Op/Ed: Be Your Own Hero.


Be your own Hero. The following article has been written by Patrick Fitzgibbons. It includes editorial content which is the opinion of the writer.

It is a difficult time for law enforcement. It has always been this way, but now it feels different. News outlets constantly bombard the masses with stories of negativity surrounding the brave men and women who serve.

Yet, those same men and women go out every day and try to do their jobs the best way they can, often receiving little or no thanks of appreciation. That silence can be louder than words. How can a police officer in this country remain or become motivated and inspired to keep going back for more? Officers are retiring in record rates and recruitment efforts still fall short of building up their ranks to get their staffing levels to full strength.

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I wish there were an easy answer. I wish things were different. But this is where we are and we have to ride this storm out until the clouds clear and we find a direction to take. Remember the storm always clears.

I can tell you this. It is time to be your own hero. It is time to stop waiting for validation from people.

That validation might never come. In fact, I want you to act like it never will.

Stop waiting for people to tell you that you are important, you are needed, and you are loved.

Op/Ed: Be Your Own Hero.
Most of our police officers are heroes and act with honor and courage each day

Everything starts internally. If you don’t believe in yourself, your mission and what you are doing how do you expect anyone else to?

Above everything, take care of yourself first. Have a voice and stand up for yourself. Believe in yourself and your mission, whatever that is. Push for what you believe in, and never sell yourself out. Remember that greatness comes in different forms and serving and dedicating yourself to others makes you great.

You are one of a kind and cannot be replaced.

Do you understand PTSD? And why do we work so hard to NOT talk about it in society?

I know it is hard. The emotional turmoil you feel. The damage that can and often happens to relationships and families that comes with a life of service.

Life is not easy for a first responder. It has never been and never will. But you have much support even if you never see it or hear it.

Keep being great and be your own hero.

Patrick Fitzgibbons is a retired Police Commander from Colorado with over two decades of experience in many different roles. Patrick is now a National Liaison for FHE Health – Shatterproof Program for First Responders. A nationally recognized behavioral health treatment provider which provides quality, innovation, and comprehensive treatment for patients. https://fherehab.com/services/first-responders/

Op/Ed: Be Your Own Hero.

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