Ominous warning from Osama bin Laden’s niece: Only Trump can save America from another attack


WASHINGTON, DC –The niece of terrorist Osama bin Laden, Noor bin Laden, says that the only person that can protect the United States from another attack similar to 9/11 is current President Donald Trump. 

Noor told the New York Post:

“ISIS proliferated under the Obama/Biden administration, leading to them coming to Europe.

Trump has shown he protects America and us by extension from foreign threats by obliterating terrorists at the root and before they get a chance to strike.”

Noor, according to the New York Post, spells her last name differently, Bin Ladin, believes that she is an American at her core.  She also said that her dream vacation would be to travel around the United States in an RV. 

She seems to have a well founded respect for the country of the United States and what she stands for.  Law Enforcement Today has reached out to her and as of yet has not received a response.

Noor said that this presidential election is one of the most important in the history of the United States and believes that Donald Trump should win the election over Joe Biden.  She said:

“I have been a supporter of President Trump since he announced he was running in the early days in 2015. I have watched from afar and I admire this man’s resolve. 

He must be reelected … It’s vital for the future of not only America, but western civilization as a whole.

“You look at all the terrorist attacks that have happened in Europe over the past 19 years. They have completely shaken us to the core … [Radical Islam] has completely infiltrated our society.  In the US it’s very worrying that the left has aligned itself completely with the people who share that ideology.”

Noor advised that she is a staunch Trump supporter and was recently attacked for being one.  She said:

“I am minding my own business and this woman in her late 50s charges toward me and starts speaking very loudly and aggressively to me. 

She’s yelling at me and saying how can I be wearing this [a Make America Great Again Hat] and Trump is the worst president ever and she’s basically dumping on my beloved president

… She told me three times, ‘You’re stupid.’ I kept my cool, and needless to say I kept my hat!”

Noor has kept to herself mainly after her mother went through a nasty divorce from Yeslam, the half-brother of Osama.  Noor alleges that her father has played a minimal role in her life. 

Noor’s earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Geneva as well as a master’s degree in commercial law from the University of London.  Noor said:

“My life would have been very different had I been raised in Saudi Arabia.  I really grew up with this deep appreciation for freedom and basic individual rights.”

She added:

“My mom would come to all the games and she would say when I see you play I know that all the hardship was worth it because you get to do what you choose and what you love.”

Noor was only a teenager when Osama launched the deadliest attack ever on the United States.  She said:

“I was so devastated.  I had been going to the states with my mom several times a year from the age of three onwards. I considered the US my second home.”

Noor said that she did not believe that the country was racist was because of what she witnessed firsthand.  She said:

“I have not had a single bad experience with Americans despite the name that I carry. On the contrary, I was overwhelmed by their kindness and understanding…I really want to go and pay my respects.”


This is the 9/11 of our kids’ generation. But for America to survive, we need to remind them of 9/12.

March 16, 2020 – By Kyle S. Reyes, National Spokesman for Law Enforcement Today.

Surreal.  That’s the only way to describe the feeling over the past week or so.

I mean, is it just me… or does it feel like we’re in a movie?  

Then I look at my three little girls and I realize that we are very much not in a movie.  We are in a fight for our lives.  A fight for our country.  And arguably, a fight for our souls.

Many of us who lived through September 11, 2001 now have children who didn’t.  It’s bizarre to think about the fact that there’s an entire generation with no memory of it.

But sometimes I wonder… does MY generation really remember it?  After all, we slapped bumper stickers on our cars that said “never forget”.  But sometimes I think we DID forget.

We’ve gotten fat, lazy, comfortable and complacent.  

We get into daily pissing matches with each other daily over politics.  We’ve lost friends and family over elections.

We have “social media influencers” charging companies millions of dollars to post pictures of them holding up their products.

We have kids literally slipping into depression because of the amount of “likes” that they didn’t get on their picture.

And we have generations that lack basic survival skills.  Forget something as simple as knowing how to change a tire or (gasp) hunt – we have people who don’t even know how to stock their own home to survive for a couple of weeks in the event of a shutdown.

Case in point: when I went to Costco today, the entire freezer section of cheesecake, ice cream, chicken nuggets, etc. was completely and totally empty.  But there was plenty of canned tuna, chicken, rice, peanut butter, etc.

