Pastor Scott: Trump has “done more for the black community than any other president in my lifetime”


WASHINGTON D.C. – In a recent appearance on Breitbart News Tonight, Pastor Darrell Scott joined the SiriusXM host Matthew Boyle to discuss some of the work President Donald Trump has done in favor of the black community.

And the points made by Pastor Scott resonated as shining accolades for the president’s work.

Pastor Scott noted the status of what was ongoing in the black community during the 2016 campaign period:

“During the 2016 presidential campaign, the black community was bemoaning the condition it was in and it appealed to different candidates. Even during the primaries, ‘What are you going to do for the black community, the black community needs this, and the black community needs that…’”

The aforementioned scenario is a rather common one that takes place during any election cycle.

Those that attribute themselves to a group-identity will often pose questions to candidates that reflect the notion of “what will you do for people like me?”

The pastor called back to the time when President Trump was still campaign and was posed with the very question regarding the black community:

“Trump filtered it into his mind and said, ‘Well listen, if it’s that bad, you just had eight years of a Democratic president … if it’s that bad, then it can’t get any worse. … What do you have to lose by voting for me?’ And what he was saying was give me a chance.”

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While President Trump has been sometimes mocked by his critics for his phrasing of said means to address issues facing the black community, obviously the message had to have resonated positively with people.

When examining the actions taken years after President Trump’s mentioning of a what’s-the-worst-that-can-happen position, Pastor Scott says that he’s been thoroughly impressed with the president:

“He’s exceeded expectations, he has surprised his critics, and he stepped up to the plate with one home run after another, criminal justice reform, prison reform, historic funding for HBCUs, Opportunity Zones, historic low levels of unemployment for blacks.”

Pastor Scott isn’t engaging in hyperbole with some of what he mentioned either.

Criminal justice reform via the First Step Act served as a huge win for those from many walks of life serving exorbitantly long prison sentences for non-violent offenses.

We at Law Enforcement Today even had an opportunity to speak alongside with one of those very recipients of the act, Matthew Charles, back in March of this year.

Continuing with some of President Trump’s work that has behooved black Americans, Pastor Scott stated:

“He’s done ceremonial initiatives on behalf of the black community, dedicated Martin Luther King Jr.’s childhood home as a national landmark, he released average and ordinary Americans.”

In short, when looking back on President Trump’s previous statements about there being nothing to lose by electing him, Pastor Scott expressed nothing but elation with his time in office thus far:

“He’s done more for the black community than any other president in my lifetime. So, when he said, ‘What do you have to lose’ he showed us that we didn’t have nothing to lose at all.”

Pastor Scott has apparently known President Trump for numerous years. He recalled back to when he first met President Trump back in 2011 where the two discussed issues plaguing the black community:

“He told me then that he believed the main problems in the black community were unemployment, underemployment, depressed living conditions, and lack of educational opportunities. He said if he was president, he would correct that.”

Seeing that Pastor Scott mentioned the “historic low levels of unemployment for blacks” and the passing of the Future Act which directed funds to historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), he obviously thinks that President Trump has stayed true to addressing what he mentioned in 2011.


WASHINGTON, DC -Since the death of George Floyd in the custody of the Minneapolis, Minnesota Police Department in May of this year, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Democratic Leaders, and other have called for the defunding of police departments.

Their arguments are that minorities suffer from over policing amongst claims that police officers kill black people more than any other race.

President Trump, however, feels much differently, his stance, minorities suffer the most when police are reduced.

President Trump made his feelings known on September 15th, when he said minorities really wanted more police instead of less. While President Trump was speaking to ABC News with George Stephanopoulos, he said:

“They want more police, they want more protection, they suffer more than anybody else by bad police protection.”

President Trump cited a recent Gallup survey which was completed in August of this year as his evidence. In this poll, Black Americans were asked if they wanted to see an increase or decrease in police presence in their neighborhoods. The majority of those polled, 61%, wanted the police presence to remain the same, not lessen.

The remainder seemed to split almost evenly between those who wanted less and more police presence. 20% reported wanting less police presence while 19% wanted to see an increase. President Trump said:

“All minorities, Hispanic or Black or Asian, they suffer more than anybody else, George. We have to give the police back the authority to stop crime.”

When speaking about systemic racism throughout the country, the President said:

“I think there’s problems, but I think there’s some very big problems where if you don’t believe police and back their authority.”

