Open letter to FBI by international experts demands criminal investigation into lockdown fraud


Since the Coronavirus first appeared in the United States, and began taking the lives of many, a topic of contention had been the lockdowns that came as a result. 

While some feel as though the lockdowns were necessary to “flatten the curve” or “slow the spread”, others feel the lockdowns are a heinous infringement on our fundamental rights as Americans. 

While there has been some scientific evidence to support the fact that social distancing and the wearing of masks is slowing the spread of the novel virus, the overall accuracy of the evidence can be questioned. 

Now, a group of eminent international experts, including medical, legal and military professionals, published an open letter addressed to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, setting out a scientific and legal argument for pursuing a full criminal investigation of the China Communist Party’s role in the COVID19 pandemic, Principia Scientific International reported.

The letter, which can be fully accessed here, starts off by stating that the group is requesting a formal investigation be opened into the major policy decisions that were made in regards to lockdowns, and the scientific evidence those decisions were based on. 

The letter then goes on to state their reasoning for the request, saying:

“In the course of our work, we have identified issues of a potentially criminal nature and believe this investigation necessary to ensure the interests of the public have been properly represented by those promoting certain pandemic policies.”

The letter then goes on to discuss the topics in which they will cover, including historical and scientific evidence, along with past practice and historical handlings of pandemics, saying:

“This letter is meant to call the attention of federal authorities in Australia, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States (the “Nations”) to multiple points of evidence about the origin and historical precedent of lockdowns; the scientific literature and debate behind them; the provenance and quality of predominant COVID-19 testing protocols and models; the motivations, biases, and qualifications of certain prominent lockdown supporters; and the source of public-facing communications surrounding these policies”

The first point of interest that the letter covers, is the fact that The World Health Organization allegedly encouraged lockdowns based on an order that The General Secretary Of The Chinese Communist Party, Xi Jinping gave.

The group believes that the lockdown orders were given without any significant evidence or merit. 

When discussing the link to the commonly made comparison between the Spanish Flu and the Coronavirus, the group cited historical evidence, via a ruling that came down from Judge William S. Stickman, in the case of Cnty. of Butler v. Wolf.

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The letter quotes Judge Stickman as saying:

“Although this nation [the United States] has faced many epidemics and pandemics and state and local governments have employed a variety of interventions in response, there have never previously been lockdowns of entire populations — much less for lengthy and indefinite periods of time…[3]

While, unquestionably, states and local governments restricted certain activities for a limited period of time to mitigate the Spanish Flu, there is no record of any imposition of a population lockdown in response to that disease or any other in our history.”

The quote from Judge Stickman continues with the Judge saying that essentially there was no historical evidence to support the lockdowns, and the CDC followed the lead of China, saying:

“The fact is that the lockdowns imposed across the United States in early 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic are unprecedented in the history of our Commonwealth and our Country.

They have never been used in response to any other disease in our history. They were not recommendations made by the CDC. They were unheard of by the people [of] this nation until just this year.

It appears as though the imposition of lockdowns in Wuhan and other areas of China — a nation unconstrained by concern for civil liberties and constitutional norms — started a domino effect where one country, and state, after another imposed draconian and hitherto untried measures on their citizens.”

The second point of interest that the letter addresses, is the fact that the predictive scientific models that were used as reference when deciding to implement lockdowns were inflated and depicted much worse outcomes than what was accurate.   

This topic begins by saying in part:

“In February 2020, a team from Imperial College London led by physicist Neil Ferguson ran a computer model that played an outsized role in justifying lockdowns in most countries.

Imperial College forecast a number of potential outcomes, including that, by October 2020, more than 500,000 people in Great Britain and 2.2 million people in the U.S. would die as a result of COVID-19, and recommended months of strict social distancing measures to prevent this outcome.”

It then goes on to provide evidence to validate their claims that the model’s from Imperial College London were inflated, saying:

“A study by researchers at UCLA and the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) compared the accuracy of various institutions’ models predicting COVID-19 mortality.[33] 

Across all time periods, the models produced by Imperial College were measured to have far higher rates of error than the others — always erring on the side of being too high,”

As the country eventually found out the hard way, ventilators were not helping patients, but rather increasing their mortality rate.  

The group points out in the letter that the tragic decision to begin placing patients on ventilators was allegedly based on a recommendation that also came from China. 

The article quotes Doctor Cameron Kyle-Sidell, who was one of the first whistleblowers on the counterproductive use of ventilators. Dr. Kyle-Sidell had been caring for ICU patients at one of the hardest-hit hospitals in New York City, and alerted the public via a widely-shared video. 

In the video Dr. Kyle Sidell states:

“We are operating under a medical paradigm that is untrue… I fear that this misguided treatment will lead to a tremendous amount of harm to a great number of people in a very short time… I don’t know the final answer to this disease, but I’m quite sure that a ventilator is not it… This method being widely adopted at this very moment at every hospital in the country … is actually doing more harm than good.”

The letter also states a shocking revelation that in the early stages of the virus, patients were placed on ventilators not for their benefit, but rather in an attempt the control the spread of this unknown virus. 

The group cites an article written by the Wall Street Journal that states:

It continues:

It will remain to be seen if the FBI will in fact open up a formal investigation based on the findings and evidence presented in this letter. Law Enforcement Today will keep you updated as more information comes to light. 

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