An Open Letter To Everyone Who Hates Cops


Dear Cop Haters,

Some people would argue that we should ignore the angry emails, messages and letters that you send to Law Enforcement Today.  We’ve even had those conversations within the company.

“Let it roll off your shoulder,” says Robert, the founder.

But here’s the thing. I can’t.  Because this hatred from those who hate the police is so incredibly misguided that I have to wonder where it came from.

I hope you die, pigs.  You are all racist bastards.  ~Anonymous message to LET.

Robert is a cop.  He has been for decades.  He’s accustomed to people swearing at police officers. Spitting at them.  Threatening them.

I’m not a cop.  I’ve never been one.  That’s exactly WHY I was asked to be the National Spokesman for Law Enforcement Today. 

Because I can do one thing cops CAN’T do.  I can run my mouth.  I can be the voice that they can’t have.  I can take on the trolls in ways they can’t… because there’s not a single department that can “fire” me.

Police officers are an occupying force in America and need to be destroyed.  ~Anonymous message to LET.

I’ve seen the hostility. I’ve seen the attacks.  And quite frankly, I’m sick of it.

But do you want to know the truth?  I was once part of it… sort of.

I worked in the media for years.  I’m not proud of that.  But it’s part of my story.  And during my time in the media, we were taught “if it bleeds, it leads”.  Of course the people who ran the newsrooms deny that’s true.

And perhaps it is.  Perhaps the new saying should be “if it makes cops look like pieces of shit, it leads”.

You’d better watch your back. Because we are watching it.  And when you aren’t, you’re going to find it pumped full of lead.  ~Anonymous message to LET.

Out of context body cam footage.  Black lives matter rallies.  Protests against police officers who were completely and legally justified in officer-involved shootings.  Nothing secures ratings like demonstrations against the police.

I didn’t buy into it. I hated that part of the media.  I got out.  My name in my former newsrooms is trashed, much like those officers.  “He was never one of us,” they say.

The only good cop is a dead cop. I hope your families all rot in hell. ~Anonymous message to LET.

But I want to ask a question to those of you who hate the police.

Do you actually know any?

I’ve been blessed to interview literally hundreds of cops in the last year alone.  I’ve cried with the wives of officers killed in the line of duty. I’ve consoled fathers who have lost their kids who went into policing.  I’ve had little children tell me about their dead dad who was a cop.

Officer Bradley A. Hutton
Officer Bradley A. Hutton with his twin baby girls. This picture was sent to us by Courtney Hutton


Could you look that police wife in the eye and tell her that she and her now fatherless children deserve to rot in hell?

Charles Kondek Jr., Tarpon Springs Fl. Police Department E.O.W. 12-21-2014.
Charles Kondek Jr., Tarpon Springs Fl. Police Department E.O.W. 12-21-2014.


Could you look at that child and laugh?  Spit in their face?  Tell them daddy deserved to die?

(Above – Meet Susan Moody, who lost her husband in the line of duty.)


What you don’t realize is that you and those officers are more alike than you think.  We ALL are more alike than you think.

Nobody wants to be judged by their appearance.  Whether it’s by the color of your skin or the uniform you wear, judgement made by appearance and not by character is a failure of the human soul.

This great picture was sent to us by Eric Heilman from Beaumont, Texas.
This great picture was sent to us by Eric Heilman from
Beaumont, Texas.


We all want our families to be safe.  We don’t want shootings in our neighborhoods.  We don’t want attacks on us because of what we do for work or how we vote or who we pray to or what we look like.

Your children deserve to watch you suffer.  ~Anonymous message to LET.

We all want to see evil destroyed.  Do you know how many officers work to take killers off the street… the same evil individuals who are killing YOUR children… only to have a judge or politician ensure they’re back out on the street the next day? 

We all hate bad cops.  The difference between you and us is that you believe all cops are bad… and we know there are only a handful that are. 

Good cops arguably want bad cops gone more than you do… because they tarnish the reputations of all.  There is no place for a dirty cop in a society where we are battling evil to keep our families safe.

