Operation Reclaim and Rebuild Had Noteworthy Results


SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA – Operation Reclaim and Rebuild had noteworthy results. Consequently, lives are being restored and bad guys went to jail. But what is the remarkable operation?

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department along with other county departments and law enforcement agencies mobilized recently as part of a three-day statewide enforcement sweep. They called their effort, Operation Reclaim and Rebuild. The goal of the operation was to rescue victims of human trafficking and arrest the pimps and johns who exploit them.

This video photo gallery captures key moments in the operation as it unfolded and is brought to you courtesy of LASD.

The text from the video reads as follows:

Los Angeles County is a major hub of human trafficking.

It’s a multimillion dollar industry based upon sexual exploitation.

Operation Reclaim and Rebuild recently hit the streets to rescue victims and arrest johns and pimps.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and other county departments joined the three-day statewide operation.

More than 50 women and girls were rescued and connected with supportive services.

The operation included online stings . . . and street level undercover work from Compton to Palmdale.

There were more than 500 arrests, including 178 for solicitation and 30 for pimping.

The operation brought National Human Trafficking Awareness Month to a powerful close in Los Angeles County.

operation reclaim
LASD deputies lead arrestee away during Operation Reclaim and Rebuild. (LASD)


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