His eyes opened from a restless sleep.
The room was still dark. There was a chill, but it was peaceful.
He rolled over and gave her a kiss on the forehead whispering, “I love you.” She replied, “I love you,” and he got up.
He began his day brushing his teeth, showering, and shaving.
He found his clothes and put them on.
The vest went on as usual, then the awkward dance with a duty belt and keepers.
His gun was there along with the flashlight, radio, and cuffs.
All while doing his morning routine, he began to get his packages in order.
He thought about his packages; bills needed to be paid, the kids needed to go to the doctor, and he needed next Tuesday off from work.
He finished getting dressed and gave her one more kiss goodbye.
He took his packages and placed them on his shoulder as best he could.
He walked out the door, closing it behind him and locking it.
The packages he carried went to the floor of his porch , stacked neatly in the corner, awaiting his return.
He started the car and let it idle until it was warm.
He reached down and pushed the power button, grabbed the mic, clicking the key, “Dispatch, I’m 10-41.”
Then the packages came.
The first was a burglar, and then a child welfare case.
The packages came fast today, and he did his best to keep them organized and in place.
The packages continued throughout the day; civil issues, assaults, parking complaints, etc…..
Before he knew it, he was home. He was safe.
He had managed to get rid of some of those packages, but some were still there; the eyes of the child he carried to a car away from their mother who was addicted to drugs, the anger and fear from a mother whose son assaulted her and she blamed him for not getting there soon enough. Etc……..
He walked to his door balancing these packages that where not his yet he took an oath to handle them as best he could.
He set the packages down and placed them neatly in a corner, hoping that a night with the family and sleep would make them go away.
He set those packages down and in the same moment picked up the packages that he left there this morning.
Balancing them as best he could, he stepped inside and shut the door behind him.