Oregon salon owner claims that since defying shutdown order, child protective services and OSHA are ‘targeting’ her


SALEM, OR.- Business owners across the country have a decision to make. As many fight for their very survival, some have defied stay-at-home orders and reopened their businesses in spite of government-mandated shut down orders.

Some of these governors have deployed the resources of government agencies to carry out what some consider to be draconian emergency directives. In Oregon for example, the owner of a hair salon has been harassed by a number of government agencies for reopening her salon.

While the original premise of government-imposed stay-at-home orders and business shutdowns was to “flatten the curve,” many states where that has been accomplished continue to force businesses to remain shut.

Many people, especially those on the right, seem to believe that governors, most of whom tend to be in “blue” states, are enjoying their new-found power.

According to Townhall.com, Lindsey Graham, who owns the Glamour Salon in Salem, Oregon, said during a Friday press conference that she has been placed under investigation by a number of state agencies since she reopened her Salon.

Among those agencies she says are harassing her is child protective services.

“And, if you can possibly believe this, on May 7th, Child Protective Services showed up at my home,” she said, while fighting tears.

“They questioned my husband and I. They questioned my child, without me present, they searched our home and I’ve never expected such a violent, aggressive, vindictive thing ever could have been done to me or my family because I’m trying to earn a living, because I’m trying to work.”

Graham said that the CPS case is still open, she believes.

“They are still insisting that they want to talk to my three-year-old daughter,” she continued. “So, I don’t know if they’re going to try to talk to my eight-week-old newborn. We’ll see. But they did check his diaper.”

Graham referred to the CPS investigation and their concerns as “completely random, unmerited, unwarranted and unprovable.”

“So it was a completely false claim and if they don’t pursue a false claim and there are actually children out there that are being abused by their families, then they’re wasting their time investigating me because Kate Brown doesn’t like me, that’s pretty devastating,” Graham said.

“This is a false claim that wasted CPS’ valuable time when there are children who are really in need.”

Oregon’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration also got involved, hitting Graham with a $14,000 fine.

She said that the state’s licensing board also threatened to revoke the licenses of every stylist at the salon, which would prevent them from working anywhere in the state of Oregon.


Graham noted that while there are 23 hair stylists that work out of the salon, they are all independent contractors and are not employed by the salon. She said that as of the moment, only three of the stylists had decided to come back to work.

Graham estimated that each stylist was seeing between three and four clients per day.

A spokesman for Oregon OSHA said that Graham is endangering her workers. 

“She is unquestionably operating in violation of the governor’s executive order, designed to protect workers and the public,” he told WW. “The penalty reflects both the nature of the violation and the employer’s willful decision to violate the law.” 

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Graham says that she will remain open as long as she can manage it.

“I’m bound to stay open as long as I can until the government basically tries to take my entire career, something I’ve worked 15 years for, out from underneath me,” she said. “That’s the most harmful thing they could have done, and I think that’s why they did it.”

“I’ve worked my whole life to build the businesses that I’ve built, and they want to take away my entire right to do that,” Graham continued.

“I feel persecuted by [Governor] Kate Brown herself because she’s governing these agencies. She’s allowing them to target me and, if not, requesting them to target me because every agency she has underneath her has come to me at this point,” Graham said.

Graham said that businesses should be allowed to reopen and allow citizens the ability to use common sense to take care of themselves. She said that Brown has “the ability to make the entire saga go away.”

“I believe that if she would let her people work and earn a living and let us do it safely and let us be adults, consenting adults that know how to take care of ourselves and take care of each other.

We’re humans. We have compassion for each other. We’re gonna look out for each other. We know how to do that,” Graham said.

“If she would just allow us to do that—I don’t want anyone to get sick. I know you guys don’t want anyone to get sick, but I also don’t want to go bankrupt and lose everything I’ve worked for.

So, let’s be active, mature, caring, sensitive to other people. Let’s open our business and be conscious. Let’s all be able to maintain our livelihood,” she concluded.

Similarly, ABC-12 reported that Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory affairs pulled the license of a 77-year-old barber after he opened in defiance of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s stay-at-home orders.


David Kallman, an attorney representing Karl Manke said that his license had been suspended. He was in the process of filing a petition for an emergency hearing to have the suspension lifted.

This past Friday, Manke received papers from the State of Michigan which effectively shut his business down, at least temporarily.

After receiving the papers, Manke said, “I feel she’s breaking the law. I feel she’s entered into a police state type of situation now. Getting my and taking my license without due process, just pulling my license is a police state tactic.”

He had reopened his shop on March 4 in defiance of Whitmer’s order, which classified as non-essential barbers and hair stylists.

Police, who likely better things to do, served Manke with a warning and two tickets prior to turning the issue over to prosecutors. The Michigan State Police served papers on Manke about a week-and-a-half ago.

Manke said the state’s actions are wrong and his attorney continues to fight them; he is in the process of filing for an appeal.

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