Not gonna take it: 427,000+ parents fight back against National School Board Assoc calling them “domestic terrorists”


The following contains editorial content written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

On the day after it was reported that tyrant Attorney General Merrick Garland further devolved into making the Department of Justice an arm of the Democratic Party, PJ Media reports that over 427,000 parents responded to the organization that got the DOJ involved in the first place—the National School Board Association (NSBA). To be clear, parents are not going to take this BS lying down.

Last week, Law Enforcement Today and other media outlets reported that the NSBA’s president Viola Garcia sent what can only be described, as PJ Media defined it, as a “hysterical and threatening letter” to the feckless Joe Biden in which she accused parents who are demanding accountability from public schools of threats, intimidation and…gasp…”hate crimes!” which she equated with “domestic terrorism.”

That’s correct…Garcia believes that parents who are concerned about what their children are being indoctrinated into in schools are engaged in domestic terrorism. In that letter, the NSBA requested the feds intervene “to stop threats and acts of violence against school board members, school officials and teachers.”

Well, just as the Luke Skywalker and gang used “the force” to fight back against the evil Empire, so too did a group of parents…in excess of 427,000 to be exact.

This week, the leaders of two dozen or so parent organizations fought back and blasted the NSBA with their own letter. In that letter, the groups slammed the NSBA’s ridiculous claims of “hate” and “terrorism.”

The letter stated, in part:

NSBA cites a tiny number of minor incidents in order to insinuate that parents who are criticizing and protesting the decisions of school boards are engaging in, or may be engaging in, “domestic terrorism and hate crimes.” NSBA even invokes the PATRIOT Act.

The association of legitimate protest with terrorism and violence reveals both your contempt for parents and your unwillingness to understand and her the sincere cries of parents on behalf of their children. To equate parents with terrorists dishonors the thousands of victims of actual terrorism around the world. Have you no shame?

Bravo! Well said; we wish we’d said that ourselves.

The demand by the NSBA that the PATRIOT Act be used as a cudgel against law-abiding parents who have legitimate concerns over the education of their children is an outrage and in fact shows clearly that the parents are indeed on to something, and the NSBA is pissed off that the blush is off the rose.

In their letter, the parent organizations noted the “menacing” and “thinly veiled threat” posed by the NSBA’s request…no demand that Biden and the Department of Justice use federal law enforcement to harass and possibly prosecute parents for exercising their First Amendment rights, and the redress of grievances with their elected officials.

The letter continued that by their request of Biden, the NSBA “intended to intimidate into silence and submission the very constituents that [the NSBA] members ostensibly represent.”

Why else turn federal law enforcement agencies such as the DOJ, the FBI, Homeland Security, the Secret Service Assessment Center and the Postal Service on parents and taxpayers?

After Garland’s promise earlier Tuesday to use the DOJ to do exactly what the NSBA seemed to be asking for, isn’t it ironic that there was no such move to use the DOJ and federal resources to conduct actual law enforcement operations, such as working to solve the genocide of young blacks taking place in American cities throughout the U.S.

There is no federal probe into Black Lives Matter or Antifa, yet the Biden administration is not only willing but eager to go after parents concerned about their kids.

These are parent organizations by the way who “unequivocally oppose violence” and are not indeed “domestic terrorists,” but “concerned citizens who care deeply about their community’s children—and who are concerned by the direction that America’s schools have taken.”

As we have seen over the past six months or so, many parents across the country are rightfully concerned and in some cases angry about what is happening in taxpayer-funded public schools:

Citizens are angry that school boards and school officials around the country are restricting access to public meetings, limiting public comment, and in some cases conducting business via text messages in violation of state open meeting laws.

They are angry that schools are charging them thousands of dollars in public records requests to view curriculum and training materials that impact their children and that should be open to the public by default.

They are angry that pandemic-related learning losses have compounded the already-low reading, writing, and math proficiency rates in America’s schools.

The primary driver behind parents’ anger is that instead of actually working to improve students’ achievement, “large numbers of districts have chosen to fund, often with hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money, ‘social justice’ and ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion’ programs with finite resources.”

One might think that the NSBA might be interested in actually listening to parents’ concerns, however they simply do not care.

