Op/Ed: Stop with the Excuses


Stop with the Excuses. The following article has been written by Patrick Fitzgibbons. It includes editorial content which is the opinion and story of the writer.

I used to make excuses when things were going bad in my life. I used to blame everyone. It’s much easier to place the blame on someone else than to look inward. That’s the hardest part in life but this part is often needed if you want to move forward. No one ever said life was going to be easy.

I am blessed to talk with first responders all the time. That is a big part of my job. Most of the time when they reach out to me, they are in active crisis. They want me to help mitigate their grief, their sadness and their suffering and I do my best to help alleviate their suffering and get them the help they need.

Occasionally though, some people commit to get help then back out at the last minute. That’s their choice obviously and I hear some of the reasons. “It’s not the right time. I can’t leave my family and I must work to pay the bills. I am better, I haven’t had a drink in about a week and I can do this on my own.” The list goes on…

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Yep – I know because I have been there. Scared and afraid.

When it comes to the right time excuse, I ask you when is the right time? There is never going to be the right time and your life is finite. The clock is ticking. Life is going to keep coming at you from all directions. Problems and challenges never cease.

The time is now.

When it comes to the I can’t leave my family excuse, I ask you what does your family want for you? Do you think your family wants to see you continue to suffer? Do you think they like seeing you angry, arguing with everyone, bitter and intoxicated all the time?

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You can only be better for your family and everyone else in your world, if YOU get better period. When you get better you start thinking more clearly and your financial issues or bills and any other challenges you are facing will be easier to handle and navigate.

I haven’t had a drink in about a week excuse. That’s great and a good start but I would challenge you to find a single person who has attempted addiction recovery or other challenges by themselves. You won’t find such a person because they don’t exist.

Any recovery and healing starts with YOU and you need a TRIBE.

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So, stop with the excuses. Stop trying to BS others who see right through it and please stop BS’ing yourself. If you don’t want to get better, then just say it and accept it.

Otherwise, saddle up and let’s get started.

Patrick Fitzgibbons is a retired Police Commander from Colorado with over two decades of experience in many different roles. Patrick currently lives in Scottsdale Arizona. Patrick holds advanced degrees in Business and Organizational Leadership. A former Army Paratrooper with the elite 82nd Airborne Division, Patrick is an avid supporter of active military members & veterans as well as the First Responder Community.

Op/Ed: Stop with the Excuses

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