National Law Enforcement Museum Is Open

Our Story

The Museum’s core mission is to introduce visitors to the proud history and many facets of American law enforcement in an experience you won’t find anywhere else. Our “walk in the shoes” experience lets visitors learn what it’s like to be a law enforcement officer through innovative and engaging exhibits, artifacts and programs. We also seek to strengthen the relationship between law enforcement and the communities they serve with thought-provoking programs that promote dialogue on topics of current interest.


The National Law Enforcement Museum is dedicated to telling the story of American law enforcement by providing visitors a “walk in the shoes” experience. The Museum is working to expand and enrich the relationship shared by law enforcement and the community through educational journeys, immersive exhibitions, and insightful programs.

National Law Enforcement Museum

National FOP Chaplain Ronald Lindsey volunteered his services during the Grand Opening of the National Law Enforcement Museum. (Eyvaine Walker-Lindsey)

Our Journey

Over a decade of planning and persistence in the making, the National Law Enforcement Museum opened its doors to the public on October 13, 2018. Finally, citizens and law enforcement professionals from diverse perspectives and backgrounds will have a place to share in the vibrant story of American law enforcement.

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(Photo courtesy Richmond Police Department, Virginia)

The Museum’s befitting location at Judiciary Square in our nation’s capital marks the first time a national museum dedicated to telling the story of American law enforcement will have a permanent home.

Within the walls of the Museum’s strikingly contemporary exterior, artifacts from our collection of more than 20,000 objects tell the story of American law enforcement—past, present, and future—and engage visitors of all ages in memorable, immersive and experiential exhibits. More importantly, we’re proud that the Museum will serve as a platform for constructive dialog to help strengthen relationships between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

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Be Safe!

– Eyvaine Walker-Lindsey, president, Moms of LEO, auxiliary member FOP DC #1