We have seen people from Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe to Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona suggest that elected bureaucrats and “educators” should be the ones making educational decisions for students, not parents, which is absurd.

Parents are rightly concerned that instead of addressing their concerns and listening to parents, the NSBA sought instead to “smear their constituents rather than engage with them in good faith.” Those concerns of course stem from leftist and some might say Marxist policies embraced and implemented by school boards who are supposed to be accountable to parents.

It is appalling that [NSBA] would choose to threaten your fellow Americans for having the courage to hold you accountable for your failures,” said the parent organizations. “We will not be bullied. We will not have our speech chilled. We have a constitutional right to petition our elected officials, and we will continue to dos o” in order to “address and improve the quality of America’s public education system for all children.”

It’s heartening to see parents fighting back against these tyrannical scumbags. The NSBA thought by soliciting the federal government and its investigative agencies, they might be able to intimidate parents.

However, as Admiral Yamamoto said after the December 7 Japanese attacks at Pearl Harbor, the NSBA and woke politicians have “awakened a sleeping giant and filled [him] with a terrible resolve.

The NSBA, and now Garland have indeed “awakened a sleeping giant.” It will be very interesting to see how all of this plays out. Good on the parents for fighting back.

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In case you missed it, earlier this year Law Enforcement Today reported on the Biden administration promoted a neo-Marxist group for guidance on reopening schools this fall. 


The following editorial is written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

The “American Rescue Plan” has been touted by the Biden administration as a means to help American people and businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

However a new report from Fox News shows the plan has much more in mind than offering financial support to the American people and businesses.

Included within the ARP is the administration’s guidance for reopening schools in the fall and includes the promotion of a radical activist group’s handbook that pushes critical race theory.

The handbook, authored by the Abolitionist Teaching Network (ATN) advocates teachers to “disrupt whiteness and other forms of oppression.”


The Department of Education provided a link to the ATN’s “Guide for Racial Justice & Abolitionist Social and Emotional Learning” within its guidance for reopening schools while recommending how schools should spend the windfall, they received through the American Rescue Plan.

According to Fox, the ATN’s website is full of links to materials and various forms of media which include language clearly associated with critical race theory, although they are incredibly careful to avoid using that specific phrase.

“’Abolitionist Teachers’ should ‘[b]uild a school culture that engages in healing and advocacy. This requires a commitment to learning from students, families and educators who disrupt whiteness and other forms of oppression,’” the guide says.

Advocates for critical race theory, including the president of  the American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten have claimed that it is not being taught in public schools, and says those speaking out against it are misinformed.

However, a significant number of ATN’s board members and associated activists are either current or former teachers and educators who have pushed for race-related reform in schools.

Fox notes that ATN’s mission statement is somewhat vague, however information contained within the website shows its desire to overhaul the educational system and push for racial awareness.

“Abolitionist Teaching Network’s mission is to develop and support those in the struggle for educational freedom utilizing the intellectual work and direct action of Abolitionists in many forms,’ according to the group’s website.

The materials referenced by the Department of Education, however, specify exactly how so-called “Abolitionist Teachers” should direct students toward abolitionist social and emotional learning.

One area where ATN goes off the rails is where they talk about something called “spirit murder.” What exactly is that?

According to the Washington Free Beacon citing documents obtained by Christopher Rufo of City Journal, the term was defined as:

“[The murder of] the souls of black children every day through systemic, institutionalized, anti-black, state-sanctioned violence.”

The group advocates removing “all punitive or disciplinary practices that spirit murder black, brown or indigenous children.”

Among other demands by the ATN’s guide includes:

“[f]ree, antiracist therapy for white educators and support staff,” while stating that teaching and learning standards, including teacher evaluations should be “grounded in the pursuit of black, brown, and indigenous liberation, criticality, excellence and joy,” whatever all that means.

Co-founder Bettina Love, a racist anti-white extremist has actively said that the network is not interested in creating or reimagining schools, rather they seek to “destroy[ing] schools that do nothing but harm black and brown children.”

She said the group would “create a national database of antiracist school counselors, therapists and lawyers,” whom she said would work as “activists in residence” to travel across the U.S. and “go into schools or communities and do the work of dismantling.”

“If you don’t recognize that white supremacy is in everything we do, then we got a problem. I want us to be feared.”

