Parole board “forgot” about police widow. Now a cop killer is going free.


The New York State Board of Parole Board is being slammed for failing to alert affected families when an inmate is trying to get released from prison.

The most recent travesty? The surviving spouse of a murdered police officer was robbed of her right to speak before the board to try and keep his killer behind bars.

During a typical parole hearing, statements are gathered by a multitude of people to include the inmate, correctional officials and staff, but also the victims of crimes or their loved ones – especially when pertaining to cases like murder.

Just this last month, the New York State Board of Parole Board had taken it upon themselves to conduct one of these hearings for a convicted cop killer. But it seems as though they failed to notify the victim’s family about it.

These hearing are meant to be conducted in a way where victims can have an opportunity to deliver what’s known as an impact statement, which details how the crime and loss affected their lives to that point. But the family of slain New York City Police Officer Anthony Mosomillo were denied that right when they released an inmate responsible for his death over 20 years ago.

Parole board “forgot” about police widow. Now a cop killer is going free.
Officer Anthony Mosomillo was killed in New York City 20 years ago. Now his killer is going free.


Police Benevolent Association President Patrick J. Lynch slammed the parole board for the move.

“The con game that the Parole Board just ran on the Mosomillo family is an utter disgrace. Over the past year, we have seen multiple instances in which the Parole Board staff lied to or misled the families of fallen police officers in an apparent attempt to deprive them of their legal right to oppose the release of their loved ones’ killers.”

Based upon the recent act displayed by the board, Lynch even questions why victim services even exist.

 “They should just close down the Office of Victim Assistance, because they aren’t even pretending to care about crime victims anymore. They are rolling out the red carpet for cop-killers and other vicious criminals at every turn, while our families live in fear of being victimized a second time.”

The widow of the fallen officer, Margaret Mosomillo, was devastated by the news she had received after the hearing was conducted without her knowledge.

“Every two years, I have been forced to relive the pain of losing Anthony in order to deliver my victim impact statement — and always during the holidays, when I feel his loss the most. This time, I didn’t even get that opportunity. Just a cold letter saying ‘your husband’s killer is being released.’ That letter is what every family of a murdered police officer dreads, but the Parole Board could not care less. They have trampled my rights and hidden behind bureaucracy. Their sickening disregard for our family should serve as a warning to every crime victim in New York State. If they can do this to me, they can and will do it to you.”

The parolee in question was Betsy Ramos, who was convicted of Mosomillo’s 1998 murder after her involvement with his death. She was initially denied parole in January 2019 after members of the Mosomillo family appeared before a Parole Board panel to deliver victim impact statements.

Yet, unbeknownst to the Mosomillo family, Ramos appealed the decision from the parole board and was granted another hearing in October.

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Parole board “forgot” about police widow. Now a cop killer is going free.


The Parole Board’s Office of Victim Assistance didn’t notify Mosomillo family at all, and when Ramos had her hearing, there was no one to object to her release. She was granted parole and is scheduled to be released on December 10 of this year. The only notice the fallen officer’s wife received was a notice of release.

Officer Mosomillo had lost his life when he was simply trying to serve a bench warrant to Ramos’ then-boyfriend Jose Serrano. When officer Mosomillo and his partner arrived at Ramos’ apartment and asked about the whereabouts of her boyfriend, she attempted to mislead the officer in saying that he wasn’t there.

However, the officers discovered Serrano hiding in a trapdoor in Ramos’s East Flatbush apartment, which the surprise caught Mosomillo’s partner off guard and he lost his weapon to Serrano in a struggle.

Parole board “forgot” about police widow. Now a cop killer is going free.
Betsy Ramos has been behind bars for 20 years for her role in a police officer’s death.


Ramos had also attacked the officers, and Serrano shot Mosomillo four times in the fray, while the officer fired back and killed Serrano. Sadly, when Mosomillo was taken to the Kings County Hospital after the firefight, he succumbed to his injuries.

The Parole Board’s deception of the Mosomillo family follows the discovery earlier this year that the Board was secretly rejecting letters opposing the parole of cop-killers that were submitted via the Police Benevolent Association website. Since revealing the Parole Board cover-up, the Police Benevolent Association has printed and delivered nearly 900,000 letters from the public opposing the parole of dozens of cop-killers, including Ramos.

Whether Ramos is rehabilitated or not is irrelevant, what matters is that the parole board failed to give a voice to the victims of crime. There’s simply no justice in that at all.


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