Organization releases 2022 voter guide that outlines trends and issues affecting police


WASHINGTON, DC — Elections have consequences, so a pro-police grassroots organization has released its 2022 voter guide ahead of the critical midterms.

American Police Officers Alliance outlines national trends and election-related issues for citizens who want to restore law and order and elect pro-police officials in this coming election cycle.

The guide is available on the group’s website and highlights major issues of concern in 2022, including illegal immigration, refunding the police and police oversight boards.

American Police Officers Alliance has been tracking these issues for years across the country and believes this could be a critical election in controlling and even reversing trends that harm law enforcement and communities across the country. It noted in a press release:

“These election cycles are a great opportunity for our organization to raise awareness and gain traction for law enforcement causes at the grassroots level.

“To help our members and readers navigate important issues during these election cycles, we compile a voter guide ahead of every major election.

“This guide will help potential voters navigate through the positions of individual candidates accordingly.”

For example, the organization’s guide noted that the illegal immigration crisis at the southern border appears to have worsened under the Biden administration:

“Figures from the US Customs and Border Protection are startling. In January, the agency reported that in 2021 ‘more than 2 million unauthorized migrants came across the Mexican border in the calendar year and were apprehended or turned themselves in — in addition to those not stopped or detected.'”

At the same time, the federal government moved to drastically cut the number of illegal immigrants being removed from the U.S. The guide noted that according to the Center for Immigration Studies, “preliminary numbers released by ICE reveal that removals fell more than 70 percent in FY [fiscal year] 2021.”

Regarding the Defund the Police movement, the guide shared sobering statistics:

“FBI statistics show that murders in the United States rose 30% at the height of the BLM/Defund Movement in 2020, and rose an additional 5% in two dozen major cities in 2021.”

It also pointed out that police suffered from increased casualties nationwide — 73 killed in the line of duty in 2021.

The result has been that Americans are increasingly recognizing that Democrats have been peddling dangerous policies. The guide noted:

“NBC News notes that only 46% of Americans support President Biden’s handling of crime and polls show that 56% of voters believe Republicans would do a better job on the issue.”

Police oversight boards are another area of concern because they are sometimes used as political weapons against police by social justice activists.

For example, the guide pointed out that in Willimantic, Connecticut, a local Civilian Review Board Study Committee voted to establish a civilian review board to investigate complaints levied against the police department.

However, Willimantic Police Chief Paul Hussey reportedly discovered that one study committee member, who recommended the new oversight board, had previously claimed on social media that the police department’s officers shoot African Americans for no reason.

Daniel Stuebs, a representative of the organization, said in a statement:

“Your vote means more now than ever before. 2022 is proving to be an extremely important year, and many citizens are tired of hearing the dangerous rhetoric against our police.

“Huge changes can be made at local and state levels, especially when choosing your representatives. So, remember where you stand on issues that directly affect police officers when you head to the polls.”

American Police Officers Alliance’s mission is to help elect local leaders who respect and understand the decisions police officers are forced to make each day and to ensure that police officers are receiving the support, tools, training and compensation they need and deserve so they can remain safe as they protect communities.

The guide also provides links for voters to learn about their registration options and upcoming elections.

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