DALLAS – A Dallas man is in custody for reportedly smashing a dozen police units with a sledgehammer over the weekend. The accused one-man wrecking crew will turn 59 on Wednesday, reported Fox News.

The spree was eventually stopped by an unarmed officer and responding police units. They ended up giving the suspect, Gregory Simpson, an early birthday present: An arrest and time in jail.

“He’s very lucky that that guy didn’t turn the sledgehammer and assault him,” Michael Mata, president of the Dallas Police Association, told WFAA. “The Marshals would have had to come out and it could have turned into a deadly force confrontation.”

The Dallas Police Association voiced displeasure with security in the lot.

“What’s it going to take folks, Officer getting killed? These parking lots need to be secure !!!!!”

Dallas police say Gregory Simpson broke into the parking lot at the Dallas City Marshal’s Office detention center just after 5 a.m. Sunday morning before turning into a one-man wrecking crew.

It was not immediately clear why police believe Simpson starting swinging the sledgehammer. Nevertheless, he was booked on the charge of criminal mischief. As a result, he is being held at the North Tower Detention Facility on $50,000 bond.


Gregory Simpson, 59 Wednesday, is accused of taking a sledgehammer to a dozen Dallas police units. (Dallas Police Department)

The incident has sparked calls from the union for tighter security at Dallas police facilities and fixes including the installation of bulletproof glass and better fencing, according to FOX4.

“We’re seeing this time and time again. An individual, who either has the onset or the mindset to either injure officers or injure property shows up . . . and we roll the dice,” Mata said. “And we are lucky that he didn’t try to kill an officer or an officer didn’t have to kill him.”


One of 12 Dallas police units vandalized by a suspect accused of being a one-person wrecking crew. (Dallas Police Association Facebook)

Moreover, the Fort Worth Police Officers Association posted about the incident on Facebook, asking the city of Fort Worth to take note, stating: “A secure parking lot can prevent the destruction of police vehicles and ensure the safety of officers and department employees.”

Police and their facilities in Dallas have been targeted in recent years, most notably in 2016 when a sniper killed five officers at an anti-police brutality march.

The city’s south central patrol station was also fired at in a drive-by shooting in 2017, and Dallas Police Headquarters was shot at two years earlier, FOX4 reported.