Teresa Kondek
When your husband is killed in the line of duty and your blue family steps up to not only perform your daughter’s wedding but also escort her and give her away…that’s what it’s all about!
Teresa Kondek
Proud widow of Officer Charles Kondek, Jr.,
EOW 12/21/14
Tarpon Springs Police Dept.


You have nightmares that keep you up at night.  Thoughts and images of terrible things happening to your family.  You are mothers and fathers.

So are they.  But because of you, they have a target on their back.

Because of the very media that I worked in, they have a target on their back.

But for so many of them, their nightmares are also their realities.  But they need to put those realities into a box every single day, tuck them high on a shelf in the closet and pretend they don’t exist.

Police officers are simply high school drop outs who wanted to be successful in life but were too dumb to be. ~Anonymous message to LET.

I’ve interviewed officers who stepped over the bodies of dead kids in the Parkland shooting. 

(Above: He was working on the baseball fields when he heard gun shots coming from inside the school. We got to sit down with the officer who ran right toward the danger during the Parkland shooting.)


I’ve grown incredibly close with the bomb squad checking underneath bodies in the Colorado movie theater massacre for bombs.

(Above: The sickening smell of blood and popcorn is something this bomb tech will never forget. He had the chance to tell his story of the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting on this episode of Behind the Uniforms.)


I spent time with the first cop in the door at the Pulse nightclub shooting.  The officer who had her throat slit on the subway.  The first Marine guard hostage in the Iran crisis, who went on to become a cop.

(Above: A Preview of Season Two of Behind the Uniforms.) 


Cops from the Dallas police killings. 

(Above: Misty was targeted by an active shooter while protecting civilians during the Dallas protests.  She lived to tell her story.)


An officer who was shot at point blank range by a terrorist.

(Above: Meet Jesse, the devastating story of an officer who was attacked while in his cruiser.)


Sandy Hook. HDI in Connecticut.  Mandalay Bay.  You name it.

They are tough bastards – every single one of them.  They wear a mask to hide their hurt.  Their suffering.  Their pain. Their post-traumatic stress.

You wear a mask as well. But yours is anger.  It’s hatred.  Hatred towards those who… are suffering because of what they’ve seen? 

I’ve never met an officer who thinks twice about protecting someone based on the color of their skin, where they’re from, who they sleep with or what they look like.

Officer Jay Stalian
Officer Jay Stalian


They judge – no doubt. They judge whether or not someone is a threat.  Whether or not a man who says, “I didn’t do anything” is actually a wife beater or a child abuser.  And they have to make split second decisions that make a difference between whether people live or die.

You have to make decisions on what font-type to use for your protest signs.  What street corner to stand on.  Which fake narrative you want to embrace in your anti-police tirade.

And so I’m going to ask you to do something.  There’s no shame in this – nobody has to know.  Your friends, your coworkers, your family, your social media friends.  It’ll be our little secret.

Would you think twice before sending that message?  Putting up that post about how cops need to die?

An open letter to Joshua Clover, Professor of English, UC Davis
Sherry Graham Potter and her children, saying goodbye to their husband and father who was killed in the line of duty.


Would you consider for just a moment that your words could very well lead to an officer taking their own life?  That those comments could leave a newborn baby without a parent?  A mother without their child?

We will work our asses off every day to try and earn your faith.  Your confidence.  Your respect.

We will meet you in the streets. 

But we’d like it to be a peaceful meeting.  An opportunity to stand together on common ground.  To shake hands.  To have a conversation.

Megan Fish
This picture was sent to Law Enforcement Today from Megan Fish.


Perhaps, for just a moment, we could see past black… see past blue… and find that we’re all Americans who want what’s best for our families… no matter what they look like… and our communities… no matter where they are. 

This war has to stop. This hatred has to stop.

But we can’t do it alone.


Kyle S. Reyes

Christian.  Father.  Husband. American.

National Spokesman, Law Enforcement Today

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