Outrage in DC after Republican congresswoman renames the ‘Squad’ the ‘Jihad Squad’ for ‘supporting terrorists’


WASHINGTON, DC — An outspoken congresswoman has criticized three other congresswomen for their alleged support of certain groups that call for and sometimes attack Americans and Israelis.

In a May 10 tweet, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) referenced three of four congressional Democrats known as the “Squad” as the “Jihad Squad” and said they don’t belong in Congress due to their recent defense of Hamas.

Greene wrote:

“The Jihad Squad @IlhanMN @RashidaTlaib @AOC doesn’t think Israel has the right to defend itself from terrorists Hamas when they fire rockets into Israel.

“They also support terrorists Antifa/BLM who attack Americans.

“Members who support terrorism don’t belong in Congress.”

Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) is usually associated as a member of the “squad,” but escaped mention from Greene.

Are Greene’s tweets considered mean? It depends on one’s political perspective.

The “squad” has come under criticism in recent days after complaining about Israel’s response to rocket attacks from Hamas.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) sits on the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee. In February, she was promoted to the leadership position of Vice Chair on the Africa, Global Health, and Global Human Rights subcommittee within the Foreign Affairs Committee.

The Coalition for Jewish Values (CJV), the largest rabbinic public policy organization in America, and the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), the country’s oldest pro-Israel organization, both denounced Omar’s promotion.

Breitbart reported CJV said in a statement:

“Omar, despite a history of support for organizations with ties to Islamic terror and condemnations of Israel sufficient to be voted ‘2019’s Anti-Semite of the Year’ by StopAntiSemitism.org, was named Vice Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights and International Organizations.

“‘This appointment is both risible and dangerous. Ilhan Omar’s long-standing hatred for Israel and contempt for Jews and for America make this a mockery of human rights advocacy,’ said Rabbi Steven Pruzansky, Israel Regional Vice President of the CJV.

“‘I have little doubt that she will abuse the framework of ‘human rights’ to further her campaign to demonize the Jewish State, as the UN Human Rights Council does on an annual basis. Rep. Omar should have been stripped of her committee assignments, rather than rewarded with a promotion.’”

ZOA also released a statement, saying in part:

“Omar should certainly not be elevated to her new leadership position – which will give her an even bigger platform for spewing her hateful antisemitism, Israel-bashing and promotion of boycotts against the Middle East’s only human-rights-loving democracy, Israel.”

On May 10, Omar tweeted that the Israelis were committing an act of terrorism:

“Israeli air strikes killing civilians in Gaza is an act of terrorism.

“Palestinians deserve protection.

“Unlike Israel, missile defense programs, such as Iron Dome, don’t exist to protect Palestinian civilians.

“It’s unconscionable to not condemn these attacks on the week of Eid.”

Breitbart reported Omar’s complaints were selective:

“Hamas is also known to fire rockets at Israel from densely populated areas in Gaza, placing civilians at risk, and also uses Palestinian civilians as human shields to protect terrorists and weapons caches.

“Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system intercepted many — though not all — of more than 150 rockets fired by Palestinians on Monday night.

“Rep. Omar complained that Palestinians do not have a similar system, failing to note that Israelis are not firing rockets at Palestinian civilians.”


The Washington Examiner reported that Omar’s tweet was in response to Palestinian claims that 20 Palestinians, including nine children, were killed by Israeli airstrikes.

However, the newspaper also noted that the report Omar cited omitted Israel’s claim that the airstrikes were targeting militants who fired missiles into Israel and that 11 Hamas terrorists were reportedly killed.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) tweeted on the evening of May 10:

“I see some who were silent as Palestinians were ripped from their homes and tear gassed in their holiest mosques now finding their voices — to stand with the Israeli gov as airstrikes leave Palestinian children dead.

“Where are your voices when Palestinians are under threat?”

Two days prior, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) had tweeted about standing with Palestinians:

“We stand in solidarity with the Palestinian residents of Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem.

“Israeli forces are forcing families from their homes during Ramadan and inflicting violence.

