On Being A Police Officer Podcast

“On Being a Police Officer” with Abby Ellsworth is an inside look at law enforcement through a civilian’s interviews. These are stories of police told by officers themselves. They talk frankly about what it’s like to be a cop in these tough times, what drew them to the job, and what the people they serve don’t know about the challenges of their work. It’s a view from the front lines and some very personal and emotional stories, especially about why each of these officers chose to serve.

“On Being a Police Officer.” It debuted in September 2020 in the wake of COVID and civil unrest. “My goal is to tell the real stories of law enforcement, to show the person behind the badge and to share a balanced and informed perspective about the job.” Abby interviews officers from around the country on many topics and issues. She also gets personal with her guests asking them why they chose the profession, what the rewards have been, who are the people and what are the incidents they remember. Guests have also included civilians who have wanted to share their personal messages of thanks and support for law enforcement.

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“On Being a Police Officer” is one of few law enforcement podcasts hosted by a civilian. Abby is the sole booker, interviewer and editor of the podcast. The podcast is audio only and Abby offers each guest the option of remaining anonymous. “In this day and age, not every officer feels comfortable being ‘out there’ with their real names and images, so I respect that,” she says. She adds, “I am always looking for guests, so if you are interested in being on the podcast, please email me!”  [email protected]

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