More than 13,000 mail-in ballots delivered in Utah without signature line


MANTI, UT– Democrats and the mainstream media continuously blast President Donald Trump for his claims that mail-in-voting is not a secure or effective way to vote. They say that his claims are “baseless” and there is no evidence to support the fact the mail-in-voting process is anything but secure. 

Law Enforcement Today has brought you story after story, that the mainstream media coincidently will not report, of mail-in-voting gone wrong. These stories are not isolated to just one state, or even one region of the country for that matter, these incidents of mail-in-voting gone wrong are effecting people all across the U.S.. 

Now, yet another story out of Utah emerged, just further affirming what the President has been saying all along. 

In the latest incident, which took place in Sanpete County, Utah, more than 13,000 registered voters received ballots without an area for a signature. 

What makes this so troubling, is that in the state of Utah, signatures are required on mail-in ballots in order for the vote to be counted. 

One resident, Tiffany Johnson of Gunnison said in a statement:

“There was no space for that anywhere,”

She continued:

“A lot of us are pretty worried about it. It’s nothing we have ever seen before. We have always signed on the exteriors.”

Fox 13 Now reported that according to Sanpete County Clerk Sandy Neill, the omission was an error that occurred at the printing facility.

Neill said:

“We had all five phones ringing in the office with questions,” 

She went on to say:

“It’s a nightmare to have happen. People are concerned about elections. We’ve assured them that we have this down.”

Traditionally, the ballots direct voters to sign the back of a perforated two-inch by four-inch section of their return envelope Fox 13 Now reported. That is the area that was meant to be marked for a signature, however for more than 13,000 voters, it was blank.

To rectify the situation, it is reported that the printer who made the error will be sending out follow up post cards with detailed instructions to all of the voters who received the incorrect ballots. 

Additionally, Neill claims that the clerk’s office will not only contact each voter, but they will also put a process in place to ensure that every vote is counted. That does seem like a very large promise. 

Neill said:

“We’ll contact the voter and make it right and find a way to get that signature here,”

She continued:

“We’ll take care of it. We won’t let votes not count.”

Although Neill’s comments might strike hope in some, it does seem like an almost impossible task to reach out to all 13,000 voters, actually get in contact with them, give them instructions that they will understand on how to include a signature, and then go through each ballot to ensure they were done correctly so they are counted. 

If even one vote goes uncounted due to this printing error, that is not only an injustice to the voter, but an injustice to whomever the person was voting for. 

Joe Biden and Democrats are out on the campaign trail affirming that the mail-in voting process is “the most secure form of voting”, however, he is putting a lot of faith in the fact that these votes that might go uncounted, are not for him.  

There is not one left-wing person, or one mainstream media outlet that is going to turn around after any of these stories and say that the President was correct, and it is not a secure way to vote. We are just going to have to hope for the best, and pray that more incidents showing just how unsecure mail-in-voting is, don’t arise before the November election, no matter how unlikely that is.   

Here is the full story Law Enforcement Today brought you on the examples President Trump gave regarding voter fraud:

WASHINGTON D.C.– Since Democrats began pushing for mail-in voting, in the wake of the Coronavirus, President Trump has been very outspoken on its validity, and reliability. 

Now, in a press conference on Sunday, September 27th, The President laid out evidence of mail-in voter fraud for reporters at the White House.

President Trump said:

“We are gravely concerned about the Democrat assault on election integrity,” 

According to Breitbart, The President cited the following stories, questioning the integrity and stability of the mail-in voting process:

  1. In Brooklyn, 25 percent of mail-in ballots were ruled invalid during the June Democrat primary.
  2. In a New Jersey special election, nearly 20 percent of the ballots were thrown out, and four people are being prosecuted for fraud.
  3. In a Florida primary, more than 35,000 mail-in ballots were rejected, and over 100,000 ballots were rejected in California.
  4. In Pennsylvania’s primary, half of the counties were still counting ballots a week after the election.
  5. The story of discarded military ballots discovered in Pennsylvania, many of them were cast for Trump.
  6. Reports in Wisconsin of three trays of mail containing absentee ballots were found in a ditch.
  7. In North Carolina, voters reported receiving two ballots in the mail.

In addition, Trump then rehashed the inexcusable incident that took place with the results of the 2020 Democrat Iowa caucuses.

On the incident, Trump said:

“They still don’t really know who the winner is,”

He continued:

“I think they called somebody eventually but it was many, many, weeks later.”

The president went on to question whether Democrats should be interfering with how elections were being held in other states.

He said:

“They can’t run a simple caucus, yet now they’re trying to dramatically write election laws nationwide just weeks before an election,” 

President Trump still maintains that Americans should be allowed to vote in person on November 3rd, to eliminate as much “fraud” as possible.  

Trump said:

“There is no justification for these extreme changes to the election law,”

This upcoming election is going to be an intense one, with everyone sitting on the edge of their seats to see who will be elected, and the fall out that will ensue after on either side. Every single vote is imperative, and must be accounted for. With all of the evidence President Trump had provided of mail-fraud, it does not seem like the most reliable voting option. 

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