CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – Four members of the 99 Goon Syndikate were convicted Monday for the murder of Waynesboro Police Department reservist, Captain Kevin Quick. They will spend the rest of their lives in prison.

Daniel Mathis, Kweli Uhuru, Shantai Shelton and Mersadies Shelton were sentenced in federal court in Charlottesville, Virginia. Each received a life sentence plus 132 years for Mathis, 82 for the Shelton’s, and ten additional years for Uhuru. Six additional co-defendants have sentences pending.

Prosecutors utilized RICO statutes to seek justice in the case.

“If not for the cooperative efforts of law enforcement, these violent criminals might still be free today,” said John P. Fishwick Jr., U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Virginia. “This is a violent, vicious gang off the streets.”

Back on February 1, 2014, Quick was brutally and senselessly killed after disappearing on his way to visit his sick child. His body was found a week later in Goochland county.

The group car-jacked Quick and drove his Toyota 4Runner to different ATM’s. WTVR reported that Quick was forced to give his banking personal identification number to the criminals and $400 was taken from his account. When they found his Waynesboro Police ID, the gang decided to drive to an isolated lot on the border of Goochland County, where they executed him with a single gunshot to the back of his head.

Quick’s SUV was dumped in Louisa County. His body was later found in Goochland County.

The court heard victim impact statements Monday, and the mother of Kevin Quick’s baby said they are “heartbroken and shattered from the evil acts of these evil people.”

“Waynesboro reserve police officer Kevin Quick was one of the good guys. His death and the investigation that followed revealed a significant gang and criminal enterprise problem right here in Central Virginia,” said Adam S. Lee, FBI Special Agent in Charge. He added that Kevin Quick’s case shows that gang violence is not just an urban problem.

Fishwick continued, “Knowing that these individuals will spend the rest of their lives in prison cannot heal the wounds of losing a loved one, but I do hope that it brings some level of closure to Kevin’s family.” He met with Quick’s family Monday and vowed to prosecute all gang violence.

The group’s ring leaders Anthony Stokes and Halisi Uhuru will be sentenced at a later date. They were convicted of racketeering charges, and not in direct association with Quick’s murder.

“Gangs operating in Central Virginia are going to meet justice,” said the FBI at Monday’s press conference. “Remember the name of Captain Kevin Quick and the sacrifice he made in Virginia.”