An interesting point in the poll is that the number of black people who had a positive interaction with the police in the last year want the same or increased presence. According to Gallup:

“Forty-five percent of Black Americans who report not being treated with courtesy or respect by the police within the past 12 months want less of a police presence in their neighborhood. Meanwhile, 55% want the same or more police presence.

“By contrast, just 13% of those who did feel they were treated respectfully want the police to spend less time in their neighborhood; 87% want them there as much or more often.”

This is an excellent example of why positive police interactions are so important, especially in today’s age. If people feel that they are treated with respect, and as human beings, they are more likely to understand that police officers are, for the most part, just doing their jobs.

Part of the disconnect could be a result of police training. For several years, officers were always taught to keep at least an arm’s length away from people and never, never to shake people’s hands.

The mindset behind this were that people could use that opportunity to attack police officers. This little action, of shaking someone’s hand (pre/post COVID) may have been just one of the reasons why people may feel less connected to police.

Just one simple act, perhaps, dealing with people in a manner which leaves them, not the officer, that they were treated with respect and dignity may change the way officers are perceived. Gallup notes:

“Most Black Americans want the police to spend at least as much time in their area as they currently do, indicating that they value the need for the service that police provide.

However, that exposure comes with more trepidation for Black than White or Hispanic Americans about what they might experience in a police encounter.

And those harboring the least confidence that they will be treated well, or who have had negative encounters in the past, are much more likely to want the police presence curtailed.”

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Here’s a look back at a story brought to you by Law Enforcement Today concerning the results of defunding or not supporting law enforcement.  The Police are not the enemy.  

NEW YORK, NY –Black Lives Matter wants everyone to believe that police are the biggest threat to black people in the United States. 

They claim that police are actively hunting black people for sport and have killed more of them than any other race. 

Sadly, people believe those lies yet refuse to believe the true threat that is in front of them, being killed and beaten by criminals.

In an unsurprising new report, at least for those that really pay attention to what is going on, violent crime is continually increasing in New York, and sadly, the majority of the victims are minorities.  Black people in particular have been shot by each other, at a far greater percentage than those of any other ethnic group in New York.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reviewed a report that was produced by the New York City Police Department, which provide breakdowns of each race who has been affected by gun violence in the city. 

According to their research, in June alone, there were 194 shootings that were reported which involved members of the black community.  For June, that showed a 177% increase for the same time period in 2019.

To make sure that sets in, the only group that has been disproportionately effected by gun violence is the black community.  The increase in crime stemmed from the civil unrest, riots, and looting that occurred after the death of George Floyd in police custody in May. 

Immediately, Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio worked his best catering moves to welcome in the protests and fought to defund the agency by $1 billion dollars.  In addition, he also ensured that the Anti-Crime unit, the group of police who were solely in charge of taking guns and violent felons off the street, was disbanded.

To some, the reason behind the spike in violent crime, specifically victimizing people of color, is unknown.  However, de Blasio gave his best attempt as to why it was not him on MSNBC’s Morning Joe show in July. 

de Blasio said:

“In New York city, we’ve been the safest big city in America for years.  We’ve had a very tough two months – no doubt – and it is directly related to the coronavirus – the dislocation it’s caused, the face that our court system is not functioning yet, so many factors.”

Mayor de Blasio refuses to accept that a large portion of the blame rests on his shoulders.  He is the one that immediately caved to Black Lives Matter demands at defunding the police, he pushed and supported bail reform which allowed violent criminals back on the streets, and he pushed to disband the anti-crime unit. 

As for his claim that the court system is to blame for not running properly in New York, a spokesman calls that “absurd, patently false, and ridiculous.” 

Spokesman Lucian Chalfen said:

“The Courts have operated continuously, operating throughout the pandemic, arraigning defendants, holding 100s of hearings, and conferencing 1,000s of cases.” 

Dermot Shea, the NYPD Commissioner, has his own belief as to what has spurred the uptick in violence.  According to the Wall Street Journal, Shea said legislation that de Blasio signed into law criminalizing choke holds bares some of the blame. 

His belief is that the lack of that restraint will deter NYPD officers from doing their job.

Regardless of the reason for the increase, what is clear is that the City of New York has already surpassed all of the shootings that happened in all of 2019, with four months left to go. 

It is clear that steps must be taken to prevent further loss of life, which is predominately hurting the black community more than any other.  Will the democratic leaders admit they were wrong and take the right steps to end the bloodshed, or will they do what Lori Lightfoot did in Chicago, blame President Trump and call it a day?

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