Sen. Hawley announces ‘David Dorn Back the Blue Act’ that includes pay raise, more jobs for police


The following editorial is written by a former police officer and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today

ST. LOUIS, MO – While Democrats go out of their way to screw the police over, from defunding them to taking away options to deal with rioting thugs, Republicans on the other hand are supporting the men and women who protect our country day and night.

Putting his money where his mouth is, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) has introduced the “David Dorn Back the Blue Act” he announced on Fox & Friends.

David Dorn, of course is the retired St. Louis Police Department captain who was shot and killed by armed looters during “peaceful protests” in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Dorn, an African American, died while protecting his friend’s store from looters in St. Louis. Hawley said on Wednesday:

“It’s extraordinary to see in St. Louis alone, there have been nine police officers shot in the line of duty since June—nine—and we hear nothing from Democrats, nothing from the woke corporations and celebrities, and that is why I am introducing this bill.”

Hawley also noted that the bill would “give a pay raise to every cop in America and put more cops on the streets.” He said:

“It is time we stood up and supported our law enforcement—the safety of our neighborhoods depends on it.”

That should throw Democrats and Joe Biden into convulsions. It certainly shows who supports law and order and the rule of law and who supports anarchy.

The bill Hawley introduced on Sept. 8 would authorize U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr to offer up to $15 billion to support police forces throughout the country — with the major stipulation that it exclude cities that defund their police departments.

Hawley noted the “great divide between law enforcement on the one side and the Democrat Party and the left on the other.”

“The left has decided that it is open season on law enforcement. They have decided to embrace this Marxist rhetoric.

“They’re trying to tear down law enforcement, trying tear down American society, saying all of it is systemically racist. This is false, it is time we call it out as false, and it is time we stood by our law enforcement.”

According to a press release issued by Hawley’s office, the bill would amend the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968, which would increase hiring rates and raise salaries for state and local law enforcement agencies.

The bill would authorize recipients to use federal dollars to increase the numbers of officers in their departments and raise the salaries of officers up to 100 percent of the local median earnings.

In proposing the bill, Hawley’s office noted that departments across the United States “face increasing retirements and separation of officers, while they struggle to hire new officers.”

The release also addressed a decrease in morale among police due to increased violence, and that departments are struggling with the ability to pay  police “a salary commensurate with the challenging work as officers face increasing rioting and violence.”

Sen. Hawley isn’t the only patriot honoring the memory of Capt. Dorn. While NFL players this past weekend were honoring a man charged with a sexual assault who was shot by police, tight end Tyler Eifert put the name of Captain Dorn on his helmet. 

Law Enforcement Today filed a report on that previously. Here’s that article again.

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LET Unity


When it comes to professional sports these days, the spectacle has seemingly shifted away from the actual game and gravitated toward athletes’ political hot takes and support of things like Black Lives Matter.

Usually to the detriment of viewership and ratings, because people don’t like riots. But a refreshing take has come from Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Tyler Eifert – he’s reportedly going to be paying homage to retired St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn, who was murdered in June during one of the infamous BLM riots.

Hamilton County Republican Party Chairman Alex Triantafilou shared the news via Twitter on Sept. 1, noting the following:

“Got some very good news from former @Bengals player/current @Jaguars player @tylereifert that he will honor fallen police officer David Dorn on his helmet. Always been a fan of Tyler’s and God bless him!”

The news of Eifert paying tribute to Dorn comes shortly after the NFL stated that they would allow players to showcase the names of “victims” who suffered from “police brutality and systemic racism” for the 2020 season on the back of their helmets.

Apparently, reports suggest that players are only going to be allowed to wear helmets that host the name of a black victim of the aforementioned circumstances or something akin to “Black Lives Matter” or “Stop hate.”

Funny how the NFL is going to allow the BLM decals on helmets this year, when back in 2016, the Dallas Cowboys were forbidden from honoring the five Dallas police officers murdered that July.

Or like when the NFL fined Bears player Brandon Marshall over $10,000 for wearing green shoes to raise awareness for mental health.

And back in 2015, the NFL stopped Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams from wearing pink during the 2015 season after his mother passed away from breast cancer.

Eifert has a longstanding history of showing support for this country and the armed forces. During the Fourth of July this year, he tweeted the following:

“Happy 4th of July! I love this holiday, always think how lucky I am to live in the best country in the world. And everyone in the military who sacrificed so we can all live the American dream! Have fun and be safe out there.”

During Eifert’s time with the Cincinnati Bengals back in 2017, he addressed why he was choosing to stand for the National Anthem while other players were seen kneeling during that period:

“I stand because I love my country. I stand because I want to honor the people putting their lives on the line for me on a daily basis in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard.”

Eifert also made mention of his cousin, who was active duty when Eifert released his statement on why he chooses to stand rather than kneel:

“I stand because my cousin is a pilot in the United States Air Force, risking his life flying F-15s in active war zones. He takes pride in his job protecting Americans, a sacrifice that all members of every branch of the United States military willfully take.”

The question now is whether or not the NFL or Eifert’s team will object to him honoring Dorn on his helmet during the 2020 season games.

Considering that the NFL has previously objected to honoring fallen officers, and have outlined with a degree of specificity what players can emblazon their helmets with this season, it’s possible that Eifert might get fined or expressly told not to wear any such décor on his uniform or helmet.

But for the sake of decency, let’s hope the NFL makes the right call on this one.

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