This is the chairman of a group the Department of Education is using to guide the reopening of America’s schools, a clear neo-Marxist radical.

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A second co-founder and fellow board member Brandelyn Tosolt describes herself as an “educator of white teachers.” She claimed during the webinar that she has a “significant history” of “trying to help other white teachers trouble their internalized white supremacy and anti-blackness.”

So one would wonder, why would the Department of Education link to such a radical organization? According to Rufo, Love was hosted in 2020 by Department of Education Deputy Secretary Cindy Marten, then superintendent of the San Diego Unified School District, as previously reported by Fox News.  

Love conducted “diversity training” for district managers and principals last September, during which Love said schools didn’t see blacks as human and were anti-black. She also claimed schools “spirit murder” black students.

Fox reported that when introducing Love, Marten gave her a “glowing introduction.”

Schools across the country have access to a cool $122 billion for the Department of Education to dole out to state agencies, who would then distribute the money to local school systems.

The American Rescue Plan mandates that at least 20% of the funds be utilized in consideration of “students’ academic, social and emotional needs.”

The Department of Education’s handbook links to the ATN in one section.

“Schools are microcosms of society, therefore, culturally responsive practices [and] intentional conversations related to race and social emotional learning…are the foundation for participating in a democracy and should be anchor tenets in building a schoolwide system of educational opportunity,” then hyperlinks to the Abolitionist Teaching Network.

The handbook says:

“[S]tudents and families still experience racism and implicit bias in their lives in and out of school. Efforts to reengage students of color can be supported by directly working to address any longstanding feelings of distrust resulting from students’ and families’ of color experiences in school prior to the pandemic and that may have been exacerbated by events of the last year in and out of the school context.”

One area of the ATN’s propaganda piece which is worthy of note is where it addresses school discipline.

Educators, it says, should “resist punitive or disciplinary approaches, and do not involve school resource officers or police.”

In other words, and this is addressed further within the document, ATN wants “all punitive or disciplinary practices that ‘spirit murder’ black, brown and indigenous children” removed. That would appear to include school resource officers.

So, it would appear that this group doesn’t want police anywhere near the schools. To what end?

In May 2018, a school resource officer at a high school in Illinois likely stopped a mass school shooting. The incident, at Dixon High School saw SRO Mark Dallas, who the suspect shot at, return fire and hit the suspect, according to WOAD. No students or staff members were injured in the incident. Officer Dallas was praised for his quick action.

“I could not be more proud of the officer…because of his heroic actions lives were saved,” said Dixon Police Chief Steven C. Howell.

Earlier, in March 2018 another school resource officer likely stopped a mass school shooting at Great Hills High School in Great Mills, Maryland. A teenager shot and critically wounded a girl inside the school, then was confronted by the SRO who shot and killed him.

St. Mary’s County Sheriff Tim Cameron praised the SRO, Deputy First Class Blaine Gaskill for his quick action, noting he was able to contain the situation in under a minute.  

“Had to cover significant ground,” Cameron said. “The premise is simple: you go to the sound of gunfire.”

In 2014, two SROs in Troutdale, Oregon were credited with preventing carnage at the Reynold High School, according to The Blaze.

Officers Nick Thompson and Kyle Harris were at the school when two shots were fired in the boy’s locker room. After fatally shooting a student, the shooter went into one of the school bathrooms. It was unclear how he died, however one of the officers fired shots at him.

“As soon as this happened, they were there in less than a minute,” Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton said at the time. “Had they not been there, it could have been a lot worse.”

Troutdale Police Chief Scott Anderson also praised the officers’ quick response, saying they likely “saved many of our students’ lives.”

So we ask again…to what end would we remove school resource officers from schools, and moreover why would we work to prevent police in general from responding to schools? That is the end came for these CRT zealots, who are attempting to turn our schools into neo-Marxist training camps.

This is why it is more important than ever for parents and other interested parties to be very aware of what our children are being indoctrinated into in our schools.

The Biden administration and the Department of Education are clearly down with the revolution. We would propose that Biden doesn’t even know what’s going on due to his cognitive state. We already have a generation of children at risk after they lost over one-year of in-person education, and now when they are getting ready to return to school, they’re potentially going to be instructed in this garbage?

The Marxists are in charge, and it is up to us to defeat them.

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