Op/Ed: Happy Mother’s Day – Remembering Women in Uniform


Happy Mother’s Day – Remembering Women in Uniform. The following article has been written by Brian Mc Vey, MAP . It includes editorial content which is the opinion and story of the writer.

Given the knowledge about stress and police work, we should more appreciate women with families who wear a uniform because of the sacrifice they make for us.

After protecting their communities each day, women officers return home to perform their most important job: being a mother and spouse.  Ask a woman wearing a uniform about her struggle of being a “mom” and/or spouse in addition to the police job. It is incredibly difficult.

For this, I recognize you in this article.

Those of you without a mother on Mother’s Day, celebrate and honor your mother. Do that by calling a woman whom you know who is struggling to recognize her. Of course, you can always help a mother in need. While this article honors the mothers in uniform, don’t forget the women who have married one of us cops.  They have a very real understanding of what it takes to live the law enforcement life.  Let’s not kid ourselves – not every spouse has an appreciation of this job.

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  1. Relieve her of her duties.

The women we see at work are daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, granddaughters/mothers, etc. Like all mothers in uniform, they are busy transporting kids, cleaning up messes, giving advice, lending a hand, doing laundry, attending parent-teacher meetings and countless other events.

Nothing says, “I love you,” like walking into the house and finding it already clean. Forego your new tech toy and spend the money on a cleaning lady for a few months.

This Mother’s Day, relieve mom of her usual “to-dos” by making it your responsibility.

  • Plan the meal.
  • Do the laundry.
  • Help her catch up on something for work.

Honor your mom by serving her this Mother’s Day. Galatians 5:13 says, “Through love serve one another.”

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  1. Reassure her with your words.

Moms in uniform are human.  Like men, they are exhausted after a long day on the job.  Women in uniform can come home exhausted, annoyed, and hungry.

Most spouses know without uttering a word how good a day they’ve had.  Be patient and kind in your words.  You will surely see the difference it makes for her on those stressful days.  Honor your spouse by reassuring her how great she truly is!  If you want to do more, buy her an appropriate card.

  1. Remember something she loves.

 A gift will always please her – whether it’s a special piece of jewelry she’s wanted, or a favorite snack. A thoughtful gift, wrapped as a “care package” reminds your spouse how well you know her and that you’re thinking of her.

What does your spouse love? Be creative.

Having trouble with ideas?  Get her a massage, a pedicure or a gift certificate to her favorite hair salon. Honor her today by remembering what she loves.  Let her return from work to a clean home, with laundry done and dinner ready.

Make this Mother’s Day special for your wife and think about how you can give her some relief and reassurance. Show her how much you value her.  If you don’t have the time to clean, get the cleaning service to do it for you.

Throughout the nation florists and Hallmark are on high alert. Specialty candies and candle stores are nearing their busiest day of the year. For those years when we could dine out, restaurants were booked, sometimes a year in advance.

On this Mother’s Day, our hearts and minds all turn to the woman who gave us life and showed us the beauty of steadfast, unwavering love.

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Closing thoughts.

To those women who juggle the most important job of being a mother and while wearing the uniform, keep your head up and remember to give yourself a treat, from time-to-time.

For those of you reading this whose mothers and grandmothers are still alive – treasure them this day. Hug and kiss them. Honor them. Thank them.

For those whose mothers have gone home to heaven, remember them by doing a kind act in their honor. Finally, open your eyes, and your hearts to appreciate the great gift of mothers, everywhere.  This article is dedicated to all woman in uniform and especially my mother.

Happy Mother’s Day, I love you.

Brian Mc Vey, MAP
Proud Dad – Former Chicago Police Officer-injured in the line of duty in 2012.
Brian holds a master’s degree in Police Psychology from Adler University in Chicago IL.  You can reach Brian @ [email protected]

Op/Ed: Happy Mother’s Day – Remembering Women in Uniform

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