“It is inhumane and the US must show leadership in safeguarding the human rights of Palestinians.”

Ocasio-Cortez recently blasted President Joe Biden for saying that Israel “has the right to defend itself.”

In a tweet, Ocasio-Cortez complained about Biden’s statement:

“Blanket statements like these w/ little context or acknowledgement of what precipitated this cycle of violence — namely, the expulsions of Palestinians and attacks on Al Aqsa — dehumanize Palestinians & imply the US will look the other way at human rights violations. It’s wrong.”

New York Post reported that Tel Aviv came under a barrage of 130 rockets launched by Hamas from the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, sending residents fleeing for shelter as air raid sirens blared across Israel’s second-largest city:

“Israel’s Iron Dome defense system was activated Tuesday night, with the streaks of multiple interceptor missiles lighting up the skies over the area.

“The heavy bombardment came after an Israeli strike earlier Tuesday evening that leveled a high-rise building in Gaza that housed the offices of several top Hamas officials. That strike had come in retaliation for earlier Hamas aggression.

“Both sides had been firing at each other throughout the day, in some of the worst fighting between Israel and the terror group since their 2014 war.”

As of Thursday, New York Post reported at least 83 people were killed in Gaza since the hostilities erupted Monday. In addition, about 400 Palestinians were injured.

On the Israeli side, seven people were killed, including a 21-year-old soldier.

In total, more than 1,600 rockets have been fired at Israel since Monday, with 400 falling short, according to the latest figures from the Israel Defense Forces.

Other Republicans and supporters of Israel have also taken issue with the “squad’s” comments. Senator Ted Cruz (TX-R) accused Omar of serving as “press secretary” for Hamas.

Cruz tweeted:

“Why is a Member of Congress acting as the press secretary for Hamas? Does Biden agree?”


Hamas seemingly benefits from having sympathetic U.S. politicians who are willing to promote its cause. In addition, social media platforms, such as Twitter, also boost the messaging Hamas wants to send to the world.

As reported by Law Enforcement Today, Twitter continues to allow Hamas leaders to incite violence through their accounts.

For example, Ismail Haniyeh has been permitted to tweet as Chairman of the Hamas Political Bureau and de facto head of the Gaza Strip to celebrate and encourage violence against Israel.

Haniyeh also posts photographs of allegedly dead children he calls “martyrs.”

In one disturbing post, Haniyeh claimed an 11-year-old boy was hit by an Israeli rocket. The photographs he includes purportedly show the boy smiling while alive and then dead.

In a separate post, Haniyeh celebrated the bombing of an Israeli oil pipeline while attaching a photograph of the resulting conflagration. He wrote (translated from Arabic):

“The bombing of Tel Aviv and the oil pipeline facility between Ashkelon and Eilat. God is great and glory is to God alone.”

On May 12, Haniyeh posted a tweet expressing hope for greater violence against Israel while mocking efforts by European officials to end the violence:

What does President Joe Biden have to say about all this?

Biden has a history of defending Israel and has opened himself up to criticism by some for that viewpoint.

For example, Jeremy Scahill provided a scathing report on Biden’s track record, tweeting:

“As president, Joe Biden can no longer credibly claim to support a two state solution & pay lip service to opposing settlements while simultaneously giving a shield of impunity to Israel’s crimes.

“For decades, Biden has defended Israel’s worst atrocities.”

On Wednesday, Biden spoke with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to reaffirm U.S. support for Israel. He told reporters at the White House:

“I had a conversation with Bibi Netanyahu not so long ago.

“My expectation and hope is that this will be closing down sooner than later. But Israel has a right to defend itself against thousands of rockets flying into your territory.”

Interestingly, reports indicate that the Biden administration authorized $235 million in funding to Palestinians one month ago.

In April, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said:

“The United States is pleased to announce that, working with Congress, we plan to restart US economic, development, and humanitarian assistance for the Palestinian people.”

The funding authorized by Biden called for “$150 million through the United Nations relief agency UNRWA, $75 million in US economic and development assistance and $10 million for peace-building programs,” Blinken said in a statement.

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