“We often think of the country as kind of engaging in this kind of linear progression towards a more perfect union. But that is not true. It’s always one step forward, two, three steps backwards.”

Bennett went on to downplay Bush’s alleged unpopularity by saying:

“Responding to some criticism that protest tactics only distract from legislation, Bush said she knows her voters best … And says the failure of traditional politics are what brought her to Congress in the first place.”

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LET Unity

Cori Bush keeps pushing “defund the police” movement even as other democrats moving away from it

February 13th, 2022

WASHINGTON, DC – Democrat Congresswoman Cori Bush continues to push the defund the police movement, despite many of her colleagues changing direction.

The defund the police movement gained traction after the death of George Floyd was played over and over again on every mainstream media channel for months in 2020.

To some, the defund the police movement means the abolishment of all law enforcement – while others simply want to see funding that would have gone to police budgets be redirected toward “social programs”.

Regardless of what defund the police movement means to you, one thing that no one can dispute is that the areas that employed this mindset, like Minneapolis, Seattle, New York, and Portland, all saw their police agencies budget slashed by millions or billions of dollars.

And with those significant budget cuts came the loss of thousands of police officer positions throughout the country.


Coinciding with the number of police positions going down in those cities was the rise in violent crime, including homicide rate records that were broken in at least 12 major cities throughout the year of 2021.

The Democratic Mayor of Philadelphia, Jim Kenney, one of the cities whose homicide record was broken in December of 2021, said:

“It’s terrible to every morning get up and have to go look at the numbers and then look at the news and see the stories. It’s just crazy. It’s just crazy and this needs to stop.”

While some people equate the rise in violent crime with defunding the police, some Democrat lawmakers like Cori Bush disagree.

Bush, like other members of the “Squad,” believe that defunding the police is what needs to happen to save lives and she is tired of waiting on it to happen. On Twitter, she wrote:

“My colleagues keep telling us to wait.

“They keep telling us defunding the police and investigating in communities won’t work.

“Well their policies keep ending up with police murdering Black people.

“Enough patronizing. Listen to the movements that are telling you how to save lives.”

People like New York Democrat Ritchie Torres recently spoke out against the movement while speaking to CNN’s Jim Acosta on February 5th:

“There’s been an explosion of gun violence and calling for the police department to be defunded during an outbreak of gun violence is a little like calling for the fire department to be defunded during an outbreak of a fire…

“It comes off as profoundly tone-deaf and out of touch. The majority of Americans and a majority of Democrats are in favor of reforming, rather than abolishing, or even defunding, the police. What most Americans want is not under policing or over policing, but better policing.”

Biden suddenly agrees with Torres on defunding the police not being the answer in terms of public safety. During an event at the New York Police Department on February 10th, President Biden said:

“The answer is not [for police] to abandon our streets. That’s not the answer. The answer is to come together, police and communities building trust and making us all safer…The answer is not to defund the police. It is to give you [the police] the tools, the training, the funding to be partners, to be protectors.”


After raid on TikTok stars home, police arrest man wanted in drive-by murder of 8-year-old girl

Busted: Rep. Tlaib paid $170K to firm of anti-Israel activist who supports defunding the police

WASHINGTON, DC – Progressive Democratic Representative Rashida Tlaib paid out $170,000 to a political consulting and advocacy firm run by an anti-Israel activist who has called Israel an “apartheid state” and supports defunding the police.

Tlaib’s campaign has paid $147,000 to Unbought Power LLC, a political consulting and advocacy firm run by Rasha Mubarak, since March 2020, according to Fox News.


The new organization said that a review of Federal Elections Commission (FEC) filings shows that Tlaib’s leadership PAC, Rooted in Community Leadership, which lists Mubarak as a “treasurer,” has paid Unbought Power another $23,000 since October 2020.

On Twitter on May 2021, Mubarak posted support for Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah amid an escalation of violence in Jerusalem that led to Hamas firing thousands of rockets at Israel from the Gaza Strip.

“These aren’t clashes— it’s an ongoing occupation. These aren’t evictions— they are forced expulsions. This isn’t a conflict— it’s settler colonialism, it’s ethnic cleansing, it’s oppression, it’s apartheid.”

“Say it loud. Say it clear(ly). Palestine will be FREE. #SaveSheikhJarrah.”


Mubarak also defended Tlaib, calling Israel an apartheid state when the “Squad” member was attacked for the comments by Jewish Democratic Rep. Ted Deutch (FL). Deutch called Tlaib out on the floor of the House in September:

“I cannot allow one of my colleagues to stand on (the( floor of (the) House and label Jewish democratic state of Israel an apartheid state…my colleague who just besmirched our ally…when there’s no place on map for one Jewish state, that’s anti-Semitism”


Murbarak responded in a tweet, agreeing with Tlaib and claiming Deutch was throwing a “tantrum”:

“Oh, look it’s @RepTedDeutch throwing another tantrum. He used his time to attack @RashidaTlaib for underscoring facts also made by Human Rights Watch & @btselem  — Israel is indeed an apartheid state. He’s flustered (because) how else does one rebuttal the truth? Bullying & disparagement.”


The vocal activist has joined Tlaib in calling for police to be defunded and supported abolishing American law enforcement. She tweeted that police kill back and brown people like 13-year-old Adam Toledo because of race. Toldeo was Latino.

On March 29, 2021, Toledo was shot and killed by Chicago police during an armed confrontation. Body camera and surveillance video showed the boy shot as he fled from police while carrying a firearm. The shooting was ruled justified, but justice reform and anti-police protests erupted.

Mubarak tweeted:

“Only a ‘few bad apples’ kill Black & brown people? Nah *sic), racist systems that uphold its white supremacist origin kill Black & brown people — Black & brown CHILDREN. #AdamToledo was a 13 (year) old child murdered by this police state. No more names. Abolish the police #DefundThePolice”



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