Meet Author Eileen Doyon, the driving force behind the Unforgettable Faces & Stories series.

Eileen Doyon has dedicated a vast portion of her life to paying tribute to the men and women who hold the thin blue line. When her father passed, she felt as though her way to give back to the world would be to honor first responders by allowing their stories to be told.

Patriots of Courage: Tributes To First Responders 

A Message from the Author to the First Responders:

Thank you….thank you all for putting everything on the line for others.  YOU are all Patriots of Courage and “thank you” just does not seem to be enough, but often is only what you ask.

This book has been a blessing and an eye opener for me with first responders.  They all share a special brotherhood and sisterhood amongst each other that is priceless.  This book is a tribute not only to actual first responders, but includes family members of, friends of, and people who have become Patriots of Courage due to a situation.

My mission as you read these tributes of these special people and K9’s, is to really think about who they are and what they do for all of us each and every day, and say “thank you.”

What do kids think of when they hear “First Responders?”  A special section is included in the book where the reader can see the drawings and read the “thank you’s” from the 3rd graders of Fort Edward, New York.  

‘Got Your Six,’ ‘Sheepdog,’ and ‘Last Call’ have all new meaning to me…… 

Excerpts from Patriots of Courage:

“So we officers on the inside and outside, are willing to make that honorable sacrifice, to protect and serve our communities so that our communities and citizens are safe from the demons and the monsters….

So before anyone judges us, you might want remember this…

We witness and see things that humans aren’t meant to see. We have seen horrific things that cannot be unseen. Not once but many of times. We perform the duties of corrections and street law enforcement. We are all sworn officers. We all take the same oath, and have the same authority. We are officers of the law per DCJS and DOJ…. We are the same… We are one.

For we do the job that most people believe is beneath them.

We officers protect our citizens and communities by using the least amount of force necessary. This use of force is from show of force (physical presence), verbal, less than lethal, and up to lethal. We sheepdogs run towards the things that people run away from. We will fight any and everything that people fear. Your life is more safe because of us.

The political correctness says that there is nothing worth fighting for…. All people, including us officers are supposed to be submissive. This is not the sheepdog way. For we know that there are things worth fighting and dying for. And that is keeping our prisons, communities, and citizens safe from the demons, monsters, and wolves. We sheepdogs do prefer peace over all else. But let be known that we have the ability to wage war on the demons, monsters, and wolves. We sheepdogs believe that fighting what others fear is a just and honorable action. To keep society safe. We officers are willing to give the ultimate sacrifice for our honorable belief. Why do we do this? …… For us officers, it isn’t a choice, it is an honor to protect and serve.

For it is what we are. We are built to do battle against evil.


Joe R Jojo Shelton
Disabled Corrections Officer VaDOC #6965

Eileen Doyon is the author of 8 books including multiple tributes featuring law enforcement and first responders.  For more information visit and follow her Facebook and on Twitter @FacesandStories 

You can pick up a copy of Patriots of Courage right here.