Op-Ed: Soros money funded radical leftist district attorneys killing our cities, putting lives in danger


The following article contains editorial content partially written by a retired police chief and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

USALaw Enforcement Today has told repeated stories about how radical district attorneys across America are turning the criminal justice system not only upside down but inside out.

Who are these district attorneys? To name a few Rachael Rollins in Suffolk County (Boston), Massachusetts; Paul Howard, formerly in Fulton County, Georgia (Atlanta); Kim Gardner in St. Louis; Chesa Boudin in San Francisco; and most famously, George Gascon in Los Angeles County. There are many more.

What is the common denominator that ties all of these radicals together? Or more accurately, who is the common denominator? His initials are G.S.—George Soros.

In an op-ed for Breitbart News, Dale L. Wilcox, executive director and general counsel at the Immigration Reform Law Institute laid out the case that it is Soros, not Russia or other foreign countries which have indeed interfered in American elections.

That is of course not to dismiss foreign interference in our presidential elections or perhaps for other federal offices. However what Soros’ money has done is to corrupt the very institution that keeps Americans safe and secure and may have done (and is continuing to do) more damage than anything.

Wilcox rightfully makes the same acknowledgment, agreeing that there is indeed a lot of interference in our elections, crediting the media for actually tripping over the truth where it concerns our elections. The only thing the media seems to be missing is where that interference emanates from.

Soros’ money has been part and parcel of left-wing political causes.

Through his Open Society Foundations, Soros has his rather rich paws over a number of far-left causes and organizations. For example, Tides Foundation now acts as a funnel through which donations to Black Lives Matter Global Networks flows.

 The Brennan Center, which touts itself as a criminal justice reform organization and which says it tries to fight voter fraud is also a Soros brainchild.

George Soros’ hijinks are not only concentrated in the United States. He was involved with the devaluation of the British pound and was up to his elbows in trying to defeat the Brexit movement, which saw Great Britain divest itself from the European Union.

However, the most sinister plot hatched by Soros has been to pump millions of dollars into the campaign coffers of radical district attorney candidates in dozens of America’s largest cities, efforts which have been overwhelming in their success. We have already seen in very short order, as  Law Enforcement Today has previously reported and as outlined by Wilcox the insufferable damage Soros-backed DAs have done.

Wilcox’s organization, the Immigration Law Institute (IRLI) conducted an investigation into a number of Soros-funded Das.

That investigation found at least a couple of disturbing trends, involving both how much funding Soros actually provided to the leftist radical DAs and how those radicals are shielding criminal illegal aliens charged with violent crimes from being thrown out of the US. Wilcox said the findings are disturbing to say the least.

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For example, one of the worst of the worst is Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner.

First elected in 2017, Krasner received about $1.7 million from Soros which was funneled via an “independent” political action committee, “Philadelphia Justice & Public Safety,” which aired pro-Krasner television ads that propelled Krasner to victory in the Democratic primary.

Since only Democrats get elected in Philadelphia, Krasner was easily elected.

After being elected, Krasner went to work, creating the position of Immigration Counsel, while hiring a longtime associate, Caleb Arnold who was a former immigration attorney. In his first year, Arnold consulted on 300 cases, IRLI’s investigation found. The goal was to reach “immigration neutral” outcomes.

Arnold’s role is to advise prosecutors in cases where the defendant is a non-citizen, both legal and illegal. Out of those 300 cases, 120 were diverted to plea agreements. Arnold also established a sanctuary policy; in other words his office did not cooperate with ICE.

Among those Arnold consulted with, IRLI’s investigation found, were non-citizen defendants who were charged not with minor crimes but rather crimes such as rape, murder, rape of a child, forcible rape, sexual assault, unlawful contact of a minor, attempted murder, among other similar crimes.

Initially Krasner’s office and the city of Philadelphia put up a roadblock to IRLI’s inquiries, however they were eventually overruled by a state appeals board and IRLI was able to obtain the information and disclose it publicly.

Krasner’s actions are consistent with Philadelphia city government, which has quite evidently taken an anti-borders position even at the highest levels of city government.

For example, when a court ruled in favor of the city’s sanctuary policy in June 2018, Mayor Jim Kenney received national attention, not all of it positive when a video surface showing him dancing in celebration of that ruling.

Another DA not mentioned above is Cook County, Illinois DA Kimberly Foxx. Cook County covers the city of Chicago, clearly at or near the top of the most violent cities in the United States.

Foxx was also elevated to office in no small part due to the deep pockets of George Soros. 

Illinois State Board of Elections records revealed that Soros donated over $400,000 to the Illinois Safety & Justice PAC in 2016. Guess who was the only candidate that PAC supported? If you guessed Kimberly Foxx, you are correct.

Foxx is also a supporter of illegal alien criminals, especially the violent ones.

Foxx, as Krasner did, hired a legal adviser to works “to ensure that non-citizen defendants do not face unnecessary immigration consequences, particularly for misdemeanor and low-level offenses,” according to a July 2019 statement from the  Cook County District Attorney’s Office.

In other words, this adviser works to lower charges for non-citizen defendants in order to avoid apprehension and deportation by ICE.

For all the criticism radicals like Krasner and Foxx receive from law enforcement authorities, the media loves them because they are on the same team, supporting so-called racial equity and social justice in the legal system.

This became even more prevalent in the wake of the George Floyd overdose death, which was widely blamed by the media and Democrats on the Minneapolis Police Department.

However as Wilcox notes, in examining the overall body of work by Krasner, Foxx and the other innumerable radical DAs throughout the country the true motives are transparently there for anyone who cares to look. That is the breakdown of law and order in general, and contempt for federal immigration laws.

Some look at what is going on and if they don’t live in Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston or Los Angeles or any of the other major cities they may feel this doesn’t affect them one way or the other. As Wilcox notes, and we agree, that is wrong…deadly wrong.

This ill-conceived scheme is putting more dangerous and violent criminals on the streets of our cities, and that may well filter out into the suburbs.

Add the sanctuary policies of these radical leftists to their general soft-on-crime approach and opposition to cash bail and our streets will continue to be flooded with violent criminals. And we haven’t even talked about defunding the police, also a George Soros-backed scheme.

Wilcox finally addresses the emergence of a group called Angel Families, a group of folks who have lost loved ones to the violence committed by alien criminals who have no right to even be in our country in the first place.

Nobody wants to be a member of that group, Wilcox notes however their numbers continue to grow in no small part due to this group of radical district attorneys who are making a mockery of our criminal justice system.

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