Moms of LEO would like to honor Chief Keith Meadows by featuring him in this article. He has had a stellar career as outlined below, and his newest project is a patrol car dedicated to his officers that are cancer survivors.

Chief Keith Meadows, College Park Police Department (Photo courtesy Eyvaine Lindsey/Moms of LEO)

New breast cancer survivor patrol car at the College Park Police Department. (Photo courtesy Eyvaine Lindsey/Moms of LEO)

Chief Keith Meadows joined College Park Police Department on August 3, 2015 after a 30-year career with the Atlanta Police Department. Chief Meadows served in many different capacities during his law enforcement career to include:

Commander of the School Detective Section, which oversees police services for the Atlanta Public School System. The Atlanta School District manages more than 80 schools with a total enrollment that exceeds 49,000 students. In 2013 Chief Meadows guided the implementation of this new section and initiated a number of programs aimed at reducing juvenile delinquency.  Chief Meadows enjoyed this role and believes that creating viable options for our youth will translate into a better quality of life for all citizens.

In 2012, He was assigned as the Precinct Commander for Zone Six which serves some of the most diverse neighborhoods in the City of Atlanta including the Virginia Highlands, Grant Park, East Atlanta, Old 4th Ward, Candler Park and Lake Claire. As the Zone Six Commander he led several community crime prevention programs and elevated community participation in those areas. He oversaw the Law Enforcement efforts surrounding “The Year of Boulevard Initiative,” negotiated and supervised the implementation of the Boulevard Precinct in the Atlanta Medical Center and assisted with the formation of the “Master Plan Initiative” in the Candler Park Community.

In 2010, Meadows was appointed to Command the Major Crimes Section which includes the Homicide Unit, Special Victims, Major Fraud, Commercial Robbery, School Detectives, Auto Theft and Fugitive. While serving in this capacity he developed the Complex Case Squad, which investigates violent crime trends occurring throughout the city. He also created the Atlanta Police Intelligence Nexus (A.P.I.N), which allows homicide detectives to build, library, index and achieve homicide investigations in a digital format. The A.P.I.N platform was also designed to enhance communication between the Department and other segments of the law enforcement community. As Commander of the Major Crimes Section, Meadows received recognition for the implementation of the Department’s Tactical Homicide Canvas Initiative. This initiative was selected as a finalist for the Motorola Award at the 2011 Georgia Chiefs Association Conference in Savannah, Georgia.

During his law enforcement career Meadows served on several boards and received numerous awards and certificates. He served on the board of the Eastern Armed Robbery Conference, Atlanta Victim Assistance Association and Drew Charter School. He received citations from the Henry F. Williams Homicide Conference, the International Homicide Conference, the Southeast Regional Homicide Conference and the Metro Dade Homicide Conference. He also received the “Heart to Heart Award” for his work with Atlanta’s crime victims.

Chief Meadows is married to Tanya Meadows and they are the proud parent of four sons.  He holds a B.A. in Criminal Justice and a Master in Public Safety Administration from Columbus State University.

– Eyvaine Lindsey, Moms of LEO