Operation Throat Punch Is the Greatest Trolling of Sex Traffickers by Combat Veterans Ever


Operation Throat Punch Is the Greatest Trolling of Sex Traffickers by Combat Veterans Ever

Sex traffickers aren’t good people. Neither are “John’s.” And that’s what makes “Operation Throat Punch” so damn awesome.

These criminals have just met their match – battle hardened United States combat veterans teamed up with law enforcement across America.

“Operation Throat Punch” is being implemented by DeliverFund, a non-profit organization that crushes evil and destroys human trafficking rings by training, equipping and advising law enforcement. It’s made up of the most badass warriors in America … Navy SEALS, Delta Force veterans, members of the CIA, FBI, DOJ and NSA analysts.

Here’s what they’re doing.

Knowing that sex traffickers look for ads of young escorts to take, DeliverFund built out hundreds of ads in dozens of cities across America … on the websites that these sex traffickers are using to recruit and pimp young girls.

The ads look like they’re for a young lady.  But when the trafficker clicks to look at more pictures, this video instead takes over their screen.

Once they hit the video, DeliverFund has them.  And not only are they working with law enforcement to destroy evil … but they’re trolling the people who clicked the ads.

Facebook. Instagram. Their messenger apps. Websites that they visit. Games they play on line. They all get filled with ads from DeliverFund letting them know that they’re being tracked … and that the group is onto them.

Operation Throat Punch

Before you start complaining that it’s not just sex traffickers that look at these ads – it’s also “John’s” – here’s what I’d say:

I don’t care.

I don’t take pity on those who are enabling sex traffickers to drug and pimp out girls by providing them a lucrative market. Perhaps now they’ll think twice about it.


Please help us spread the word about this incredible cause.  This epic campaign is something EVERYONE needs to see.  Together we can destroy evil … and troll sex traffickers.


Kyle S. Reyes is the National Spokesman for Law Enforcement Today, founder of The Whiskey Patriots and Chief Executive Officer of The Silent Partner Marketing. Reyes is also an acclaimed keynote speaker on patriotism and leadership, entrepreneurship and marketing by storytelling. You can follow him on Facebook.

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