Here’s your “gun control”: Organized group of thieves using U-Haul trucks to burglarize gun stores


ATLANTA, GA – ‘Tis the season for shopping for those hard-to-find gifts, even if those ‘gifts’ are stolen guns, apparently.

In Atlanta, they are seeing a spike in gun thefts by an organized group of people utilizing U-Haul trucks to take off with the stolen guns.

One of the latest reported incidents occurred at the Range, Guns, and Sales located in Embry Hills.

With this reported burglary, the criminals utilized a U-Haul truck to drive through the brick wall so that they could gain access to the interior of the store and the guns inside on Halloween. The manager of the store, identified only as D-J, told CBS 4:

“One hit, one hit, got through the front wall. They really were dedicated to get inside the store at all costs, even though they know we have a big police presence at nighttime…

“The way they set it up to smash inside of a brick wall with a U-Haul truck, is kinda scary. So that puts it into perspective on how dangerous these people are.”

According to Atlanta Police, this store was not the only one hit on Halloween – there were three in total.

And the criminals did not stop there… they continued their spree and struck two more gun stores on November 3rd.

While the exact number of guns stolen has not been released, it is reported that the criminals made off with at least twenty from one store alone.

D-J told CBS 4 that the criminals were not able to get away with any firearms from his store because of the way they secure them. But that did not stop them from taking two empty boxes that they must have thought contained firearms.

D-J said:

“We feel like we need gun stores across America, even just across the metro Atlanta area, to start tightening up their security measures on how they lock up their guns, how they secure their guns. Because a lot of firearms could be stolen and you don’t want them getting into the wrong hands.

“In the wrong hands, two guns is a lot to me. So 20, I can imagine what they plan on doing. That’s if they’re planning on selling or starting a small war. You just never know. Having guns in the wrong hands is never a good thing.”

While acts like these are disturbing in and of their own, what may be worse is the number of guns that are being stolen during vehicle burglaries.

In June, WSB-TV 2 reported that over 800 guns had been stolen out of cars in 2021…and that was in June.

The issue, more often than not, is people who leave their vehicles unlocked while having their lawfully owned guns inside of them.

Typically, criminals tend to leave cars alone that are locked, unless they can see something inside that they want to take. However, if the valuables that are in the car are out of sight, especially guns, odds are the criminals will continue walking as long as the car is locked.

Regardless, it is never a good idea to store a firearm inside of a vehicle, locked or unlocked.

If there are times in which a firearm must be stored inside of a vehicle, the Atlanta Police Department recommends buying security cables from a local gun store that will enable you to secure the firearm to something secured to the car, like the rails for the front seat.

Additionally, responsible gun owners can get gun safes installed in the trunks of their vehicles that can be secured to the frame of the car. While none of the examples are foolproof, it will at least make getting the guns a little bit harder for the criminal, thus, lessening the number of criminals that have guns.


Violent crime in large metropolitan areas has increased significantly throughout the last year. Most of the guns that these criminals possess, they have illegally as they are convicted felons.    

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Three arrested for ramming a cop car in a stolen vehicle and getting caught with a stolen police gun

Editor note: In 2020, we saw a nationwide push to “defund the police”.  While we all stood here shaking our heads wondering if these people were serious… they cut billions of dollars in funding for police officers.  And as a result, crime has skyrocketed – all while the same politicians who said “you don’t need guns, the government will protect you” continued their attacks on both our police officers and our Second Amendment rights.

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MEMPHIS, TN – Three suspects were arrested earlier in October after authorities say they stole a vehicle – later ramming into a police cruiser attempting to recover the stolen car – and also allegedly being found in possession of a stolen police firearm.


The incident occurred on October 13th at approximately 5:30 p.m. after Memphis Police along with Bartlett Police, were notified about a stolen vehicle near I-40 and Sycamore View.

According to Memphis Police, when police discovered the car, they attempted a containment technique. That’s when Eric Mathis, the driver of the stolen vehicle, reportedly slammed into an unmarked Bartlett Police car.

Mathis allegedly dragged the unmarked vehicle until authorities were able to stop the stolen vehicle along the on-ramp to I-40 East, according to police officials. Two other suspects were also taken into custody inside of the vehicle, identified as Kristopher Jones and Deario Watson.

Upon searching the stolen vehicle, police discovered a Glock 22, which a run on the weapon’s serial number returned a hit for a stolen Memphis Police firearm out of the Austin Peay Precinct. An additional handgun was also recovered from the vehicle but did not match any active stolen firearm reports.

Jones and Watson were charged with theft of $10,000 to $60,000 in value, theft of $1,000 or less in value, and illegal carrying or possession of a firearm. Mathis was charged with property theft ranging from $10,000 to $60,000.

Jail records show that Jones and Mathis are still in custody, however, Watson posted $15,000 bond and was released from custody on October 15th.

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