Elizabeth Halfmoon was arrested Thursday for attempting to operate a meth lab in a S. Tulsa, Oklahoma Walmart.    In October, a man was arrested at the same Walmart with a mobile meth lab sequestered in a backpack he was carrying.

Store security officers noticed her acting suspiciously after she had been in the store for about six hours.  Unable to afford to purchase the chemicals outright and cook the meth elsewhere, she attempted to do so right at the Walmart store.  A responding officer sustained mild chemical burns to his hands when he handled some of the volatile chemicals without

Halfmoon had been arrested a month ago in a so-called “smurf sting.” “Smurfs” obtain pseudoephedrine, a key component of meth, in order to use to produce the illegal drug.  Pseudoephedrine has a legitimate use as a cold remedy, but is controlled in terms of how much of it may be purchased at a time and may be obtained only by consulting a pharmacist.

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