This is where we are in society.  We’ve failed at teaching hard skills and soft skills.

So how exactly are we going to get through this?  We’re going to have to learn how to do it together.  We’re going to have to go back to 9/12.

On 9/11 every year, we honor the lives lost to the senseless violence unleashed on our country. Friends, fathers and mothers, doctors and lawyers, emergency responders and innocent bystanders were suddenly ripped from our lives. We went numb.

We were attacked by an enemy we couldn’t see.  We didn’t know what tomorrow was going to look like.  Where that enemy would strike next.

Does that sound familiar?  Does it sound a lot like what we’re experiencing now?

psychologically prepared


But flash forward one day.  Just one day.  Because that day is crucial to our survival as a nation.

Do you remember September 12? How you felt that day? The fire? The drive? The hurt … but also the unity? We woke up feeling whole. Together. Ready.

That’s what we want to – NEED TO – remember. Not the sucker punch – but the return to our feet – united, armed to fight evil together.

special breed

Countless men and women dropped out of school on that day and joined the military. We weren’t Democrats or Republicans …. Liberals or Conservatives. We were Americans. Flags lined the streets. The Freedom Bell started ringing again and the Statue of Liberty damn near cracked her foundation to lead us into battle.

We unleashed holy hell on our enemies and we let the world know that if you mess with the red, white and blue … we will annihilate you.

What happened to that America? The America that stood hand in hand ready to do anything to defend the nation that we love? Now, nearly 20 years later we are at odds with our neighbors, our co-workers and our families.  We label each other. We put false information online and spread hate in the streets.

The flag has somehow become a symbol of hatred. We’re removing statues from America that remind us of our history so that we don’t repeat it. We have groups that declare RESIST and promise to fight against and actively disrupt the very democracy that has made America great.

In the weeks and months following 9/11, people thanked police officers for their service to the communities. Now? They are convicted in the court of court of public opinion of crimes that include just being a cop.

I want to take America back to that moment, the moment we were ready to stand against any evil that tried to take us down. In that moment we weren’t black or white, straight or gay, conservative or liberal, man or woman. We were simply Americans. And now … today … somehow the biggest enemy we face… is ourselves.

The enemy is no longer just those hijacking planes. The enemy is wearing masks and causing violence and anarchy in the streets in the name of ANTIFA and BLM.

The enemy is assassinating our police officers. The enemy is putting illegals ahead of our homeless veterans. The enemy is calling MS13 “poor lost souls” while they terrorize our population and claim lives.

The enemy is quite literally inside of us in the form of microscopic bacteria we can’t see.

How do we fight for unity again? How do we overcome these grave threats that our democracy faces?

frozen time

Perhaps the only way to do that is to make sure we never forget 9/11 … but fight together to return to 9/12.

I came around the corner of Target today and I saw two people at the same time reach for the last container of toddler fever reducer.  

I braced myself for the war.  They were both dads and they were big dudes.

“I’m sorry, brother – I wasn’t trying to take it from you.”

“No worries,” said the second guy.  “You have kids too?”

“Yeah, thank God they aren’t sick.  But you never know.  Go ahead man – you take it.”

“Mine aren’t sick either… hopefully they won’t be.”

“Hey – just a thought – if neither of our kids are sick right now… why don’t we just split it?  It’s just a backup for both of us anyway, right?”

“I’m game.  That’s a great idea, brother.

This catastrophe – let’s call it what it is – is really going to be a test of our resolve.  Which will win out… the need for companionship, or the need for safety? 

Will people be able to refrain themselves from leaving their houses for 14 days when society has them completely accustomed to always be on the move?

Here’s what’s been particularly interesting – I’ve seen a massive rise in the number of people willing to put differences aside and truly help each other.  Men and women… Democrats and Republicans… standing side by side to make sure their neighbor has meals and is “ok”.

And I have to wonder… in all of this horror… in this movie we now find ourselves living in… in this “glitch in the Matrix”…. is there a silver lining? 

Is flipping the “off” switch on society for two weeks what we needed to remind us of who we are as Americans?  As people?

First and foremost – I’m a Christian.  A father.  A husband.  An American.  And when we take away all of the noise… the job titles, the rush for business, the travel, the gym, the showmanship… will we be once again able to focus on what’s important?

Jesus, take the wheel.  That’s all I’ve got.  And that’s all I need.

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