Pro 2A parents suing Portland schools over excessive gun control rallies


Portland Public Schools in Oregon are being sued by 4 pro-Second Amendment parents of students over the gun control promotion and rallies that are being held on and off campus during school hours.   

The parents are being represented by Multomah County GOP Chair, James Buchal. He is fighting to prove that the gun control rallies violate the First Amendment Rights of parents and students who support the Second Amendment.  

“It’s wrong for the schools to essentially hijack public resources to push one side of a controversial issue and misuse children as puppets in their exercise,” said Attorney Buchal.

This comes only days after Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi voiced her public support of lowering the voting age to 16 and shared the left’s political strategy to “capture kids when they’re in high school.”

Pelosi made these comments after a recent House vote where lawmakers rejected a proposal that would allow 16-year olds the right to vote in Federal elections. 

Whatever happened to giving students all the facts (both sides of the story) and letting them come to their own conclusions? Instead the left is providing the narrative and painting this picture to our nation’s children that everyone else is evil, hence the constant rallies and walkouts.  

In regards to PPS, over 16,000 documents and emails relating to this topic were turned over from Portland Public Schools. Buchal shares that these documents prove PPS used school resources to coordinate with outside political activists, helped to strategically plan political appearances and activities, and organize walkouts during school hours with the students.  

“As the documents started to come in, they told the story. Within a day or two after the Parkland Shooting the board members were telling the superintendent to ‘get out there and get something organized to exploit this.’” 

It is widely known that citizens who work in the public school system benefit by and large from the policies of the left, and because of this, we have seen this exact scenario unfold in towns and cities all over the country, taking advantage of undeveloped minds for political gain. 

“It’s a giant scheme of manipulation and it’s not what people want their education dollars spent on,” said Buchal.  

However, the spokesperson for Portland Public Schools Harry Esteves states, “We think this lawsuit is baseless. There is just no base for what he’s claiming. And the disappointing part about that is that we still have to spend a lot of time and district resources on it.” 

Esteves, who handed over thousands of documents and emails at the request of Buchal says, “If you read those, it will show that we were very intentional and very thoughtful in making sure students were safe, and making sure their rights were protected, said Esteves. 

There is another student walk out planned for Friday, focused this time on climate change. Portland Public Schools has stated they do not know how many students plan to attend, and while students will not be discouraged from participating, if a student skips class to do so it will be considered an “unexcused absence.”  

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