Parents arrested, charged with injury to a child after little baby hospitalized in critical condition


MABANK, TX – Two people are now in custody facing child abuse and/or neglect charges after their 9-month-old infant has been hospitalized in critical condition.

The incident was first reported to law enforcement on September 12th when the Mabank Police Department responded to a residence on West Alene. 

Upon their arrival, officers learned that the 9-month old baby was unresponsive.  When questioned how the baby got into that condition, Christopher and Christina Kinney reported that the infant had fallen off a bed.

Officers and medical personnel worked on the baby until CareFlite could respond to airlift the infant to a hospital.  CareFlite took custody of the infant and flew the baby to Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, Texas.

The Mabank Police Department released the follow statement:

“Officers observed the bed where the baby was sleeping, which appeared to be approximately three feet off the ground with no railings or protective barrier to prevent a child from rolling off the bed. 

“Christopher stated to officers that no more than two minutes after Christina laid the baby down and exited the room, they heard a thud, followed by a scream and crying.”

After the baby had been seen by medical staff, they notified Mabank Police Department Detective Billy Snell that the injuries the baby presented with was not consistent with falling from a bed.  Medical staff concluded the injuries were, “caused by at least one episode of violent trauma.”

Police did not release much information regarding what injury was believed to have been inflicted nor who was directly responsible for the injury to the infant.  However, they did release that they arrested both Christopher and Christina on September 25th for injury to a child.  Both parents were assigned a $100,000 bond which was posted the same day and they were released. 

In another report of child abuse out of Mabank, on June 24th, a mother and father were both arrested for causing the death of their 9-month-old infant.  The initial incident was first reported on April 18th in which police and medics responded to the home of Tony Louis Guerra and Davina Day Rogers. 

In April, Mabank Police responded to a residence on 11th Street regarding a deceased baby.  Upon their arrival, they located the female infant lying on the floor, dead.  The police did not release any initial information at the start of the investigation. 

However, they did say that the infant’s body was transported to the Southwestern Institute of Forensic Science in Dallas for an autopsy. 

The results of the autopsy were reported in June to Snell which showed that the infant died from lethal doses of Oxymorphone and Oxycodone.  Mabank Police Department said:

“Investigator Snell believes that Tony Louis Guerra and Davina Day Rogers intentionally and or knowingly caused the victim seriously bodily injury that resulted in the victim’s death.”

Mabank Police did not reveal how they suspected that the parents had intentionally caused the death of their child or any reasoning behind the alleged murder.  However, the case was presented to the Kaufman County 86th District Court Judge Casey Blair who agreed there was probable cause that had been established and signed the arrest warrants for both parents.

Both parents were taken into custody on June 24th for injury to a child, elderly, or disabled individual.  They initially being held at the Kaufman County Jail on $500,000 bonds.

One year old killed, twin horribly beaten. Mom’s boyfriend now charged with “child abuse” – but not murder?

ECOURSE, MI –On July 31st, Law Enforcement Today reported on the terrible incident involving a man beating his girlfriend’s twin baby’s so badly that one died, and the other was fighting for his life. 

Now, the boyfriend, James Gibson, has been formally charged with savage beating of the surviving twin, Zion Reed.

Police: 1 year old killed, twin badly beaten with 'unspeakable' injuries. Grandma says mom's boyfriend did it.

Gibson has not yet been charged in the brutal beating death of Zion’s brother, Zyaire, as that investigation is still on going. 

However, the investigation into the savage beating of Zion, which left him with broken bones and bleeding eyes, has led to first-degree child abuse of the 13-month-old.

Wayne County Prosecutors Kym Worthy said:

“There is simply not much that prepares you for the allegations in this case for 13-month-old twin Zion Reed…It is important to note that the investigation into the homicide of Zaire Reed is not completed, and we are waiting to receive and review other work that we have requested in this case.”

The initial case in which Gibson is charged occurred around 5am in July when Ecorse Police and Medics responded to an apartment for an unresponsive 1-year-old.

When they arrived on scene, the discovered the baby on the hood of a vehicle with injuries that were described as unspeakable. 

The child was rushed to the hospital and as police continued their investigation, they found his twin brother inside the home, also badly beaten. 

The first child, Zyaire Reed, died from his injuries at Children’s Hospital. 

His brother Zion had surgery to repair a broken femur as well as multiple other bones.  Police say that the children and their mother, Lisa Reed, had been sharing an apartment with Reed’s boyfriend, James Gibson, for the last three months. 

Police say that Reed and Gibson did respond to the hospital at the onset of the investigation. 

However, being that he allegedly has a history of child abuse and had several active warrants, he decided to take the family vehicle and flee before he could be arrested. 

Reed was taken into custody and a manhunt was started for Gibson.  Police worked with the Fugitive Apprehension Task Force, which tracked him down after 12 hours to a family members house in Sumpter Township. 

Both Reed and Gibson will be charged in some degree, it is unclear exactly who will face what charges at this point.

Ricky Tanner, an uncle of the two children reacted to the incident by saying:

“Two very innocent boys, happy loving children.  To realize what happened in that home to those boys.  It angered me and brought me to a level I never thought I would understand.”

Ecorse Police Inspector Timothy Sassak, a 32 year veteran, said:

“This is the worst I’ve ever seen.” 

According to the News-Herald, a doctor told Sassak the injuries were severe and that Zyaire was pronounced dead on arrival.  Both children had significant injuries to their lips, ears, and had broken blood vessels in their eyes. 

Zion also had two broken clavicle bones, broken nose, hip, and bleeding on his brain. 

Police advised that there also appeared to be older injuries preset on both of the children showing that the physical abuse had been occurring for some time.

Officers at the scene, according to the News-Herald, appeared to be having a difficult time dealing with the violence they witnessed down to two babies by their caregivers. 

This is something that happens on these types of calls, officers and detective witness the worst that people do to each other, it is always disheartening when those who are charged to protect feel as if they could not protect the most vulnerable. 

Gibson was currently out on parole when this incident occurred.  He had been released from prison because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

There are a lot of people who know of the situation in the town that do not believe that Gibson should have ever been released from prison, including Tanner, who wants him to know exactly what he feels.  Tanner says that Gibson is a “coward, a violent coward.” 

He continued:

“If you are going to do something like that to a child, what else is he capable of?  I want him to know what he did to this family.  I want him to know the suffering.” 

Tanner advised that Zion was having a hard time in the hospital and was “struggling.” 

He is in need of emergency surgery at Detroit Children’s Hospital of Michigan. 

Zion will require multiple procedures if he is to live, and it is still too early to determine how much of a normal life he will be able to lead after this incident. 

The family is requesting any donations to help with the medical treatment for Zion and to pay for the funeral expenses for Zyaire. 


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